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Happy Valentine's

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Life. One minute it's nothing but fun and the next it's giving you blisters. One minute you can be riding high on the wings of love and the next crushed upon the rocks of despair. There's no rhyme or reason to it, and the only way to avoid the ups and downs is to lock yourself in your bedroom and never leave the house to bask in the sunshine just outside your door. And, that's just no way to live life.


Here's to all of us warriors of love on the eve of Valentine's Day. Whether newly diagnosed or long-time veterans, we've all taken the risk of loving and being loved. We've lived and we've loved, and in the process discovered something about ourselves. It's not an easy journey, nor is it one for the faint of heart. In fact, everyone on this forum has earned a Purple H for what the herpster has done to us and that makes us better partners, better friends, and better spouses.


I know many of us feel alone right now. The holidays are hard for the single, and this one especially so. But know this; wherever you are, whatever your situation, whether alone or in the arms of someone you love, everyone in this forum is standing by you. From Toledo to Topeka, and Washington to Warsaw, there are hundreds of millions of us who are extending our hands in friendship and love.


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Loving you, bro. Warriors of love, unite! ;)


One of my best friends posted a blog that Valentines Day can be a day for us to DO something we love. It can be a day where we express our love in different ways than just the expectation that it has to be all romantical (although that's fun, too). Pick up a guitar! A paintbrush! A pen! Make art! I plan on dedicating at least an hour in my day to doing something I love. Maybe Valentines Day isn't just a celebration of romantic love; maybe it's a celebration of love itself. And that can take so many forms, right? ;)


To love!

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One of my best friends posted a blog that Valentines Day can be a day for us to DO something we love


I for one will be dancing with 500 of my dancing friends on V-day - doing what I love with the people who I have come to love ... it's another awesome community (I am so blessed to have several amazing communities of people around me!) that has been there for me through many rough times :)


LOVE you all too!!!! (((HUGS)))

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Oh, how I relate. Time touches all of us in some way with its crux of lessons before the real. Hope. Never lose it. Be open. This isn't herpes specific .. it's yearning. My wish.. hope.. prayer.. is that all those that yearn shall receive. It isn't specific to individual because we all have lessons to learn before the good grace of, "WOW! This is it."does cross collectively, herpes or not. May all yearning hearts receive tonight and always. This isn't herpes related .. it's timing. It's time. Don't give up on true love for the mediocre of right now. Gosh! Now, that would be a heart break. KEEP TRYING. You deserve everlasting. We all do. Keep Pandora's box of hearts close. Your turn will come and it will be amazing. Believe. #Strength #ItIsWhatMakesusAmazingPeople xoxoxoxoxo Kisses to you on this nearly V-day. LOL I'll send you a Russell Stover's choco box if it helps LOL. Ahhh Marketing and made up holidays that hit home. :) xoxoxoxooxo

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I love that we have so many awesome poets/wordsmiths in our community. Definitely puts an awesome feel in what's being said. :) Yes, yearning is a good word. It's a desire to share our hearts. And that can ache and hurt, for sure. But ain't it a beautiful ache?


By the way, that friend I was talking about just sent out her Valentines email. Here it is ... and her piano playing is out of this world. Please feel free to sign up to her email list to get future stuff from her. She does all her piano playing completely improv.




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