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Invest in YOU...make 2013 a NEW new Year

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I have a tendency to put everyone else ahead of me on the list. My kids, my work, bills, etc. add a million other things after that. But THIS year I am saying...


1. Screw you Visa. You will get your minimum payment for a while.


2. Sexy new boots, you are cool as hell and make my ass look great, but you will not make my soul grow.


3. New iPhone, you will not be cooler than my old iPhone. In fact, your maps might not even work.


4. Starbucks baristas, I appreciate that you know "my drink" but we're taking a break. You are free to date other people.


Why you ask?


Well, I am going to the Herpes Opportunity Seminar in NC this January. I have work to do on myself and it is an investment in ME that is long overdue. It's not a million dollars. It's a relatively SMALL investment in a huge return on ME. I will spend a weekend with other really cool people working on healing me. Loving me. Knowing ME. And I will be glad I went.


So who is with me? Who wants to go to North Carolina and be my new BFF? I need some new ones who know what a bitch it can be to overcome the stigma and shame of Herpes. I need friends who want to kick Herpes' ass and live the life they've imagined in their bravest moments this year. That's what we will do the weekend of January 18-20. Are you coming?

And while I'm at it, I'm going to throw down another challenge. If you can't go for some INSANE reason I do not accept even without hearing it...send someone else. Those of you with the means to give to charity this year, give the gift of healing to someone here who can't afford to go but desperately needs to be there.


If you want to do that, message Adrial or myself and we will make it happen.


There are only a few spots left, so if you think you might want to go, set up a time to chat with Adrial and get busy making plans.


LOVE you all like crazy.



aka breatheandletgo.

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I will be there Kristin and I can hardly wait! Looking so forward to meeting you and Adrial and everyone else who will be there. I am counting the days!!! AND, I will be there as a newly divorced woman. I just found out today that it is official!! Life is good baby and it just keeps getting better. This seminar is for me as well. I am at the same place in my life - I have been and done for everyone else and now it is time for me, me, me, me!! :)



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I will so be there with you girls in spirit....my dream to come too, just can't do it right now. I find out in two days if I still have my job or not (funding cuts). Putting my house on the market in the new year...if it sells and I can find another at the price i want I could maybe squeeze in at the last minute?? :-)x Would so love to meet you :-)


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