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  1. I get it on my butt and thighs sometimes!
  2. Cwgrl100

    How do you deal with this ...

    I'm sorry you felt that way because I definitely know how it feels! Hell I''m literally watching Sixteen Candles as we speak, and a reference to it just made me feel like shit. I've tried a few different things! I've ignored it or I've thrown out some hard facts trying to educate them. In the end, they're usually really uneducated and don't mean it or they're just a dick. Lol. Before this I didn't know jack about it other than the jokes in movies, etc! You can choose to educate them some; it empowered me or just let it roll off your shoulders. The worst was when my I was texting my mom way before she knew about it and she told me about 3 guys to stay away from, one because they have herpes. I said so what, they're people too! She sooo shit talked herpes and said it's gross, etc etc. Thank God it was through text because I was a mess. Anyway stay strong and don't take it personal; they're just ignorant!
  3. Cwgrl100

    Anyone try CBD oil?

    Thanks for the reply! I was thinking the same. I'd like it more for the medicinal side than mental health, but hey if it helps there too it's just a win win all around. Haha. I may give it a try!
  4. I'm obviously not a doctor but with what your PCP is saying, and with your nerve damage from your hernia it does kinda sound like you may be making yourself more stressed about it than you should. And our mind is our biggest problem in times like this. But to be safe anyway, you could always tell your wife about the encounter and that you would rather be safe than sorry regarding all STDs, and to just wait on sex and then do a whole panel in a month or so. It would probably put your mind at ease and I'm sure if she loves you, she'd understand.
  5. Cwgrl100

    Anyone try CBD oil?

    With CBD in the news and hearing the benefits from a few family members and acquaintances who use it for a variety of things, I recently bought my dog a bottle to try for his anxiety and itchy skin. SO then I thought if there's all of these medicinal benefits, are there any for herpes? Googled it and I'm seeing that there is; applied topically, etc. But is this yet another scam? Has anyone tried it here?