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Easy DIY recipe for natural herpes relief

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In my never-ending quest to find natural ways to take care of my body, I've found a bunch of information regarding herbs to use for herpes outbreak treatment and relief. I mixed up this blend of oils a while back and (unfortunately) have just had the opportunity to test it and it really seems to be working. Twice since my last outbreak I noticed what I thought were prodromal symptoms and used it for a couple days and I never ended up having a full-blown outbreak. Then two days ago I started getting an outbreak and have been putting this on consistently since and it is definitely going away much quicker than usual. In the past it has usually taken about 10-14 days to clear up completely and now on day 3 it is almost gone and I expect it to be totally gone within another 2-3 days at most based on how quickly it's healing. And I'm not taking anti-virals so I have to assume this is what is speeding up my healing. So, before making my first million selling my "herpes cure" I wanted to share it with my friends here. It's really simple and some of you may have already heard of the benefits of these ingredients.


6 parts coconut oil

1 part grapefruit seed extract (NOT grapeseed oil)

1 part tea tree oil

1 part lemon balm (AKA melissa)

Blend well and apply often to affected area


A few things to note:

If you're not familiar with using essential oils, make sure the tea tree and lemon balm labels say "pure essential oil" and DO NOT buy oils labeled "fragrance oil," "perfume oil," "oil blends," or anything else. This is so important because most of these are synthetic and don't have the healing properties of the plants or they may be mixed with other oils. Coconut oil is not an essential oil but look for "virgin" oil with cooking oils in the grocery store. Grapefruit seed extract may or may not be labeled as an essential oil depending on where you get it but just make sure it is pure with nothing else added. Also, lemon balm is really expensive (around $70 minimum) so if you don't want to spend the big bucks, I would still recommend the other three. Though I've read a whole lot about its effectiveness for herpes and I would suggest using it if you can afford it. You can get it already blended with another oil like jojoba for way cheaper and while I don't think it will hurt, it's usually diluted to around 5% so I don't think it will be terribly effective. Make sure you check the label when you buy it cause a lot of stores only carry it as a blend due to its high cost. Lastly, all but the grapefruit seed extract can be safely used directly on skin in small amounts but DO NOT use the grapefruit seed extract undiluted as it is very irritating.


Here's a link to the website of the brand I love where I buy most of my oils and they carry all of these (or you can also get them in most health food stores) http://www.dreamingearth.com


I'm researching and experimenting with some other ingredients to add or maybe making some kind of a salve also and will keep you all posted when I do and let you know how they work. (Though hopefully I won't have to use anything again for a while.) I'd love to hear feedback if anybody tries this or has any other suggestions. Hope it helps!


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Hi Alyssa - thank you for this post! I have been experimenting with the essential oils myself. Having had H for over 26 years, it has really reared its aggressive side with me over the past three years - in frequency and duration. Unfortunately not what I had hoped for since most sites say it diminishes over the years. However, I am a warrior and will press on with a good fight! I have always been one to want the natural route, and after succumbing to trying Valacylovir for a year with no added benefit, I am back to assisting my body only naturally. I have used tea tree, oregano, and coconut oil with some minor benefit. I find peppermint oil to be really pain relieving (yay!) but not beneficial in speeding up the healing. I am saving for that bottle of Melissa (lemon balm) $115 from the brand I am buying. Anxious to see what that will do when added to my arsenal and used on its own! :) Other than the H, my immune system is strong - avoiding all the colds and such that my kids and coworkers display. So for now, in addition to the exploration with the oils... I have let the H know that it is no longer welcome in my body ;) and declare that I am superbly healthy vital and strong! I look forward to hopefully hearing more positives about the use of Melissa (lemon balm) from you and others!!!

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Hi all, this isn't totally natural but have to tell you as it's been so great: I got the idea to try this from another forum: Nappy rash cream! V fast healing, it's the high level of zinc in it I think. Try it, if it's safe for babies (well that could be debatable depending on your standards ...) but it works v fast on H episodes. So while not so natural, it's v convenient.

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