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Trichomoniasis ?

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Do any of you know about this and if we are tested for it on reg STI screening.The only way I seen they test for it is by swab?The main thing is my wife is in bunch of discomfort she went to walk in clinic 2 days ago for UTI got the meds but they are not helping.The doc would not even look at her bumps saying they will go away?was more worried with uti well she has been having green discharge. She was online and found this std saying it can cause bumps and same symptoms we are having? I just want to know if there are other names for this?Is it on the basic screening?If not have there been people that get Trich?and H misdiagnosed.They say it's one of the most common?Thanks for any info.

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We diagnose Trichomoniasis through a urinalysis or a wet prep. If she has a UTI then most likely she had a urine microscopic done. If so, they would have seen trich in the urine (as long as the sample wasn't to old). Trichomonas swims. Neatest thing... but anyway...


I would stop trying to diagnose yourselves online. Only testing will give you the answers you need.

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No she said they just dipped hers,and sent some off to lab to see what Bacteria is causing uti.I was ran for reg std scanning and pee was dipped the other day again but I'm not sure if it was looked at under microscope ever?i have tested positive for Hsv1 blood test and again 7 weeks later same result as before so I could of had this for awhile. Do you have to ask for them to look at is under microscope.it said if left untreated it can cause permanent pain? Why haven't i been told of this if it's so common?the greenish discharge with Oder does that ever happen with h said its a sign of infection so I figured it could be, said trish can cause sores also? She plan on going to Heath department Monday the walk in was not much help!

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I work in a lab and for normal urinalysis (which would show a uti) and culture, you wouldn't necessarily see trich. It's more often found on wet preps that have a swab that goes up into the whooha. So she maybe should go in and ask for that. It would also show if she has BV which could be causing issues

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Thanks for info.i have seen where they say it can cause sores/blisters?but it's not under any of the symptoms I saw? She will ask for them to test for it.Is this common one to get mixed up.I still think it's H infection doing this with the UTI . What do I know right well all just seems to be text book h with how it showed up on me as sore only had sex one time and week later it shows up on her.after I test positive for H1 we both figure thats it.with her having two small blood looking blisters that have not changed in over 4 weeks!! Now the uti and the greenish discharge she is worried its Trish or something else and is going ASAP.the h didn't scare her to much.

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And no, Trich is NOT tested for on standard STD testings.


And as @MMissouri said... please get the hell off Google and get her to a Women's clinic/Planned Parenthood. She needs to stop worrying about who may find out about her status .... her health is FAR more important. She could have Trich, Chlamydia, or something totally unrelated to any STD ... as I have already stated, a greenish discharge should not be ignored.




I would say if she is concerned about someone finding out take her to a Planned Parenthood outside of your area. She needs to be seen by a PROFESSIONAL who deals in WOMEN'S issues. Most clinic Dr's are woefully inadequately trained in the range of STD and/or Womens issues.

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She is going first thing in the morning would you say just try and go to her obgyn or to the Heath department? I would think her doc would be better if she can get in.i am going to see if I can get in to urologist sooner than Friday I still have irritating feeling in my uretha tube?and pain where sores where weeks ago? Held me back from living normal life today not being able to do long time passion without being in pain.

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As I have said time and time again ...get her to a WOMEN's HEALTH PRACTITIONER (aka OBGYN) or Planned Parenthood.


NOT a family doctor or GP... AGAIN ... they are often very behind on womens health issues and STD's.


And glad to hear you are trying to finally get your issue looked at ... again, that isn't something to just "wait and see what happens".

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As others stated, trich isn't included in routine screenings. Screenings usually include chlamydia, gonorrhea (women 25 and under and other at-risk populations), and HIV (at-risk populations). Women 21 and over have pap smears to check for abnormal cervical cells. Syphillis is included for certain at-risk populations, including pregnant women.


Here is a link to the CDC's routine screening FAQ: http://www.cdc.gov/std/treatment/2010/qanda/screening.htm

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It isn't included in routine screenings but it doesn't mean that you can't request a screening to verify whether you have it or not. But you should still have yourself checked out if you're concerned about it and you do have some of the symptoms of Trichomoniasis. So, I would visit a doctor and get yourself screened, plus it would help reduce your worry and stress about this. By the way here's some useful information on it that helped me when I was worried about having it. http://edguidance.com/sti/trichomoniasis-the-most-common-std/

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