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people these days.

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So today at work this girl showed up with a very visible cold sore on her lip. Not a big deal obviously but she came right up to us and goes "ugh guys wanna know something gross...i have herpes on my lip". And I immediately told her it wasn't that bad, it'd be gone in a few days, and asked if she was taking anything for it. The girl next to me goes "like what, valtrex?! thats for the gross kind of herpes" and everyone started dying laughing.



I held my tongue for the most part. but seriously? she has hsv1 on her face and everyones laughing like oh boy you really lucked out! She goes oh ya I don't have it down there no ones coming near me with a cold sore!!


a.) you already have it. and may have given it to someone else because you carry it (god knows where on them either)

b.) its the same virus

c.) people are so ignorant.


had to vent for a second. never fails to bother me when I hear 3 girls make fun of it (all of whom may I add, i know to be very promiscuous) when i'm stuck with this after only having been with a few people in my life. Its been a year and I'm over it for the most part, just frustrating. I piped in to say that most people have it anyway cause I think she started to feel bad too. But regardless....makes me ashamed that I would have joined in on that before I was diagnosed. Why is it no one knows until its too late? end. rant.

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Sorry to hear you had to deal with an awkward convo like that! I went to an STD specialist last week explained my situation (of having HSV2) and all she said was ok so you've got the cold sore virus like it was big deal. Her saying that made me realise that it is viewed exactly the same as having cold sores on your face!

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@ann122, It is frustrating to hear how ignorant and judgmental people can be about this... it stems from lack of education and obviously the "it will never happen to me" mentally... like anything else, people never think it can happen to them until does, and it's only then that they are forced to get educated and change their position on the matter. All you can really do is drop a few comments to help educate them, but otherwise, their attitudes likely won't change unless it hits home. But don't allow their ignorance to get to you... as you said, they likely have it and don't even know. I think in that situation, I would have asked "when was the last time you were tested for herpes?"... just leave an open ended question to suggest they should not be so quick to assume they don't have it themselves.

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I think most of us don't understand HSV unless we contact it or know someone who has it. I am an Instructor & honestly had not a lot of knowledge aside of what's in my textbook (which is minimal) I don't think it comes as a surprise seeing my doctor basically told me little to nothing about what to expect. I even asked during my exam if she could tell if I had any on the inside & her response was "Their not usually inside." Everything I learned was on my own. Now I could probably write a book! My point is if doctors seem to know so little about it how can we be surprised the public is as in the dark about how it's passed ect????

I wish the schools would teach this when were in High School in sex ed!

Believe me my students are FULLY informed when I am teaching "Infection Control" but it's only because I myself in my forties contracted it because I didn't have a clue how it was passed....

Just reinforces it's hard to have public awareness when so many physicians are not properly informed....

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