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  1. Update on this - it’s almost been a year (next month) no symptoms at all and my igg is now low positive.
  2. Thank you for sharing this story. I am in a really bad place. I get my first OB the first week of September. I got it from the father of my child, who cheated on me. He knew he had it.. and did not disclose. I got ozone therapy and UVBI therapy done and have not had a single symptom since and I do not take any medication. I'm lucky on that front I suppose but I struggle VERY badly with my self esteem and thinking anyone would want me with this AND a child.. I am successful. I am in shape (I'm actually a bikini competitor). I own my own home and am very loved by my friends and family.. I just cannot seem to shake this feeling.
  3. I eat very healthy, did ozone therapy, UVBI therapy, and take immune-boosting supplements. It's been 6 months for me - zero symptoms.
  4. I was diagnosed 6 months ago and have only had one small OB ever. I did ozone therapy and UVBI therapy, take vitamin C, vitamin d, oregano oil, and a few others. I eat a clean diet - mostly organic, no processed foods, etc. I use all natural skincare and I’ve done a ton of other things.
  5. Diet plays a big part. I had one symptom almost 6 months ago. No antivirals. Minimal supplements now. No side effects like tingling, pains, itching, etc. I also did a lot of ozone therapy and UVBI therapy.
  6. Still not a single OB since my initial one and I did ozone therapy. Mentally, I don't want to get retested yet because if my antibodies didnt go down I will be upset but not having any symptoms for 19 weeks has been great.
  7. I take vitamin C 2x a day, monolaurin once a day, vitamin d, vitamin e, oregano oil, echinacea, propolis, probiotic, and a lysine blend. I also did ozone therapy 31 times and Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation.
  8. Hey, I know I am late to this post but I wanted to shed some light. My cheating ex who is the father of my child knowingly passed this virus on to me. I have done A TON of research and that will only drive you crazy because everyone is so different. I know people that have HSV2 that only ever had one outbreak (I know 2 of these people, one has gone 2 years without one now, the other 10 years). I know someone that has HSV2 that had TERRIBLE outbreaks the first year and now hasn't had them in years. I have HSV2 I had one mild outbreak and now I haven't had another and it's been four months so far. I have done a lot for treatment and my health. I don't take antivirals though. I even know people that got diagnosed and then seroconverted (meaning they tested again and it no longer shows in their labs). Everyone is COMPLETELY different. The body is a beautiful thing and if you take care of your body, take immune boosting supplements, eat whole foods, and don't drink a lot of alcohol, you'll be okay.
  9. This is a really interesting question. I do think saying you caught it sounds braver. Yes. However, I definitely think it depends on your personal situation and how you feel about how you caught it. I have been with one man (the father of my child) in the past four years. He cheated on me, I asked him to get tested, he told me he did and did not have anything. The truth is - he did get tested but he tested positive for HSV2 and knowingly passed it to me then tried to use the virus as blackmail so I would let him have shared custody of our child - who I have been solely responsible for since the day he was born. My son's father is also a recovering addict. So there are a lot of chapters to that book. I feel as though I was given herpes. I am someone who is extremely type A, anxiety ridden, etc. he knew giving this to me would crush my world. I am also an extremist about my health. As soon as I found out I had it I went and got 31 rounds of ozone therapy done, ultraviolet blood irradiation, I take tons of immune boosting supplements everyday, I stay VERY clean, wash everything constantly, etc. I would probably feel differently about what happened to me if it were from being risky or if my partner was unaware.
  10. My doctor told me it can possibly eradicate the virus. I had one OB, did ozone, and I have been free of outbreaks for four months now. I'll keep you posted. I also do not take antivirals.
  11. Hey, sorry I am just now seeing this as I don't come on here too much anymore. It's been 3.5 months for me and 0 symptoms since ozone therapy. Google "ten pass ozone therapy" to get an idea of how it works. Check out Second Nature in Nyack, NY - they write articles on it and it's where I got mine done.
  12. You can sue if someone knowingly gave you an incurable disease. I almost sued my ex for it but I didn't want it to become public knowledge that I have it. I was told I could definitely sue him though.
  13. Thank you!! I did, I am truly blessed that he came into my life.
  14. My son's father did not disclose to me. He slept with other women and contracted HSV-2. He knowingly passed it to me. I will not speak to him anymore. We have not seen him in months. He did not give me BASIC human decency. According to my therapist (who is a social worker), I could have charged him with sexual assault. I definitely thought about it. Having HSV-2 is the worst thing that has EVER happened to me. Your wife does not deserve the anxiety that HSV causes. She did not do anything to deserve that. You also do not know if she will have symptoms or not. Some people get painful, awful, recurrent symptoms. It is not your choice to make. It is her choice to make if she wants to be with you after what you did.
  15. Jenn, if he doesn't understand and appreciate your honesty - he is not worth keeping around.
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