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First herpes outbreak with urine retention the pain is unreal :(

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Hi I'm a 28 mother of two caught hpv2 of my ex partner as he cheated whilest in the relationship! First sighns wher feeling like I ha the flu my vagina was sore but I just thought I had thrush or it was Becose of sex ! Two days later my vagina Becoma so sore I could not wee at all everytime I did i screamed going for a pop is just as painfull!!! :( went to hospital tested positive for hpv2 and try said this was all Becose of the herpes this is normal reaction to first OB etc!! Came home and physically could not pee at all it was like I ha forgotten how to pee the most distressing situation of my life I though I was going to die!!!! :( not nice when your a mother and u don't no how u can cope with this anymore! Anyway went bak to hosp hey said it is called urine rentention and is due to the nerve being temp inflamed its not damaged and it will have full recovery they put a catheter In and have left it ther untill they think my bladder is bak to normal not a very pleasant experience at all horrible but it was such a relief to pee!!!!! :) I was relived that they said its temp and not for life tho!!! I am only say this has been more painfull than childbirth I had both my baby's young and no pain relief in labour and that was painfull but I don't think this comes close it's been herrondous!!! My coldsaws down below are basically gone and I just can't wait to pee normally again!!!!! I don't think I have ever been so stressed in my life!!! I just hope and pray I do meet someone that understands and loves me for who I am in the future I would love any responses and espicely If anyone nos Anthing about catheters and urine retention Thanku and god bless you all in your recovery x x x x x x sc x x x x

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That sounds awful :( I hope that you are feeling better. My first outbreak was hellacious, and I still get the urinary issue from time to time but NOWHERE near as bad as the first time. Now (1.5 years in) I mostly get prodrome (tinglies, minor pain, itchies). Time does make a difference. Be well.

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Welcome I'm glad you found us :)). My first OB was in September and it was the MOST PAINFUL EXPERIENCE IHAD EVER HAD. Iwas able to pee but icromied everytime Idid. My blisters were so bad down there icouldnt sit, stand, walk,lay down or anything. Icontracted hvs1 from my now current ex the first day we had sex. Iended up in the hospital cuz icouldnt stand the pain anymore. They ended che led down there and ended up giving me morphine while iwas there. Itried everything iwas talkig anywhere between 3-4 baths with Epsom salt a day and my doctor told me to.use neosporine with burning and pain relics. That did help in the beginning but twords the middle and end irarley used it so the blisters could heal up. Ihave had 2 OB since then. The second one was kinda bad but iwas able to walk and go to work and this later one didn't hurt and igot no blisters. It gets easier ipromise. When ifeel the signs starting instantly take my medicine or call my doctor to send the prescription in. Ihope you get fully recovered soon :)).


From your H buddy,


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Mummy, I have not had urine retention with H, but did after I had an allergic reaction to anesthetic post-surgery and it was miserable.


When you get the catheter out it will be tough, but anything you can do to relax yourself will help. Have a glass of wine. (or three) Not only will the fluids keep things going but you will be more relaxed. Also, if you are sore down there, which you most likely will be, fill the bathtub with a couple of inches of warm water and urinate in there...I know it sounds gross...but it sure as hell beats a catheter and urine is sterile and you can shower afterward...or pour warm water over your girly bits while you urinate to relieve the pain.


I am so sorry you are experiencing this...let us know how you are.


Much love,


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Heyyyy sorry been so long in replying when my first OB went I just wanted to forget it all!! It was that horrendous!!! It wasn't that it was hurting to pee which is was as well it was the fact my bladder nerves had gone into spasm so I literlt could not let my wee flow!!! I tried everything it was hell! So catheter was put in Cose I could not wee it was the most weirdest excperience of my life! U take going for a wee for granted!! So I had it removed a week after I was strugaling with taking a pee and I found it hard a bit after it was removed going for a wee but nothing like befor I drank 2 pints of water then weed then so on for next 48 hours but my sores had gone by then so my body wasn't as tense!! I'm just so glad that im the recurant OB are apparently nothing like befor so I will never get that urine retention ever agin!!! The nurse said to me that herpes is nothing to worry about that if they didn't give me the tablet i forget the name to try and stop the virus being so bad that it would of just gone away it self and the fact I was so poorly flu symptoms to the max massive glands in my groin urine retention is a good thing Cose it means my body was fighting it and further OB would b nothing Manuel one colslaw down ther!!! So thank god!! Never been in so much pain in my fuking life x love x

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It's good to hear from you I've been thinking about how you were doing!!! Yes valtrex is what itake ihad OB after OB when iwas first diagnosed in September but since ibroke up with my giver ihavnt had one in over 2 months : D!! Try keeping your stress levels down and ear healthy and exercise that's what ido and it really helps. I'm so sorry your experience was bad money iwas too iended up on the hospital and had to take pain meds or just tylonal pm to sleep or not be in pain anymore. Again its good to hear from you :) !!

Big hugs


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