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Can I transmit hsv2 by giving oral

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Hi! I am new to this site, and I already am very happy to have found it. I found out i have hsv2 around 4 years ago. I immediately stopped dating and have only recently started dating again. I plan on telling my significant other this weekend. I'm trying to prepare, and I have been reading everything I can find. One question I still have is this: he, as far as I know, doesn't have hsv1 or 2, I hsv2 genitial. If I give him oral, is it possible to transmit hsv2 to him? I've never had an oral outbreak. I just know he'll have questions and I want to make him feel as comfortable as possible. I've only ever disclosed this to one friend during the last four years, so I'm trying to keep as calm as possible. Thanks in advance!

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you mean, if you recieve oral sex? Only 1-2% of cases of oral herpes, are from hsv 2. Those reported with it, have typically been reported to be severely immune compromised, such as hiv patients. So i wouldn't worry about it. Let's just say in the event that it did transmit to the mouth, it is do one of a few things. 1. Never show any sign. HSV2 does not like the mouth. 2. Possibly have an OB and never have one again. 3. Have an OB and never see one active again for another 10yrs or more. They just found that if it does show there, it just really won't show itself and even the shedding is less than hsv1 orally and genitally. I would not worry about it. Hope that helps. At least your doctor has a brain and that's clear based on what they said. Most say the dumbest things to patients with this question and many others and it makes me want to karate chop them in the throat.. just kidding... not really.. sorta.. but kinda not.. ;-)

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Thank you for the help! I was asking if I could transmit it to him by giving him oral. My doctor basically made me feel like if I rub arms with someone I could spread herpes. I only have hsv2 but I just wanted to clarify.




Hello and Welcome!


THIS kind of bullshit from a doctor is what might end me up in jail some day.... I swear I may go postal one day on some jackassed doctor like this.


1) If you have Genital HSV2 - it is not blood/fluid borne... it lives in the nerves in the area where you get it. So there's no way you can give someone H2 through oral sex. *sigh*.


2) Even so, the whole bullcrap about how being "highly contagious" is nonsense. As long as you don't have sex during an outbreak (because you are shedding the virus then in high quantities), your risk after the first year is only 4% Female-Male per year of transmission, and that's without condoms or antivirals.... you need to be a *little* more careful the first year as you could be shedding asymptomatically more as your body is getting used to fighting the virus. After about a year *most* people's body has a reasonable grip on it and you hopefully will only have a few OB's a year after that.


3) PLEASE, if you are going to a regular GP for this, please please PLEASE get thee to an OBGYN! GP's, IMO, should have nothing to do with Genitals or Mental Illness. There's too many things that they just can't keep up on with both areas for them to do justice to their patients. An OB is basically "Vagina's R Us" ... they will give you a LOT better advice about anything to do with sex, reproduction, and STD's. If you DID go to an OB, get thee to a new OB.


4) As for passing H through oral sex... did you get blood tested for HSV1? That's the only thing I'd say may be an issue here... 80% of people carry HSV1 orally and 80% of them don't know it... and HSV1 is responsible for 50% of all new genital herpes cases simply because most don't know they have it and are ignorant about the fact that we are not tested for it with STD testing. So if you are concerned about giving oral, then get tested for HSV1... if you are positive for it, no big deal... like I said, 80% of people have it... but it's then worth finding out if your partner also has the virus (in which case they have antibodies to is so that gives them some protection) and if not, you just need to become even more body aware and proceed with caution...


Bottom line regarding your first question... you are safe there. Have fun!


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