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9 years later, not caring about an outbreak!! FINALLY

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Today my good old friend hsv came to visit me once again. Every time I would get an outbreak before I would obsess over it, look at the soar constantly, be depressed, and drive myself crazy! But this outbreak is different. I'm actually ok with it. I'm more upset about these two huge pimples I have on my face right now. And I think I feel this way because I've finally realized it's not a big deal. I have this for the rest of my life, like getting a pimple or my period. It's going to happen. I'm on suppressive therapy so I'm just upping my dosage, waring looser clothing, making sure I'm eating healthy and not stressing out so much. When I stress out, bam I get an outbreak, even on suppressive therapy. It just feels amazing that for once I'm not thinking this is the end of the world. Before I wouldn't want to do anything that made me happy. Today, I went shopping and gave myself an at home facial (currently have my mud mask on now) So anyone reading this, don't best yourself up for having hsv. Yes it sucks, but so does getting your period. This forum has also helped me out so much. I just ordered some aluminum alum thanks to @wscdancer I'll keep you updated on how it works, whenever I get my next outbreak (because it will happen) and I'm cool with that! :)

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Wow thats amazing Xtina. I have my days too but I'm getting there as well. Thank u. I mean we all wish we could change that time we knew, but were sexual human beings and nothing will take that away. This shouldnt be a death sentence were not tainted. But like you said it sucks but we have skin everywhere and unfortunately there's rashes down there too and we dont know when it could happen like chickenpox acne or asthma. We didnt bring this to the world but it's up to us to stay tough just like any other human being. This world is full of diseases.

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What a beautiful post - thank you !


Isn't it funny though how you have now turned your attention to the pimples on your face??? As though you may need to focus on a small imperfection for some reason... aren't we human silly!!! I love it that you mentioned that.... so we can all look at how and what we all put our focus on and how it affects us....


The Alum may sting if the OB is open so be prepared to dance, but it should only take a couple applications to start it drying up :)



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So I tried out the alum and it's amazing!!! My outbreak was past the blister stage and at the open soar stage, popped that alum on and checked it out an hour ago and I seriously can't even tell where the outbreak even was!! Only two hours after applying it. Just dried that baby way up. Yes it did sting like crazy but it's not bad at all. Thank you sooooo much @wcsdancer2010 I'm so thankful you suggested to use this. I was using tea tree oil, which worked but not as fast as the alum! This bottle is going to last me a lifetime too haha

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