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Herpes vaccine?

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This has been discussed a lot. In part, it's because Shingles is on parts of the body that can make it easy to transmit during an OB ... and the OB's are incredibly painful and are really bad news in the population that normally suffers from it (the elderly). I don't know the biochemistry of all this, but it may have just been easier to deal with as well ...


Part is that around the time they started looking as finding a cure for Herpes (or vaccine) AIDS came along and took pretty much every bit of funding that wasn't for something that killed you.


and part is that Big Pharma stands to make a lot more money off of anti-virals than a cure :(


Nowadays a lot of the smaller pharmaceuticals are trying to find a cure ... and there's a lot of talk of some that are in the process ... but it takes 10-15 years to get through all the hoops that it takes to get a medication approved by the FDA (which doesn't always make the process easy http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/819306 )... and a whole lotta money.... and given that Herpes doesn't kill you, it's not the most urgent study on most of the researchers lists :p


It's all been discussed here:


Vaccine Trials




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Well, I just saw an article that may be a game changer .... in that the thinking seems to be that GHSV1 isn't a big deal because it rarely sheds there... so oral HSV1 would be a bigger deal because that is how the vast majority of GHSV1 cases are acquired ... I'm still chewing on that one but it kinda makes sense...


Either way, IMO the first thing is to get all people tested ... (deal with reality) then get a vaccine for those who test negative ... but right now I'd take either ;)

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Look into admedus and Dr. Ian Frazer. He is the man behind the gardasil hpv vaccine. His Hsv vac just entered phase II human trials. I think there will be a vaccine therapeutic and preventative out within the next 5 years. If not life goes on but it's good to know lots of research is going into it right now. His team is also working on many other vaccines. I won't go into too much detail but you should definitely check it out. :)

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My opinion is I am going to carry on life as if there is no therapeutic vaccine...learn to disclose, learn to live and love with herpes


I don't think we should dismiss it as thigs are very different now than 35 years ago in terms of medical advancements and parallel research w aids and he importance of hsv w aids


Does this mean scientists can figure it out, no? It means there is a better chance now than before


Don't hold ur breath but I am still crossing my fingers

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HHV1 and 2 are only about 50% genetically identical to HHV3 (chickenpox/shingles), therefore it would be impossible for any therapy designed to treat shingles to effectively "cure" HHV1 or 2. But, being that they are 50% identical, the new GSK subunit vaccine may offer some therapeutic potential against HHV1 and 2, but we have no idea how much, if any, because no tests have been performed yet.

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Not to V block but remember, a very promising new therapeutic antiviral was recently shot down in ph 3 trials because it "caused toxicity and skin issues in monkeys" at 900x the normal dose. More likely caused toxicity to the bottom line of a powerful pharma co.

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Also, the shigle/chickenpox vaccine wasnt claumed to cure but act as a therapeutic. It help bring the virus into latency and keep it there. Only anecdotal evidence at this point. However, if you think H is bad, shingles is far worse so get the shot if your in the demographics.

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I looked information the best one i found > at duke university where they find out how to trigger herpes virus all at ones getting it out and completely killing all of it with acyvilir or valtrex antivirals. just like I heard there is a lack of funding but there still trying

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Yea funding is a big issue, probably the biggest. On a world-wide scale HSV is so insignificant compared to HIV, malaria, influenza, cancer, etc, that those diseases will rightfully get the lions share of the funding. Many of us forget or don't realize that outside the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, herpes stigma is pretty much nonexistent. As far as the FDA, their de facto #1 goal is to make sure new drugs are safe. That is why the trial process is so rigorous and time consuming. You can thank our overly litigious society for that.


And as far as conspiracy theories about drug companies and the FDA go, it's all bull. GSK's patent on Valtrex expired years ago. Remember the Herpevac herpes vaccine that failed miserably in a huge phase 3 trial in 2009? GSK invested a BILLION dollars into that vaccine via R&D and the trial process. It just isn't logical that they would invest that much money into a potential HSV treatment while simultaneously conspiring to keep other treatments from market. Nonetheless, that potential market is huge and I believe we're at a point with medical technology that something better is not only possible, but currently working it's way through the pipeline. It's a matter of when, not if... But hopefully it comes sooner rather than later! :)

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