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New - Starting Suppressive Therapy

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Hi. I'm new here and this is my first post. About 3 years ago, I learned my genital herpes was HSV 1. This came after being diagnosed with genital herpes over 20 years ago. I haven't been sexually active for a few years and did a lot of reading over the weekend to get updated info. I'm dating someone and believe this relationship will progress to sexual intimacy, and I'm trying to be better prepared for the disclosure conversation. One thing I read over the weekend was the Good News about the Bad News and found a comment very helpful. A study referenced that people who started taking medication daily right away had better psychological adjustment than those who don't. While I've been diagnosed for a long time, I've never completely adjusted nor do I wonder if one ever completely adjusts. However, I realized that the lack of control over knowing whether or not I'm shedding or having a silent outbreak has weighed on my mind heavily in terms of transmitting this to a partner. So, I called my MD today to get a script for suppressive therapy. I am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or any helpful comments.

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Well I did a reply but somehow it disappeared ... the server is getting overloaded today so it's been a challenge to get answers out...


I suggest to anyone going into a new relationship to take the anti-virals even if they don't have OB's until the relationship is sound enough that you have faith that it will "go the distance" ... even tho we never know what will happen tomorrow, once you are fully committed to working through things and you see yourselves together for the long haul, then the "risks" are offset by the rewards. Taking the meds takes a lot of pressure off the H+ person so that they can focus on the relationship. True, H1 doesn't shed as much and perhaps the risk is less, but when you are first becoming intimate with someone you are under enough pressure without worrying about H...


Speaking from experience, I'd have the conversation FIRST and if things look like you are going forward, THEN start on the meds .. you need about 10 days worth in your system to be effective ... yes, it means holding off for 10 extra days, but my experience has been that I've gone on them a few times in anticipation of getting physical only to have them choose to end the relationship (and not always over H) before I reached the 10 day mark. If he really likes you that much, 10 days won't be a big deal (it helps anyway to build the participation!) and you can do all kinds of other fun intimate things in the meantime and get to know each other's bodies in ways you might not for awhile once you start the horizontal mambo ;)



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Thanks so much for your response. My MD just called in the medication. I hadn't decided about the timing of when to start taking it, and you've given me some good points to think about. I feel good making the step even though my wonderful MD just told me he thought I didn't need the medication as it would be very hard to transmit to someone else. There's so many conflicting comments from medical professionals and inconsistent literature out there regarding this. Anyway, your response is very much appreciated. You are very informative while being kind and fun! Thanks again.

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I'm newer for OB as I've had it almost 2 months, but I've been on suppressive therapy from the start. I haven't had any outbreaks since the first, and the OBGYN said I probably won't I found out that the combination of Vatrex and birth control drugs has done wonders. I have been intimate, and had no problems from that, nor has anyone come down with it near me. Mine is the genital Type 1.

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I'm about two weeks into my suppressive therapy now for genital type 1, and although I find I'm still getting frequent outbreaks, they are much milder, less intense then without the meds. There seems to be less prodrome/tingling too, but still often enough. Is this normal?

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I have genital hsv 1 for 8 years now and I've been on suppressive therapy for 8 months. Since taking valtrex I didn't have any outbreaks! Until two weeks ago I noticed a small bump where I would usally breakout before. The bump has never been red, or blistered. It went away until yesterday! Same bump, same spot, no redness or blistering. I'm not sure if I should call it an outbreak or not! I don't know if it's just a super mild outbreak since I am on suppressive therapy. I just hate not knowing. Has anyone experienced an outbreak without redness or blistering? My outbreaks before was always one bump but very inflamed and red. I feel like if I go to my doctor they'll laugh at me and just send me home. But until this point once daily valtrex has been amazing for me. My husband doesn't have the virus and that's why I take it, to protect him.

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It's very possible its a very mild OB given how long you have had H and that you are on the anti-virals.... esp as it's in the spot where you say you got your OB's before. The basic rule is we just assume anything like that is an OB, and you just find other ways to be intimate for a few days. I usually double my meds for a day or so as soon as I feel one coming on (my OB's are like that now without meds) and it knocks it right down.

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I just have to say, I love when you write back. You're so positive and so helpful whenever I have a concern . Thank you for that! I think I'm going to label this bump an outbreak. I've been with my husband for 9 years and have kept him hsv free and like to keep it that way. I don't know why I stress out so much about it when it could be so much worse. My husband laughs at me because I have to show him all my bumps and craziness going on down there. He always tells me he'd still be intimate with me and he doesn't care but I do. And seriously if this is all an outbreak is for us why am I stressing? This forum helps soooo much! Thanks again! Xoxo

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Good for you for being so conscientious to protect your husband.


And it is wonderful that he is so supportive of you and helps you relax by telling you he doesn't care. You are very lucky....or put it another way.....you are very deserving of someone who loves and cares for you like that.


So I would say to try to remember this when you are having an outbreak or think you are having an outbreak.....instead of stressing, be thankful that you have a true love.



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