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I'm tired of this pain, I NEED advise regarding medication.


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Im now going through my second OB... the terrible thing is I don't have insurance and I mean just to find out that I had this I had to go to the local Health Clinic who by the way made that experience probably the worst day of my life, but regardless of that when I left there they gave me a card that said that I didn't have to pay for my prescriptions and they gave me prescriptions to go get filled. So the next day I go to Walmart and they basically tell me the card is useless, which infuriated me because this is the one time I really don't think I should have to pay for prescriptions but anyways I ended up paying got the prescriptions I needed and my outbreak went away the first time. This time around I still have no insurance out of Valtrex and I haven't been back to the clinic since I got blood work done and the prescription I mean I haven't even gone back to see if I tested positive for herpes I just know I have it. I say this because when I initially started realizing I had it I got the worst flu-like symptoms to the point where I took myself to the hospital. They diagnosed it as 'Strep throat' and prescribed me Clindamycin. But after that night  every single day that passed  I started notice how painful it was for me to pee and as soon as I talk to my mom about it told me I need to go get tested. So when I finally took myself to the health clinic and actually got a doctor to examine my excruciatingly painful situation the first thing the doctor said when he looked (And by the way standing right next to him was the a "nurse" who asked me all the questions you need to ask before the doctor comes in, and I swear I've never encountered such a rude person at probably one of the lowest points in my life or moments at least if not the lowesT) while I was already hysterically crying, was that it was most likely herpes & like I said ever since then haven't been back, mainly because this specific health clinic near me is only open on Thursdays from 8 to 12. What kind of shit is that, I mean I hate this like who the fuck is going to abuse Valtrex?! It pisses me off that I can't just order this online for myself, I don't want to have to go back to the clinic,  I can't bring myself to.. but yet I need medication, I'm in pain uncomfortable as fuck and I've been looking online just to see if I could order this medication without having to have a prescription, but nope they treat it just like any other 'drug'. They don't offer it online without a prescription and all I know is I just want some Valtrex or something similar so that this outbreak goes away.. It rules my life when it's an issue. & let me just say that dating or casually talking any man right now... out of the question!. My only concern right now is how can I get more Valtrex or some kind of similar antibiotic that is just as strong ASAP, and I want to know if there's a way I can get this medication without having to go to the fucked-up Clinic that I went to to find out that I had this in the first place. I mean what kind of place is only open on Thursdays??. Anyway another thing is that I really have nobody to talk to you about this who isn't going to throw it in my face or use it against me right when we have a disagreement, not one person, & I love my mom so much but we fight to much and all that'll be is ammo for her in our next fight.... So yeah if anyone could give me any advice, or any inside tips things that I just don't know about because I'm new to this please I need to know I need help.. I'm tired of feeling this way physically at least.  mentally it already takes so much out of me just thinking about what's going on.. 

Thanks for reading through that.. 

I appreciate it...

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I am also sorry you’re dealing with this. It is rough, but WILL get better. Just do whatever is necessary now to take care of it. I know money/insurance can complicate things but if there’s any way you can take care of it and handle the financial aspect later on then do it! Try to prioritize your day to day life and minimize the misery that you’re going through over money. I had to do that after being afraid to visit doctor because of costs, but I was able to take care of that just fine afterwards. I’ve only used prescribed valtrex to take care of it personally. I was once prescribed lidocaine, which is a numbing agent. You can find some numbing creams in stores, (I think some are prescription strength?) and they help a bit. But I would really  suggest getting the prescribed med. I was hesitant to discus with friends, but in time you will. The beginning is always rough and lonely for everyone I think 

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I didnt have insurance at the time and the gynos around here wont take you if you dont have inaurance until I found one that will give you temporary insurance you should call around and see what you can find out. Also walk in clinics wont do anything a hun I should around it so it was hard for me at first....honestly the medication helps so much and you should be able to figure something out call around search on the internet whatever you have to do...my outbreak lasted fpr 3 weeks and it was horrible and my first one( this was a month ago) I didnt everything to male myself feel better...I bought ice packs, I bought cotton panties (helped a lot) I drank a lot of water because peeing just water helps the burn, I used aloe induced wipes when I peed because toilet paper hurt too much, I was even in so much pain at one point I layed under hot running water and it helped alot because it numbed it ( very odd position though) I work in a hot factory and sweat all day and wear jeans it was not at all fun the cotton panties helped a lot 

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Ive used Tucks wipes then blow dry the area to keep it dry. I never took the antivirals because i see they’re not effective. I opted for the holistic route and since taking daily vitamins, i havent had any outbreaks in 3 months. I actually started them during an outbreak & 3 days later the OB was gone. I take L-Lysine, VitaminC, Vitamin D3, a centrum chewable multivite, Echinacea & Goldenseal extract when i feel any type of sickness trying to come (u can only take this 10 days at a time), & Liquid chlorophyll (only took during the OB and a few days after). 

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