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Spreading herpes during an outbreak???

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So I just noticed a bump that I am assuming is my 3rd outbreak.. My 3rd OB in 3 months.. Just 3 weeks since my last. I'm feeling super depressed and frustrated. Right back into that super dark place.. I just want to cry.. I still can't believe this is my reality.. I'm very much struggling. I thought I was doing okay, but I'm not. Anyways, This OB is in a totally different spot than my last 2.. And the bump looks huge compared to the others. I'm terrified of what it's going to look like tomorrow. I'm also super disappointed bc I've been on suppressives since my last OB.. I know it doesn't prevent them, but I thought it would certainly help more than it seems to be helping. Especially considering I was OB free for 7 weeks between the 1st and 2nd and was off meds completely for 4 weeks. Anyways, each OB seems to be worse than the one before.. Which is super discouraging. I'm healthy, I don't smoke, don't drink excessively, and I am pretty fit physically. I'm very frustrated that my body can't seem to handle this thing better :-(


Anyways, this bump is in a spot (inner labia this time) that touches my other side.. Is it going to spread? do I need to try and cover it or put something on it to make sure it doesn't touch the other side?? Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!! I'm barely hanging on here :-(

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Awww - sorry you are suffering but please please please DO remember, you have only had this a few months ... a relative speed bump (and really not that big of one) in your time line. Roughly what - 20 weeks in the 4000+/- in your whole life? I know you want it to settle right down but the more you feed the fears and let it get to you, the more Herpes loves it.


So - what are you doing once the OB starts to get it back under control? I found for me that is one of the most empowering things... knowing that even tho I may not be able to completely prevent an OB, I can smack that bitch back into her corner :p


Attack it NOW. Try everything you can to dry it out... go commando to bed, hit it with Peroxide or Alum or Epsom salts baths or even the Bactine option (I really have high hopes for it for genital lesions ... it certainly seems to work for Oral lesions). Drying it out is the best way to also prevent spreading it anywhere (tho you may have already had it there and it finally broke though).


Don't let a virus put baby in the corner... come out fighting and put that little bugger back in it's place :)



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I really need to order that alum!!!! Going to do that tonight!! And I'm going to get some peroxide tomorrow as soon as I get up.. Right now it just looks like a pimple.. I'm taking suppressives so I went ahead and doubled up.. I'll keep it doubled for a few days too. I actually thought i was feeling some prodrome a few days ago so I doubled up for 2 days I think and then went back to just 1.. Should I have doubled up longer? I wish I knew what I was doing to cause these OBs.. I'm trying so hard to be extra healthy :-( I am also on my period, so I can't really go commando for a few more days.. And I was using tampons since I didn't seem to be having an OB, but now I don't think that's a good idea.. Ughhhhh I'm just so upset.. Thank you dancer, as always! I appreciate you!!!

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Certainly after about 4-6 months you shouldn't need to worry. Inside of that time, maybe pull the area aside while you insert the tampon, but after that you should be fine because you will have the antibodies to keep from spreading it everywhere... if it didn't work that way we would ALL be an oozing mass of blisters down there :-O

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Yea I have thought that too lol! I guess all of my OBs have had bumps that touched another part of my lady parts and it didn't seem to jump to that other side. Ugh, hopefully it clears up fast.. Please reassure me and tell me this WILL get better.. Lord I can't deal with this happening every month!! I know it says the first year is usually the worst.. But do most people usually get some sort of handle on it with their body and the OBS become few and far between? :-/ feeling pretty hopeless at the moment :-/

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Well, Herpes doesn't play by rules... some people never get an OB, some get one and no more. Others have your experience. Most have it under control within a year at worst.


Again, keep working on what YOU can do externally to knock it down .... sorta like a one-two punch... anti-virals and Lysine inside, all those other things outside. That usually sends it packing ;)

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Thank you so much! It really is a tricky little bastard.. I feel so disappointed in my body for not being able to handle it :-/ I try so hard to be healthy.. Diet, exercise, etc and I rarely get sick.. Why can't my body handle this better??? It's so discouraging.


I've been on the antivirals (for the last 3 weeks) and lysine daily (since my first OB back in August).. I'll def keep that up and double up for a few days until it's knocked out.. And I'll def go get that other stuff too! How often do you put it on the bump?


Thanks again, dancer! You really are the best!!

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I have exactly the same thought as you when I go into outbreak mode: why can't my body handle this better? Thinking clearly in the midst of an outbreak or even prodromes seems next to impossible. But in normal times, like now, when I'm calmer and more settled, it occurs to me that hsv and humans have co-existed for, well forever. We have evolved. It has struggled to survive the attack of our immune system.


There is nothing wrong with your immune system. The virus is just trying to acclimate to your body and it came out in force. You can fight back with your immune system, and alum, and hydrogen peroxide and hit your nether regions with a blow dryer on cool setting as well. Tampons and commando are a great combo :) Eat well. Breathe deeply. You'll get those little critters under control in short order.

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Sorry to stray from the topic but I have a question for Dancer (that I hope is not too invasive). I've seen you post that you have had HSV 2 for 35 years, so I was wondering how often you have outbreaks now, and are you on antivirals?


Reason I ask, is I have had HSV 2 for almost 10 years, and although my outbreaks have decreased in number and severity, I still probably have a flare up every couple of months. I've read that after a few years most people will get only 1 or 2 outbreaks per year, but unfortunately for me this has not been the case. Valtrex does help me tremendously, but it is expensive (with insurance it still costs me $65 for a one month supply) and I would prefer to not take pills daily. I'm so ready to be part of the "2 outbreaks per year" club, lol. Anyway, I was just curious about your experiences. Thank you in advance your reply.

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Yea it's just so discouraging.. I was just convinced I was healthy enough to fight this thing better.. I guess I was hoping I'd be a part of that H population that never has an OB :-/ oh well, obviously not. I just need to stock up on supplies to fight them as they come. I checked this morning and it actually already looks less fierce than it did last night! Hoping it will maybe clear up without even turning into an open sore. Crossing my fingers. It's so hard bc even when H isn't showing itself, it's always there in my mind. I'm constantly fearing future disclosures, future outbreaks.. Constantly second guessing my diet and health.. Should I run my half marathon? Should I eat that chocolate? Will doing this cause an OB? I really like this guy, but I'm terrified to tell him... Maybe I should just walk away now before he breaks me even more when he turns me down.. These are the thoughts an fears that plague my mind constantly. I'm seriously struggling with this.. Way more now than when I was first diagnosed in August :-(


I have the same questions, beachdude... I'm only 3 months in, but I've already had 3 OBs in 3 months :-( is this my future??? Will it really ever get better? Bc I'm not sure I could live like this.. It's so depressing and I just feel like no one will ever accept me like this.. I fear being alone forever. And while I am blessed with a beautiful little 2.5 year old, she will grow up and leave me in the dust one day.. I'm just so scared right now.. Feeling low and alone in this. I still haven't had any luck finding a local support group and I just really have no one to talk to aboit this. My bff knows, but when I'm in my dark place, the only thing she can offer me is "I'm sorry" because she has NO CLUE what I'm going through :-(

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No I'm not on antivirals - I've only gone on them when I'm in a relationship ... or I take them episodically for an OB but I generally only have to take one or two to get it under control (combined with hitting it on the outside with all the other stuff !)


I learned over the years that *my* biggest trigger is traveling (even when I feel very calm about it!) Guess internally I'm stressing more than I realize because I traveled last week and felt no pressure at all, and ended up with an oral OB :p


Going through menopause helped a lot too ... no crazy hormones to mess things up. ;)


Do you wear tight clothes? That can be a HUGE trigger that people don't think about.


As for Valtrex, have you considered either the generic or going to Acyclovir ... you have to take it 2x/day but it's a lot cheaper. Also, you may be able to use either a Discount RX card (look them up online... they are different in different states) and I just saw an App that will help you find the cheapest pharmacy in your area (there can be a HUGE difference in what they charge from one to another) .. go to Goodrx.com and check it out. Evidently you look up the drug and it tells you which pharmacy will give you the best deal.

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And AGAIN @Chinup - you are THREE MONTHS IN. Your body hadn't had a chance to make the antibodies yet. You really, REALLY are making this to be worse than it is ... and in doing so, it WILL be worse because you will not be in an energy to let men in.


So try this. If it was your daughter, what would you tell her? Tell that to yourself. NOW. Because I know you would be a lot more compassionate with her than you are being with yourself right now :(

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Im in Canada BC, and i pay $65 for Valtrex. All Generic for Valtrex is not being sold anymore Due to the patent issue which wil not be looked into untill 2017. All the pharmacies withing 3 hrs of where i live have sold out Generic.

Valtrex.. a one month supply suppressively... cost $128 here. so with the rx card i have thats why i only pay 65, and i priced out famcyclovir and acyclovir and both are only $5 cheaper.

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Wow that's insane. I have a state job and thank the Lord our insurance is amazing because I pay $5 for a month of valacyclovir. On my receipt it said it would have been $367 without insurance. Its not right that they cost so much! Then again, they're not the ones who have to live with it!

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