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  1. Do you have HSV-1 or HSV-2? Where do you get the chlorophyll? I really do hate taking meds and like being naturaleeee..I'm willing do try different things for sure!
  2. Glad you're on the tail end of your first OB; I know it's rough! When I was first diagnosed, I was finishing my Masters degree and chose to do suppressive therapy to outweigh the stress I knew I was, and would incur. I had no issues for 7-8 months. 1 outbreak triggered by sex and not taking meds for a couple days, prodome symptoms maybe 2 or 3 times prior. I moved and changed meds/pharmacies and seemed to have bad luck with my new meds so I quit them. I do have to say I do have more OBs than I did while on suppressive therapy. I am a girl too so hormones and sex being a trigger for me play a little more into that. It's all in the individual! I personally have always disliked taking medicine and my prideful self wants to tell myself to get over it and just go naturale..but the other self remembers how awesome it was to never have any problems when on suppressive therapy and I'm diving into that idea again!!
  3. Not a definite but if Valtrex seemed to help, I think that could be a clear answer. I was in denial until like day 2 of taking Valtrex during my first OB. It was a complete 180 and then I knew my answer!
  4. Anyone?? Anyone who's had success on some meds and not others?
  5. No, not since the end of 2017! I just don't allow us to be intimate if I'm having any symptoms. But I do want to try and do suppressive therapy again because I had less symptoms when I did!
  6. I'd give him a little while longer hanging out to see how things go OR just tell him exactly how you feel! Like, "Hey I know the other night you weren't ready for sex, and I definitely respect that and I want you to KNOW I respect that..I also know that a couple months ago you kind of disappeared off the radar and I wasn't sure if it was because of the HSV or what but it hurt my feelings (or made me feel shitty, etc). I just want to know where you stand now and if you want to continue trying to be something and trying to work past this, or if you'll never be ready you ghost me again. I like you and definitely want you, but if it's the latter, I just need to know that so I can move on." Maybe something like that!
  7. It seriously is crazy. The education out there is misleading! They teach you that THIS is what HSV looks like and like these people are like the plague when in all reality? It's common, not all HSV symptoms present the same at all, and that's why so many people don't realize they have it! That sort of information honestly got me in trouble. I was naive and wasn't as careful as I could've been because I thought people knew their status; that they would have clear symptoms and tell you if they had something. Wrong! And even a little more careful that time, I probably still would've gotten it. Maybe I would've known the non-stereotyped symptoms I was having was actually HSV sooner and I wouldn't have been in complete denial. I'm jumping off my soapbox now. They need to change sex education in regards to HSV!
  8. I was diagnosed with HSV-2 in January of 2017. Took 1G of Valtrex or Valcyclovir daily (blue bottle from Mylan Pharmaceuticals). Had 1 OB over the course of 7-8 months and sex had triggered it. Moved a couple months later and I'M JUST NOW CONNECTING THE DOTS! I was taking the same amount but began taking Valcyclovir from a white bottle by Camber pharmaceuticals since I had moved. Never seemed to work as I was having issues once a month or just having prodome symptoms I hadn't had before..so I just quit taking it. I've been taking it episodically but I miss when I literally had NO issues. I hate to take meds period but I'm willing to for this. Could it be the manufacturer change that wasn't working for me? Or did my body get immune to take Valcyclovir?
  9. I'm not sure why but I'm pretty much the same way! Lube helps, and the lube from condoms help, but not always..I still usually have some sort of symptom. It's so damn annoying! Really the only time that I don't have any is if I have period shower sex. Everything is naturally lubed up and steamy. TMI but just trying to help because I literally face the same struggle!!! Lol
  10. I've never let my boyfriend give me oral with an OB, because well..you sure as hell don't feel like it! But we've been together for almost 2 years and he's done so with no barrier and he's not shown any symptoms. Be in tune with your body and both of you all be on the same page, and you'll be ok. He says I'm worth the risk and we are fully aware of what could or could not happen!
  11. It was about a month for me to have an outbreak, and looking back between transmission and the first OB I was having "cuts" I attributed to being dry during sex and tingling in my thighs. I had no clue it was anything to worry about and was SHOCKED when I was diagnosed!
  12. 1. Since he already has HSV-1, as long as he doesn't have active cold sores or symptoms, your risk for getting oral HSV-1 orally I don't believe is high. I'm not as familiar with facts on HSV-1 orally but I'm relating it to genital HSV transmission. Both parties, whether oral or genital, should abstain from being intimate when there's symptoms: 2. He already has it, so going down on you doesn't make him more likely to get what he already has unless the way he does it is a trigger for an outbreak if that makes sense? 3. I've heard that you're less likely to get whichever HSV simplex you have, at a different spot..but don't hold me to that. I've heard both sides of the spectrum! As long as you both don't have OBs, prodome symptoms, and use protection and/or antivirals the risk is very low. Just learn and be aware of your triggers, prodome symptoms, etc and you guys will be ok!
  13. It probably won't be as bad so hang in there!! If it's 500mg, I'd say take it twice a day. I used to take 1G of Valcyclovir and sometimes I'd take 1 morning and evening if i felt like I really needed to. I'd say follow your previous instructions. Rest when you can and eat healthy!
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