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herpes outbreak duration?

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I'm curious what the variety of OB durations are for some. Is it possible to have a mild OB that subsides in 48 hours? I'm in an early diagnosis and its too soon for me to even know if I really have herpes or not. Igg .96 and recent encounter a month ago. I haven't had what I would call a typical OB, but I've had chapped lips, and some very brief genital itching (like a quick itch, repositioning, and fine). General fatigue, lower back (almost like kidney location) dull pain. It's like on and off for a day or two, then I'm back to feeling great for a couple days. Then I feel like crap again for couple days.

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It really all depends on your body. My first outbreak, where it was visual, lasted up to a week and half and it took my body months to heal, but my outbreak was extremely rare because of it's severity. How were you diagnosed? Did you get the Western Blot Test? Your symptoms do sound like herpes. Make sure whatever testing you get can determine which type you have, HSV 1 or 2. Are you on medication right now?

When I had an outbreak a lot of what I consumed affected my bodies recovery. Try and look up different foods to eat while having an outbreak. And keep track of your symptoms because Herpes is dormant and can come up at anytime during your first year of diagnosis so this is vital to keeping in my mind to prevent future outbreaks.

I hope you get the answers you are looking for but try and keep your immune system strong always.

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Thanks golddust - right now it was just the igg. HSV1 was .96, hsv2 was neg - and since it's a possible early infection, its too soon for me to do any further testing. I'm going to wait a full 3 months before I test again, and will probably do the Western Blot if I don't have any clear visual lesions.


I'm not on medication, and I really don't want to be. I'm not keen on the idea, seeing it is not exactly good for the body, but I admit I haven't done much research. I am trying to be conscious of what I'm eating. I eat Paleo to begin with, and I've pretty much dropped all processed sugar, I'm lactose intolerant and avoid dairy, but went out for dinner the other day and had a meal with heavy cream. I suffered for that later and the next day I started feeling these mild symptoms again so I do agree that what I consume may affect this, if it is indeed herpes. I've given up nuts for now which I'm really sad about but I hope to add them back into my diet once I have a better understanding of what's going on.


In general I don't really get sick - sometimes I go years without. I've never had the flu, and any cold I've gotten I always kick in 48 hours. This is really bumming me out. Went from feeling like superman to feeling like someone kicked the wind out of me.

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Right now you are suffering from the Herpes Heebie Jeebies... you are noticing every little itch, bump, and pain that *might* be herpes. It's one of those times that "a little learnin' is a dangerous thing". Yes any of those things *might* be herpes but they are just as likely something you would barely have noticed in the past.


Some of the "feeling like crap" may be minor depression or a mild infection somewhere else... have you tested for a UTI???



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My symptoms lasted a total of 2 & a half weeks. I'm actually still recovering from it, feels like I have a little UTI action but its just my cervix healing from the outbreak. It sucks. I have changed my eating habits to Paleo as well, with the exception of dairy because I love yogurt and Kefir lol. My outbreak may have lasted longer if I didn't start antivirals when I did and take probiotics and zinc supplements.

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I've read that it helps speed up recovery because as you know zinc and probiotics help boost the immune system and herpes tends to thrive more on a weakened or compromised immune system. So staying healthy and stress-free reduces your outbreaks and if you do have any they will generally be much milder. Thats what they say anyway lol. I also took cranberry supplements and cranberry is beneficial for speeding up skin healing time and rejuvenation. So definitely something to keep around the house! The main reason my OB was so bad and lasted so long was because it was my very first. I'm confident I won't have anymore or at least very minor ones after this.

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My first ob lasted over a month, and for months afterwards I had shooting pains. Then for the last 2 and a half years I've had nothing, no symptoms. The first ob might of been a cluster of outbreaks, one after the other. Couldn't pee, high fever, chills, pain in the groin, enlarged glands, the whole, horrible worst case you could imagine.

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