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Anyone had any results from anything for eliminating herpes outbreaks?

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Has anyone had good results from this or even eliminated OBs? In particular, I'm wondering about the rather inconvenient and messy step 2 involving daily spraying of H202 diluted in 8 ounces of distilled water combined with rubbing in DMSO cream on the area where it hides. This is supposedly a natural way that might find the hiding virus in the nerves and break it down to suppress it/potentially kick it down enough to not be detected. I'm new to this, HSV2 (genital) contracted in October. Wanted to try a natural approach to suppress amap before conceding to anti-virals if I'm unlucky with OB frequency. First one was rough in terms of fatigue, flu-like, pain but not bad regarding sores. Still feeling neuro pain in butt and legs/with tingling sensation and it's been 4 weeks since the OB was no longer visible. Taking tons of supplements as well including lysine, C, B, olive leaf, etc. etc. Really curious if there is feedback on this because looking it up online only seems to bring me to sponsored sites about the protocol. Thanks!

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Hello and Welcome!


first - there is no "cure" - so anyone that claims that is a Snake Oil Peddlar.




I have heard from some that DMSO helped them and I know some who swear by Hydrogen Peroxide to knock their OB's down. So, yes, if could well knock the OB's back... and for many (esp if they were having a lot of OB's) that may make them *think* they are cured, when in fact the virus is just LATENT.


If there WAS a cure you bet your ass that Big Pharma would come up with a way of synthesizing enough of the ingredients that they could patent it and make a lot of money out of it :p


We have a lot of suggestions that many people have had success with on here to knock the OB's back, which you can see below. Hope they help :)


http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/6024/dealing-with-outbreaks#latest includes links below








Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://amzn.to/1CHUzZE Link to Alum


http://amzn.to/1F10r3V Fractionated Coconut Oil

http://bit.ly/zincsoap Zinc Soap with coconut oil







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Thanks to you both, I didn't mean to imply that this method claimed to be a 'cure'...but was really wondering if the H202 and DMSO had any effect to suppress for anyone in the forum. I'm mostly worried about frequent OBs since it was pretty bad the first time (even if less severe going forward, the stats of 4 to 5 per year or more are scary) and I'm getting more and more bothered and preoccupied with the tingling nerve pain in my buttocks and legs. I've accepted that I'll have this indefinitely or until there is a REAL cure.


My aunt is a PHD nurse and 40 year medical veteran and helped me a lot when I first had the OB. She agreed that it was wise to try an immune-boosting natural approach to see how that treated the virus first. She also felt that like HIV nowadays, there could very well be alternative treatments out there (although she wasn't aware specifically) that could get it suppressed enough to not show up and remain forever latent. She also challenged to watch out for claims from natural alternatives and skeptics claiming big pharma doesn't want you to know about this OR would be onto it if it worked...NOT because they are onto everything but rather because with the advent of the generic drug industry, all the claims that they make more money on the drugs than finding a cure could be bogus since the generics have leveled out the industry and opened up the playing field regarding the pharma financial benefits from keeping alternatives, particularly inexpensive and non-patentable ones, under wraps. That said, pharma does not make money on treatments as inexpensive and readily available as DMSO or H202 so it follows that they would leave them alone.


I guess since you know some that were helped with their OBs from DMSO and/or H202 I'll keep going with it to see if I could be one of them.


I was also wondering if the neuropathy/pain in my buttocks and legs, which seems to be constant rather than 'prodromal' could mean I'm at higher risk of currently shedding despite not having any sores for over a month? Any other suggestions to relieve specifically that also (I'll look at all the links)?


Reason I ask is I'll be home for the holidays in the States (I live in Europe) and just before the infection I sort of made plans to have fun with a guy/friend while home...I'm recently divorced and was unlucky with my second new partner in over a decade having not only taken advantage of me being very drunk but didnt use protection, which only flew cause of how drunk I was and obv. did not disclose and infected me. I was looking forward to a period of casual (but protected) relations before anything got serious and before the H and now I'm worried that's just not in the cards. Although that could be better as I read on many of the posts, I'm happy to avoid the jerks. And I'm adamantly in the camp that I will always disclose openly before sex and will not be ashamed of my bad luck. I more just want to be clear about the present risk IF this friend turns out to be willing to risk it. I don't want to use the 4%, 2% (with condom) figures for non-OB female to male spreading risk if they are lower than my actual current likelihood given the pain I feel. As I'm not yet on anti-virals (I took them for 5 days during the first OB and I felt they made me even more tired as it was towards the end of the OB when I finally got them). I'd just hate to actually spread even after someone knowingly risks it with condoms.

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I have severe neuropathy during my primary and had to go to the ER and be put on nerve pain meds (anticonvulsants, which come w some pretty harsh side effects), for four months after. It's taken me a yr n half almost, to not feel any of the nerve pain, except when sitting in something like a bar stool. Direct pressure in tailbone and buttock and no back support, so all weight on there. That is still a discomfort for me to this day, but it's nothing to what it was even 4 months ago. I suggest taking suppressive meds, until things calm down.


Being someone who had 22 external sores I coukd count on my primary, not including internally, I feared along w the nerve pain, was it always going to be like this and guess what? It's not been. I only get a single red bump on my vagina once in awhile and most times just red bumps on my buttock. None of them hurt. You're understandably projecting your fears from the primary, onto your future that hasn't taken place yet. None of my other obs after my primary, stopped me from doing what I'd do any other day, including working out.


Nothing exists today, that put's it in permanent latency. Sorry. PHD is not the same as a MD nor is just any MD versed in HSV. Most aren't...

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I treat any nerve pain, as if I'm active btw and I recommend you do as well. Due to how poorly my body has handled the virsu, I tok do not apply those low statistic rates to myself either. I have disclosed that and made it clear I feel I have more symptoms and they were ok w it. I didn't continue the relationships any further, for other reasons. So trust, there will be people who will be OK w it, even w casual sex.

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What baffles me is,ya go to the doctor and the immidiate reaction is one of low urgency to the doctor,They just write ya a prescription and that's the end of it..Are there any doctors that specialize in helping someone with H?I mean I'd love to know EXACTLY why my lips have a red ring around it ,and exactly what is causing it so I can address it..Frustrates me to no end.Sure I take the acyclovir and it feels better but the ring is still there!!Its ruining any kind of normal life for me..

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Yes I have been to 3 different derms and everyone of them blow me off,but know one test an6thing!!Drives me nuts!!I actually had a chance to get with a really nice girl recently but I did what I always do and just blew her off..She didn't give up though so I eventually just told her I have something and that's why I've been blowing her off,I never told her it was h.Only symptoms I have is the mouth thing..

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Well I'm glad she saw through your self sabotaging ways, I can relate, as I am a self sabotager myself and push people away. I hope you can disclose the rest, she clearly is into you enough, that your pushing away couldn't even seter her and I feel pretty confident, that ghsv couldn't deter her from you either.

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