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Herpes on my lip now WHY!!

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So if you follow my other convos you know I had a great breakthrough but with good follows bad for some reason my luck is horrible and I'm always being knocked down my first outbreak was over a month ago it was genitally now I think I'm starting a breakout on my lip and I'm so upset and depressed idk why this is happening to me how can I tell if this is a breakout and when it comes to lip is it normally just one sore or is my mouth gonna be covered inside and out I'm so lost and confused and mad all over again why is this happening

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The only way you will know for sure is to get it swabbed. Don't freak out until you know - some sores inside the mouth are just that - sores.. it's easy for the inside of the mouth to get irritated and infected because of the warm/moist environment. So don't panic just yet.... ;)


It's unusual to get it in both places unless perhaps you got it at the same time. I have both but I got HSV 1 as a child and HSV2 as a young adult. Usually if you get it in one place the other will not get it once your antibodies build up against it. And the oral variety is shared by 80% of the population so noone will blink about you having it there except yourself (really - if you got it there first, would it make you feel like this? Likely not :) )


"with good follows bad for some reason my luck is horrible and I'm always being knocked down "


Wow - sorry but I find this sad to read because it's only a belief system. I'm guessing that you believed this for long before you got Herpes? (It's a common belief system!!!) Shit happens to us all..... it's how we deal with it that counts. I've spent years learning to let go of beliefs like this and I have to say that I am in a pretty good place most of the time now (I'm still human and I still have bad days here and there, but I know most of it is in my head ;) ). Adrial is a GREAT resource for coaching through this kind of thing. Perhaps you can reach out to him for a coaching session....


(((HUGS))) my friend. Try not to panic until you have it swabbed. Right now, you just have a sore in the mouth. One step, one day, one issue at a time....ok?



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I was in a restaurant/bar recently having dinner with family and noticed some people on the other side of the bar throwing darts. I didn't even know establishments were allowed to have those anymore, but it was really quite fun to watch! One of the ladies was REALLY terrible, and kept missing the target and hitting the wall around it. The owner of the bar yelled, "Hey, if I take the target down, will you stop trying to ruin my place?" The woman laughed and said, "Don't blame me, YOU gave me the target, and YOU'RE the one who gave me the darts!"


If I remove myself as a target, and stop speaking negative things about myself to others, I take away their darts. I stop giving life situations and people permission to "ruin my place".


Sab123, I think bad can follow good, not because your "luck is horrible" and you're "always being knocked down", but because we live in a world where bad [email protected]* just happens. Knowing that, I am choosing to take away the target and the darts and stop making it easy for people and situations to "ruin my place".

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I love that story it's just so hard to stay positive when things keep getting thrown at you, it's not inside it feels like its on the side of my upper lip since Thursday I felt slightly uncomfortable but I thought it was from the cold or I burned it and it would stop and come back last night I noticed a I miss you little bump but I can only feel it with my toung I can't see it I'm just freaking out I have a fear of getting it all over my mouth inside and out

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Here's the thing Sab, of course it's awesome to expect that we can stay positive forever, and when I do have a choice, I do choose positivity. But when positivity isn't available to me and I can't do anything about what's happening, then I choose to practice acceptance ... of the situation in front of me AND of myself. I give up worrying and trying to fix things and sink into FEELING the moment. I feel exactly what's coming up without judging myself. That last part is key. Our culture has for some reason created stigma about feeling sad. But all of us feel sad from time to time. And sadness tends to be the result of sad thinking. And the only way to move sadness is to actually feel it. The more we squelch it, the more it sticks around and festers into other darker emotions.


It reminds me of this blog article. Have you read it?


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Dang ariel that was deep. i like that story thanks for sharing that. sab ur header for this made me laugh cuz it took me back to that moment i was in the bathroom and felt a pinch at my breast and realized i had a cold sore there. I was going to tell you about it when you first posted about the herpes on lip thing but changed it cuz i didn't want u getting paranoid. but i was like damn it why herpes why!? Here's how i been looking at it. if a man comes along and can accept a cold sore or canker sore whayever on our precious lil punanis than I'm pretty sure he will be understanding of it anywhere else on our bodies. and as one h buddy to another you have got to take ur stress notches down multiple levels or ur gonna just get continuous outbreaks. I imagine its pretty easy to transfer it to your mouth in this first yr if nit careful but its ok if it does. I mean who hasn't accidentally forgot to wash your hands if you're not a germophope? I beleive this is how i transferred it to my breast if it wasn't from the act of intercourse the first time. accidentally touching broken skin on the breast. Just be more careful. We can now say thank you herpes for making me a more hygieneic person. Because where i might have forgot to wash my hands every once in a while before or been in a hurry i wash them fckers religously now. and get this you may not still havr it orally and are just being paranoid. The moral of my response though is if u do get it in another spot there's nothin u can do about it. but say damn i just have to be more careful now. and try to stop stressing because that just makes it worse? Have yoi tried any of those woosa techniques we were all talkin bout in the relaxation thread? personally for me snakelike or wormlike fish are the most hypnotic and relaxing fish to watch like ropefish dojo and kuli loaches and dragonfish. I like thosr lil glow neons too with the blue or blacklights. Get u some glow in the dark plants to add in the tank and it is freakin awesome. when u cut the blacklight on it will look like that planet at nighttime in that movie avatar. Chat with u later and hope everything progresses smoothly with these outbreaks

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pulled this statement from another website


PJ from Gold Coast, Queensland Australia: "Hi,, I only found your site last week, and was very very interested to read what others suffering with H2,had found to be beneficial, then as luck or not would have it, i had an OB, stress driven i think, i take a valtrex daily, multi-vite, and try to eat healthy, etc ,, normally my OB'S take up to 4-8 days to fade and go away , but i feel dirty and out of sorts, it is really a strange feeling, anyway i tried the acetone nail polish remover,, dabbed it onto the dam thing,3-4 times a day ,, bought a bottle of lysine, threw back about 3 grams a day, and doubled my valtrex for 3 days, and ill tell you, it started to fade the next day , smoothed out, and started to shrink, i can only really put it down to the acetone nail polish remover, didnt sting, but tingled a bit,, who ever thought that up,, give them a medal, you need the preventative stuff for sure, but when OB happen, use the nail polish remover,, dam good stuff"EC: OB = Outbreak -

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