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i just need to vent

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I just need to vent, and i know im making things harder on myself by dwelling, self pitty and all that, but im in a funk today, and camt talk to my bf cuz he wih his friends today ans the dont know i have h.


Went to my pharmacy today to buy another month of birthcontrol, and even tho i still have a few pills of valtrex left for suppressive therapy, i inquired about another months worth with my new perscription savings card (thanks again @WSCDancer2010 for telling me about it) but it turns out that valtrex won a lawsuit agaisnt the generic companies and there for wont be letting those coompanies sell thir pills for another 2 years. So instead of me paying $40 dollars for a month its $82 a month, without the rx card it would be $134 a minth. This is complete B.S.!#@@^) so not only do i spend on avverage about 100$ more on gluten free food a week, 30$ on b.c. i ha e to come up with 80 flippin bucks too. So i called my b.f. a few minuotes ago just bawling my eyes out saying im sorry but i cant protect u anymore, cuz i cant afford the valtrex. Oh and btw And acyclovire and famcyclovire are just as expensive. So all of u out there in the states thats able to get a lower cost, please be thankful, cuz rigjt now im sorry to say but canada flippin sux right now.

vent over, sorry, hope all of u are doing well.xox

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Hi Willow!


I will join you on today's vent if you don't mind! I'm HV I was diagnosed with Oral HSV 2 in November 2013 from performing oral sex on a complete asshole that my mother had repeatedly told me to stay away from. (I guess mothers really do know best) I don't have vaginal H, However I can assure you having it in the back of your throat isn't all that much fun either. I too am Canadian and I am currently on my 4th OB since being diagnosed. I went to my pharmacy yesterday and paid $96 for 20 Valtrex! I thought $40 was bad enough but now it has more than doubled! I am fortunate in the sense that I currently don't take it everyday but still how on earth are people who are on suppressive therapy supposed to afford that?


Anyways take a deep breath & try and relax, We are all in this together!



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Hi Willow:

I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I'm not sure why the meds are that expensive for you.

I'm in Canada too, and after constant outbreaks and going through multiple rounds of episodic meds since my diagnosis (HSV-1 genital) in April, I have just started my suppressive therapy - 500 mg a day of Valacyclovir (which is Valtrex, right?), which cost me $65 (after dispensing fees, too) for a one-month supply ...

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Wow - so much for the "National Health Care" model :(


I'm surprised that Acyclovir is just as expensive - the patent ran out on it some time back... that's the one I use and it's FAR cheaper here than Valtrex. When I was in my last relationship I used Acyclovir to suppress and kept Valtrex for OB's (I'd take one on top of the Acyclovir and that would usually kick it right out for me) simply because the Valtrex was prohibitively expensive.


One thing I learned at the time: check with all the pharmacies in your area - I did a comparison on 3 drugs ... one ran from 9.99 to 30.00 (exact same script), another was $27-48, and the third was $90-126. Not sure how it works in Canada but that may help. Also, go to the Valtrex website - sometimes they have financial help for people who are unable to pay for their meds.


Hope that helps a bit :(



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