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  1. It was about a month for me to have an outbreak, and looking back between transmission and the first OB I was having "cuts" I attributed to being dry during sex and tingling in my thighs. I had no clue it was anything to worry about and was SHOCKED when I was diagnosed!
  2. 1. Since he already has HSV-1, as long as he doesn't have active cold sores or symptoms, your risk for getting oral HSV-1 orally I don't believe is high. I'm not as familiar with facts on HSV-1 orally but I'm relating it to genital HSV transmission. Both parties, whether oral or genital, should abstain from being intimate when there's symptoms: 2. He already has it, so going down on you doesn't make him more likely to get what he already has unless the way he does it is a trigger for an outbreak if that makes sense? 3. I've heard that you're less likely to get whichever HSV simplex you have, at a different spot..but don't hold me to that. I've heard both sides of the spectrum! As long as you both don't have OBs, prodome symptoms, and use protection and/or antivirals the risk is very low. Just learn and be aware of your triggers, prodome symptoms, etc and you guys will be ok!
  3. It probably won't be as bad so hang in there!! If it's 500mg, I'd say take it twice a day. I used to take 1G of Valcyclovir and sometimes I'd take 1 morning and evening if i felt like I really needed to. I'd say follow your previous instructions. Rest when you can and eat healthy!
  4. No it doesn't necessarily mean you'll have another outbreak. Your triggers could cause another OB. If he was rough doing oral, for example, that could be a trigger and could cause one but it all depends on the person! Oral sex is how you contracted it, not what necessarily caused an OB unless you had already had it and oral triggered an OB. Does that make sense? Also, if he doesn't have HSV-1 genitally it's possible you could share it with him. If you don't have sex during an OB, wear protection and/or take antivirals his risk is very low.
  5. I'm sorry you're going through this! I can tell you I've had the numbness and really bad skin sensitivity but I'm not sure how normal or common it is! I usually just take meds, hot baths, and ride it out. I hope you feel better soon!
  6. Yea right there with you, I'd like to hear what others have to say as well!
  7. Well I guess it depends on your symptoms but most likely if you were diagnosed with it and had the symptoms, you have it! It could be other things like a yeast infection, etc etc and you have HSV-1 orally but I'm thinkin it's not if you had enough symptoms a doctor diagnosed you with it. But luckily for you, simplex 1 doesn't seem to be as persistent or severe as simplex 2 (mine). It's likely you have HSV-1 but just aren't showing symptoms but if it makes you feel better, go to another doctor and get tested! I was scared to death to get back out there but I bit the bullet and went right back to getting out there so I could feel normal and learn how to navigate the dating world. Meet and hang out with people just as you did before because YOU DESERVE IT and me personally, if I felt like I could trust them I would bring up the talk and if I didn't I ditched them. For me, this disease taught me who was real and honest and genuine about me. I always started the talk when I felt like I could kinda trust the person and it was getting sexual. I gave them some background, my diagnosis, the facts, and that I know it's a lot but I respect their decision and it's there decision to make. I still have a really hard time with it period but don't let a stupid skin disease make you feel like you aren't worthy of love or even lust. It's frustrating at times, but it's life and if someone really is interested in you and loves you they won't focus on just the disease!
  8. Knock on wood but my SO and I don't always use condoms if I'm feeling completely fine and we're lubed up enough (sorry but true,lol), and so far he hasn't shown any symptoms and we've been together over a year and a half. Not saying it won't happen though. If it does who knows if he'll have many symptoms and to be honest if we're looking at how "risky" we've been, I'd be surprised if he didn't have it! But so far, no issues and he's been fine. We just don't have sex if I have symptoms but fool around in other ways! Prior to him I had sex with others with no OBs, disclosed, and used protection and had no issues and I have HSV-2. But I'm pretty sure I was shared this from someone who had no symptoms either sooooo...Anyway my boyfriend has always said it's a chance he's willing to take
  9. I would definitely go get it swabbed while you can and before it goes away! I'm sure you could walk into the health department!
  10. I also meant to add itch, and I should say is the area tingley?
  11. Is it an ulcer or like a pimple/zit? The picture looks like a zit or ingrown hair but it's fuzzy to me. If it's an ulcer, it could be. Does it tingle or burn or anything?
  12. I'll try to keep this short and sweet! Diagnosed with HSV-2 in January 2017. Chose to stay on suppressive therapy with Valtrex because I was super stressed finishing my Masters/looking for jobs and wanted to stay ahead of it. Felt like I never had any real outbreaks until July 2017; just prodome before that. As time's went on I've had more and more. I quit suppressive therapy this past summer because I literally think my body simply got immune to it. Valtrex wasn't doing jack and still isn't when I use it now. I've been pretty stressed off and on but I eat pretty healthy and low carb (other than wine), I get enough sleep, and I try to exercise. Anyway, seems I'm having an outbreak like probably once a month, or intense itching and redness that is almost an outbreak. Nothing seems to be helping. What really triggers it is any kind of friction so my boyfriend and I have to be very careful during sex or I can tell right from the start if I'm gonna have problems. I've been taking lysine too with this go round. My questions are: -Any tricks or tips for combatting the itching? It's seriously the worst. -What treatments work for you? -Any tricks or tips to making sure friction is not an issue during sex? We use lube and condoms which seems to help, but jeez sometimes we can do everything right and it's not enough.
  13. Well I can't speak for your experience, but that's actually how mine presented! I started feeling like I had "paper cuts" and they looked just like that: paper cuts. I attributed it to rough sex. I had NO CLUE that it was HSV!! I was shocked. Anyway, way past that. Lol. I do have what you're talking about though! Not so abnormal to me!
  14. I'm sorry you felt that way because I definitely know how it feels! Hell I''m literally watching Sixteen Candles as we speak, and a reference to it just made me feel like shit. I've tried a few different things! I've ignored it or I've thrown out some hard facts trying to educate them. In the end, they're usually really uneducated and don't mean it or they're just a dick. Lol. Before this I didn't know jack about it other than the jokes in movies, etc! You can choose to educate them some; it empowered me or just let it roll off your shoulders. The worst was when my I was texting my mom way before she knew about it and she told me about 3 guys to stay away from, one because they have herpes. I said so what, they're people too! She sooo shit talked herpes and said it's gross, etc etc. Thank God it was through text because I was a mess. Anyway stay strong and don't take it personal; they're just ignorant!
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