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valtrex and hair loss or thinning

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@whitedaises I had a hard time with the meds at first. I took acyclovir for a little while but it made me feel sick. I didn'take it for a long period of time. I'm going to email my doctor and see what she says. It sucks because my daughter noticed it so that just let me know it must be extremely noticeable.

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@shocked80...I'm SO glad you asked this! I've been wondering what the hell has been going on with my hair lately and it literally never occurred to me that it could be med-related. I just bought a hair care system (shampoo, conditioner, and a spray for your roots) that's supposed to help fine/thinning hair grow, so we'll see. Also, Biotin supplements can't hurt.

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@shocked80 I've been using those products for a couple weeks now. They have definitely been working for me. It's grown in length and is much thicker along my part. I'm super excited about the results I've had to far. I've also cut out my valtrex for a while. I had a blood test done and my HSV 1 numbers were 1.62, which apparently is pretty low. I want to see if I'll have an OB if I stop taking it. So that might be a factor, too. I'm not sure. Anyway, you might want to check it out:)

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@shocked80 it's called Monat. I have a friend who's a rep but you can go to Monatglobal.com She swears it makes your hair grow "like a Chia Pet," LOL. There are lots of before and after pics online and on Pinterest.

I got the Volume system. It's shampoo, conditioner and a root spray. And I totally get the freaking out, believe me. Mine was getting super thin, especially on top. I honestly thought I was going to have to look into extensions or something. I keep confirming my hair growth with my 13-yr-old daughter, so if SHE sees it it must be working

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Thanks dancer. Wasn't sure. It makes me wonder what is it in valtrex that makes hair thin out? And nails brittle? I've finally reached a good place after having chronic symptoms since February. So I don't necessarily want to stop taking it unless there are harmful side effects from taking it long term.

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