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Hello, I'm Gene and I am 67 and my lady friend is 68.....I have oral H1......she has H2......she is asymptomatic...


My questions are:

1. do u shed less as u get older?

2. how do we know if her H2 is oral or genital since she never has any signs or symptoms?

3. how do we know when its safer to have sex?

4. is my risk of getting H2 from her any less because I already have H1?


I would appreciate any input....thank you

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1. You shed less the longer you have it. If she's had it a long time and is asymptomatic, she will shed even less than those who have had it a long time and have occasional symptoms. If you're very concerned, daily antivirals reduce shedding even further. I'd also be curious if she actually does have symptoms, but doesn't realize they are H related. You'd be surprised how it can present. It can present as just itching, tenderness, swelling or tearing, w no text book looking rash. It can also present as occasional paresthesia. I have run I to some on the forums that have never had a lesion in thwir life, are shocked to learn they have HSV 2 and as we chat more, they piece things together, such as occasional nerve pain down the buttock and back of thigh. Often it goes undiagnosed, due to atypical symptoms.

2. You don't know, but it's likely genital, as only 1-2% of oral herpes is hsv 2 and rare to get in the mouth. Usually immune comprised people like those w HIV, tens to be the ones who can get it orally. It just doesn't like the mouth.

3. For someone who is asymptomatic, it makes it harder to tell, however like I said in number one, she may need to think back on things and she might notice a trend and some atypical symptoms. What even prompt her to be tested if she's asymptomatic?

4. Not really it doesn't, no... But they found HSV 2 dies provide immunity in the genitals if caught first, from HSV 1 down below.

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Although generally the longer you have it, the less active the virus is.. I think this trend tapers off later in life. I've heard from people in your age bracket that OBs start to occur more often, so I'd imagine shedding would too. I'm going off very little evidence though, just one person's experience and a bit of logic..

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Hi, thank you for such a thorough answer......I was the one who prompted both of us to be tested....since we were a couple we wanted to have unprotected sex ( and we did once before being tested), so I suggested we get the complete panel of STD tests...I came back with H1 and she H2....it is suggested I wait a few months for me to be tested for H2 since we had unprotected sex that one time....I will ask her more questions about outbreaks...as u suggested that she may not even know she is having them.....I do feel better after hearing from u....I now have to hope I did not get H2 from the one time with no protection....thanks again....

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Do you know if she had a type specific IgG Elissa test? What her values? If she had a combined test and was positive for HSV 1, it can cross react w the HSV 2 test and give a false positive, especially for those who are asymptomatic. Also if someone has values below 3.5 and are asymptomatic, it coukd be a false positive as well and is when we'd recommend a western blot. I've seen those w 3.5 and a little higher who have no symptoms and took a western blot and were negative. Your chances of getting it are very low.female to male transmission w no protection or meds, sex 3xs aweek for a year is 4%. W condoms or meds it isis 2%, w both is is 1%. How long ago did you have sex w her? If it's been a mo th and no symptoms, I'm sure you're good to go.

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@savemysoul go get the tests and relax. On a positive note your both pushing your 70's and now HSV has come up into question, which honestly is some great luck!!! I'm only 27 and my bf just turned 27 yesterday and we have HSV-2. His sister was only 19 when she contracted it. There are some here who got it even earlier in ways forced upon them. Take solace in that fact that you both (or at least maybe one of you) had healthy babies and deliveries despite of H. Not only that but you two are sexually active at your age!!! You still have spunk, your still alive, yes h has come up but look at the life you have lead. Don't let it put a damper on your life, specially at this age in your life.

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Sorry I'm late to the party - dealing with family issues, but you got good advice already.


FYI 40% of tests under 3.5 in asymptomatic people turn out to be false positives, which is why we recommend the Western Blot.


Your result of >5 is pretty conclusive... but 80% of the population has HSV1 anyway... so it's just a matter of being vigilant but don't let it craze you. Odds are you have it orally - but even if you have it genitally it sheds a lot less down there to start with.... you just want to be really careful with oral sex exp if you are having any kind of "cut" or lesion on the mouth... but as mentioned, it seems that we shed less as we get older ...so odds are you will be ok.


Here's the info for Western Blot:


Westover Heights Clinic,http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678 ... they can order the test for you through Quest Labs. It costs $5/minute for a consult … cheap IMO for clarity and/or peace of mind.


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to WCS Dancer 2010.....Hi, hope all is well with family....wow, TY for all the info and advice....we both feel more at ease now that we have been educated .....just so I have it straight: the IgG test results of 2.4 for my lady friend should be retested using the Western Blot.....and for me, should I just be tested for H2 using igG test? with me having H1, I should not go down there on her if I have an open cut or cold sore ....how about her giving me oral? ok, I'm going to digest what u have already told me....TY for being so kind to my lady friend and me.....truly appreciate everything....

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