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Seems like herpes is only explination

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I am a male had sex (unprotected oral, protected vaginal) one time with my second sexual partner in my life. Was all clean after first relationship ended. 3 days after sex I began feeling a very bad itch downstairs. On the penile shaft and head as well as the scrotum and anus. Went to planned parenthood on day 5 where I was tested and told I was negative for everything (obviously this just told me I hadn't been infected with anything from my first partner which I already knew). While I was awaiting the bloodwork results, I was freaking out and told the girl to also go get checked which she agreed to do even though she said she didn't think she had anything (no previous tests, but no symptoms apparently - as if that matters). She is 18 and has had 5 sexual partners including me. The most recent guy she was with was 5 weeks before me. Their first sexual encounter was roughly 3 weeks before that. Her second to last guy was about 1 week before that and their first time was about 3 weeks before that.


For days while we awaited her results (she got tested on day 6 after experience, which corresponds with those dates & time frames I mentioned above) I was still itching. The itching would come and go and sometimes was amazingly uncomfortable and unbearable. I would say it was completely random when the itching would occur. I also developed a rash on my sides and one mark that looked questionable to me on my lower back (above boxer line on left side). I had a response from Terri Warren about my case who originally said my chances were minimal and that I most likely did NOT contract herpes. Then showed her a blurry pic of this patch on back and she said it looked worrisome, but that I couldn't have my first breakout on my back and that if anything it should be swabbed for herpes zoster. So I went to urgent care (still panicking and full of anxiety of course). The doctor told me it looked nothing like herpes or shingles and told me it was contact dermatitis or a yeast infection from the girl - gave me meds for scabies (which he did not believe to be the case but wanted to rule out), and a cream for fungus (nyastin). I did the scabies treatment once as well and laundered all my bedding and clothes with no help, and used the anti fungal cream for 3-4 days with no relief.


Still randomly itching (off and on) on day 12 I went to my primary care physician. He drew blood and did a complete blood test on me. This was after telling me that my rash on my back did not appear to be herpes related. He said it looked fungal possibly.


BTW I forgot to mention that this was the 3rd doctor now who carefully examined my groin area and fount nothing unusual.


Blood work came back fine. No bacterial or fungal infections with the blood. No auto immune diseases (that showed up yet anyways). Everything else was in normal range.


The girl finally called planned parenthood (who still haven't posted our results online) and spoke with a nurse who told her that she was negative for everything. She was relieved but obviously I am not.


I am still itchy to this day (day 14). This is after using lotrimin now (which my primary doctor told me to try - he sais nyastin does not work for all fungi) for 2 days. My itching has subsided, but it's so hard to tell how long this will last as it comes and goes randomly.


I forgot to mention earlier that I have also felt itching all over my body that may just be my brain noticing more now, No rashes anywhere though (besides the ones on my lower back and sides - which are more like patches of irritated skin like acne almost or contact dermatitis). I also suffer from body acne which I have for years now. On my buttox and legs mostly. This flared up a bit since I have been so stressed.


I also have felt very dry around eyes now since day 2 which have been occasionally itchy as well (mostly on the eye lids and below the eye).


I just can't imagine this being anything other than a STI - herpes seems to be the most likely candidate. Now the "experts" including Terri Warren have told me that this is not herpes. That my risk was very low, and that I have had no true symptoms yet. I am just having a hard time believing that this terrible itching could be from anything else. I didn't change one thing and trust me I have gone over anything and everything that could have caused this allergy-wise. I also have never been allergic to anything in my life so the odds would be against this explanation anyways.


I have read numerous people on here who talk about this as a REAL symptom of HSV-2 and need help and input from those who have actually HAD this virus. I check everyday and still have no visible signs or outbreaks but this itching is ligering and although seems slightly better, it persists. Please offer me some advice here and give me a real opinion on what this could be. I feel that the professionals sweep this virus under the rug since to them it is only a "minor skin disease."


Thank you for your time, I know this is a long question.



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well my friend welcome first off and you have yourself a pickle here for sure. I can only share my experience and am in no way a doctor though I do like to play doctor.


when I get an itch it is usually in a spot ive had a bump and its very "concentrated" like its 1 very specific dot of itch I just want to dig in and get rid of, I want to cauterize it to stop it. might last a day or two and it comes and goes. never have I had any large area itching nor large area bumps. even during my horrific original OB I only had 4 bumps, but a 103.5 fever for 3 days that I "broke" a minimum of 12 times.


I will also tell you this, I never had an allergy in my life till the day I did. I worked in environmental restoration and was in a field clearing a invasive plant when I was hit by ragweed so bad I literally had stuff coming out of my nose like I was throwing up through it. it took a now not prescribe ubber antihistamine to get it under control. my point is we can suddenly develop allergies OR we could have had them but hadn't been exposed previously.


im wondering how long they needed for the blood test? I used a private lab called anylabtestnow and I had my results in 2 days. my local PP doesn't do blood test for herpes only swab.


sounds to me, and I am no expert by any means, that its shingles. they didn't swab test the bumps? is there even a test for shingles?


fyi, urgent care doctors are mainly cold and bruise people. real stuff, esp stuff like herpes is beyond them unless they just happen to be curious. ( or have it).

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I agree with the EXPERTS (Terri Warren is not an "expert" ... she's one of the best informed in the country)... doesn't sound like Herpes. For one, the girl you were with is H-. And your symptoms are more like an allergy or perhaps shingles. Also, have you recently changed clothes detergent or started wearing some new brand of underwear? Given the location I am thinking it's something along those lines. The other possibility could be that something you are eating is causing some sort of imbalance.


I would get tested for Shingles first. Have you tried going to a dermatologist? I think that is your best bet to get to the bottom of this.



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thank you guys for your responses. It's amazing how supportive you guys to all new members of this forum. The girl was tested and came back negative on all STD tests. This was only 4-5 weeks since her last exposure with her last guy and about 6-7 weeks since their first exposure. My tests came back negative though as expected since it was only 5 days after our exposure. So it really only showed that I didn't have anything from my first relationship (we were both virgins before each other so I knew this would be the case).


The test we both had done (me and this girl in question) was done at a planned parenthood. It was a blood test that took around 6-10 days to give us our results. Not sure exactly what test it was but maybe you guys will know.


I will try to go to a dermatologist and ask about shingles. I'm bummed the urgent care doctor told me it was for sure not shingles and wouldn't do a swab test for me.


The girl is not H- for sure though as I'm not sure what tests planned parenthood does for herpes (all i know is that it is a blood test), and it was only 4-5 weeks after her last exposure before me (with a pretty sexually active college boy-who apparently thinks hes clean but I dont think has ever had an actual herpes test).


Also I have not changed anything in my diet or routine that I could see as a possible reason. No new soaps or detergents. I guess I can really dive into the herpes zoster idea.


One weird thing I have noticed and notice tonight is a weird smell coming from my groin. Could just be all this anti-fungal treatment as well as coconut oil I've been rubbing down there. But there is also this whittish-yellowish hard stuff on the tips of my pubic hair. Not sure if it's all related because I didn't notice it until after all this fungal treatment.


Anyways thank you guys so much,

I will be checking back for your responses after my added information.

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Planned Parenthood should have the regular tests that most places use, which happens to be the Elisa test. A few may to the Immunoblot but it's not used much.


Odds are the stuff on your hairs is a combination of the fungal stuff and the coconut oil... sometimes when 2 lotions/fluids combine they make a weird sticky mess - I'm a massage therapist and when the lotion I use comes in contact with antiperspirant, it makes a very weird gunky substance :p

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Probably right. So what do you suppose my risk is for hsv-2? I obviously need to re test in a few months but does this case sound like it's something else? I can not comfortably do anything with anyone until I at least know that I am not being irresponsible in doing so. Could this really be shingles with my only symptom being the itchibg? Most people describe shingles as an amazingly painful experience. Also they say the itchibg would be followed by outbreaks like in herpes. I'm so confused???

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My feeling is that it isn't Herpes (but I am not a Dr .... it's just my best guess without actually SEEING it anyways ;) ) ... You can also pass Shingles to another so you still want to be careful until you know what it is. The only thing that really doesn't fit is your age (it's mostly in older people) but like HSV, Shingles doesn't always play by the rules :(


Shingles doesn't always present with huge painful sores. For some, it does just present as an itchy rash. So get to the Dermatologist ASAP and be careful about touching the area ... make sure you wash your hands well and try to to let anyone come in contact with it until you know for sure that it's *not* Shingles.......

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I agree with dancer ( and no im not a doctor but I like to play doctor) ive known some people with shingles. it usually presents in older folks and that may be why its so painful, older less robust immune system so it comes on like gangbusters.


one thing to think about is, herpes is pretty much a contact virus. it has to contact the area you present it on. so if you have it one your side it was either auto inoculation, she had it all over her hands and grabbed you there or she rubbed herself on your back. now while im sure that could be fun and im open minded and all im not seeing a girl basically tribbing with your back.

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Maybe instead of blaming this girl for the possibilty of giving u something,

Maybe take a good allergy test. And look at you health history too.

if uve had chicken pox, ur more likelly tto get shingles.

maybe its something in ur shower routine?

Not everything is herpes

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True. I need that dermatologist visit asap. I feel a tingling in my face tonight and have rashes all over my body. More so just goosebump looking areas with red dermatitis and acne is some areas. this is so weird. The timing right after the encounter makes it even stranger.

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I really don't think we can help you much more ... again, I really don't think this is Herpes and there are a thousand things it *could* be. I would ask the Dermatologist to call you if they have a cancellation ... explain your symptoms and tell them you really hope you don't have to wait another week to hopefully get some relief.



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I went and she said nothing appears to be STD related but ordered a blood test. I will keep you updated. I still itch on week 5 despite trying anti fungal pills and creams as well as a blood test that checked for bacteria. I really can't believe this is not herpes. I have faint freckle looking spots on my glans penis which I've has since day 2-3 (after sexual encounter) as well. They are not going away so that rules out allergens, fungus, or trauma. I'm lost

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