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Feeling tired. Too many supplements?

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I was diagnosed three weeks ago with GHSV2. The last few days I have been feeling rather sluggish and even after close to ten hours of sleep last night I felt tired when waking up. That feeling stayed me for most of the day (I'm in Europe so day is coming to an end here).


I have been fighting jet lag cominf back from the US this past Tuesday and dealing with a relationship issue leading to some stress. However, my mom is certain it's because the supplements I am now taking. Here's my daily routine:


Super L-lysine+ 1500mg in morning, 1000mg before bedtime.

Zinc 25mg.

Non acidic C vitamin 500mg.

1000iu of D3.

2500 mcg B-12.

~30 drops of liquid alcohol free Olive Leaf Extract.


My thought was to initially start with all of these to see if it keeps the ob's away (so far it has worked despite purposefully stressing my immune system with several of no-no's to see what my bidy can handle). Eventually I may drop one or two of the ones I feel are not as necessary as the others to then see if I still stay ob free.


I have never taken any supplements in my 39 years on this planet and have always been healthy, so this is all new to my body. Could it be that I have shocked the system?


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In regards to the lysine I have been reading of many who take 3000mg/day and then up it during an ib, some as much as 7000mg/day!


I will bring it done to 1500/day as that's the dose my "premium" lysine pills are, which include licorice, garlic, vit C and echinacea among other things. In case of an ob I will bring it up some.


Honestly I believe my recent fatigue is a result of several different factors, not just too much lysine.

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"In the treatment of herpes, is useful to combine receiving lysine with no-sugar diet and supplementation of vitamins A, C and bioflavonoids. Antiviral properties of lysine may also help in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatitis and HIV."


Kind of funny (or not) reading in above snippet from an article that lysine is actually used to fight fatigue. Confused!?!

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time of year, jet lag. im not sure when your initial OB was but mine mimicked Mono in every way including almost a month post ANY symptoms of general tiredness. ive known people who had mono ( another herpes virus) and it was several months before they got their energy back, same with shingles.

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I agree with the above - I would cut down on the Lysine and see how things go. DO remember that any "extra" of any supplement either has to be excreted or stored (and too much in storage can cause problems later). Increasing the dose for short spells is ok for OB's but I wouldn't keep it that high for longer than necessary. I don't think it's causing the tiredness .. and the B and D vitamins should be helping your fatique.


I think it's a combination of your recent exposure, with the other stresses you are going through. You body is trying to tell you to rest and allow your it to heal and rejuvenate friend!! LISTEN to it!


@willow - they had snow in the Catskills last night in Ny too :/ :(

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Maybe it's not so much the supplements but the fact that your body is still trying to build up the antibodies to fight the virus? It will probably take some time to normalize. Again, if you are concerned about the various supplements, I would strongly recommend seeing a naturopath for guidance. After all, that's what they do and can guide you accordingly.

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