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Herpes outbreaks and hot yoga

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Hey everybody :) Hope y'all are doing well.


I'm currently experiencing the worst OB since my primary (and I get them at least once a month since getting the herp 1.5 years ago) and trying to find out if there's any link between bikram or hot yoga and outbreaks. I know it wouldn't have anything to do with yoga itself, but am specifically trying to figure out if there's any correlation between the extreme heat/humidity somehow causing the virus to surface. Any ideas/thoughts/info?


Mahalo :)

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I have been doing it all along, although somewhat irregularly (I do work/trades at studios because I can't afford the classes, but I've moved a lot in the last year so keep having to find new studios and it takes a bit to get everything arranged again). the last BAD outbreak I had (before this one) was a few months ago after doing bikram seven days in a row. This one came after doing hot yoga classes 1-2 times/day every day for two weeks, along with strenuous hiking each one of those days. Also, starting a couple weeks before that I've eliminated all of the high-arginine foods in my diet (beans, nuts, soy, seeds, oats, gluten, etc...also no sugar or processed foods) which was rather difficult because I'm vegetarian so those are my staples. But, I'm super over having monthly or bi-monthly outbreaks so decided to try it. (A few months ago I got an IUD as hormonal changes seem to be my biggest trigger... no periods now, but I still get the OBs, regular as clockwork. ick.) So needless to say it's been a reallyyyyyyy discouraging few weeks. Actually, discouraging year and a half. I feel like I've done some pretty radical things (changing my (already narrow) diet, getting the IUD, trying to stay super active and fit, etc) and none of it is working. I also take daily lysine and olive leaf. I'm a year and a half in -- I don't think I should have to be having OBs so frequently.


I haven't woke up feeling "good" since before diagnosis and feel like no matter what I do, I can't get my immune system back up. I try so hard to stay positive and continue life "normally" but constantly fighting outbreaks for that long, despite trying to be so healthy, makes it really difficult.

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