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List the ways to protect my partner from getting herpes (hsv2)?

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I looked this up online and here are some suggestions:

Dry humping (outercourse, whatever term they use these days)- one site suggested doing this in public to spice it up.

Dirty talk, erotic stories, phone sex


Role playing

Bathing together

Mutual masterbation/toys

Breast sex (I hesitate to use the term I normally do lol)

Hope that helps! Have fun :)

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You can also use a vibrator against r cheek while performing oral sex on him...it's supposed to be very satisfying for the man. Haven't tried it yet.


A really intense make out session is always fun


Teasing is really good. It builds anticipation so the next time you have sex, it builds intensity


Lots of fun role play ideas


Taking a shower together can be really fun


I think u are a woman....how about doing a strip tease for him


Changing locations and doing the same things can really spice things up....ie I once had a really intense make out session in the back of a cab lol,


Man... I need to find a partner!!!!

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I'm curious about the vibrator on cheek.. If it amplifies the buzzing noise it might just be funny though.


How about him wearing tight boxers to minimise the contact area.. Even though it kills some intimacy.


S&M? Lace gloves? Mix massage idea with soap foam or oils.


Lol @ breast sex btw :p

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Male perspective. ..


I turn 48 in three weeks...I've obviously have lived a very sheltered sex life. Did do the whipped cream. Problem is I'm way too hairy for it to be enjoyable for the wife. (If you know who Ron Jeremy is, I am as hairy if not more so)


Ladies...if you can sqeeze your mans penis with your vagina, I mean really clamp down hard, he'll be a real happy camper. The best thing I've ever experienced. Not really sure if that is a common ability, but it is a great one to have.

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the OP was looking for "safe" (ie, non-inserting) ways to pleasure her man because she's still dealing with the worry of transmitting to him ;)


Oh - and Ihave one word for hairy men... manscaping.... I know some women like hairy men but I for one don't want to floss my teeth during sex play :p

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Oops, with all the talk about breast sex, lingerie and food I got carried away. Whew, finally caught my breath!


Manscapng? Probably not. My great×5 grandfather was a silverback gorilla and the genes bred through to me. I'd have to spend a fortune on razers, enough to support the steel industry. Are there spas that do painless hair removal? Not that duct tape method? Thats the only way I would consider it.

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Lol@Whitedaisies, sometimes this site drives me crazy...


Yes,just reading all of the ideas are so arousing! This is definitely a great way to ensure i don't transmit it to him.


Cooking dinner naked with heels was just his beginning!


thanks again all because I have so much more to do!

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