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Define surreal

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Ever feel like your life is a Dali painting? Every day of my life is a Dali painting. Take today for instance. It's 5am, I haven't slept in 3 full days because of a very serious project I'm trying to solve, I've been online since 1am watching a school board meeting halfway around the world where my mother and HS sweetheart are sitting next to each other, sending me messages on FB while I sit in my apartment in Poland answering questions on a herpes support forum while the couple above my apartment attempts to see just how much Viagra it takes to make sex an Olympic sport.


Someone call Ben Stiller.

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@herry, everyday. Stuff will happen and I am literally sitting there laughing out loud at the hilarity of the crap in my life. I think it might be a bad sign when you start laughing at bad stuff that happens to you. I think that might be what they call mentally unstable. Which I probably am... But I ain't always been quite right. Anyways, I think sometimes... You need to cry and sometimes you just laugh at the stuff. Both emotions are necessary to heal.

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Well, folks, let's just add to the story. I'm not upset, depressed or sad, just a little confused as to why the God's keep teasing me. But, those of you who have followed my saga will absolutely love the latest.


So, I go get some McDonalds. I'm abroad, had a really rough week, have some serious problems I need to resolve, and decide "Comfort food from home" is exactly what I need.


Now, this is no joke, no fabrication, this really happened about an hour ago.


As I'm sitting there finishing my chicken nuggets, fries, and coke, the cheating "gift giver" AND her boyfriend sit down at the table right next to mine which just happens to be the only empty table in the crowded restaurant. I kid you not. Oh, the smirk I got on my face could be seen all the way across the ocean.


I almost dropped the bomba. I looked out the window for a minute, looked back at her, a visible sense of panic brewing in her eyes and expressions as her boyfriend just happily chatted away.


Oh, temptation. Sweet justice. I thought of all the things I could do or say in that moment.


I didn't say a word. Not a peep. I simply finished my lunch, put my trash in the bin, and walked away with my head held high.



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Good for you to not making a scene there...but you did talk about telling him when you were in a better place. So what's happening there?


And you are right.... you got some crazy shit happening there. You and I have to skype some time and I'll tell you about my psycho lying douchbag story... I had my own soap opera going for awhile... maybe you can intertwine our 2 stories in your screenplay... you know, keep the viewers confused and in the dark as a guy and a girl navigate the dating scene....LOL

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God teases all of us at times. Like me ? I go to school, and not go to school. Sometimes I am able to do the things that I really really want to do in my life, but then it feels like it gets all taken away from me. Like he is testing me, seeing how far he can push me and how far his little creation can go. Now let me tell you something. God is pushing us to fight our way through everything! (:


We can do it && he is playing around with you seeing how much YOU can handle right there, because you do have some crazy stuff happen. Now show them that you can write the next page, or the next paragraph to your own liking !

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Herry, did you get herpes from a woman even though you used a condom? Sorry, I'm just worrying a lot. My dreams are starting to be all about herpes, that's surreal. Did she get outbreaks on her genitals then, or was she just asympotomatically shedding?

I dreamt I was giving head repeatedly , which was very erotic, but there was sadness in the air as I was too afraid to let anyone inside me ever again : ( I don't think I am dealing with it very well at all at the moment. I'm keeping my distance when I used to be very passionate :/

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I believe Herry is traveling at the moment so he may be out of touch for a few days - but yes, Herry got his gift while using a condom...she lied about her (then possible/likely status) ... as I understand it...I don't believe she had been tested but she knew she had very likely had an OB in the past :(


So Rene, are you in a relationship now?

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No. I do have a lover I see now and again, but I still haven't built up the confidence to tell him. Infact, I may just call the whole thing off and wait for someone I truly love/loves me comes along. I thought I'd be ok if we used a condom, but evidently not if that's what happened to Herry!

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I am not sure I can ever disclose :/ I live in an area that is small and extremely gossipy. it is not like the USA, where you all seem so open and honest. I wish I lived in America! If anyone found out, I would be ostracized, put it that way.

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Honey - we have a whole lotta ignorance and small-mindedness here too ... believe me!Our puritan heritage has made for one hell of a fucked-up society here when it comes to sex and sexuality. Yes, it's getting better. But I just read a quote from a politician (admittedly said 18 years ago but he only just finally apologized for saying it) that if a woman could have an abortion, then rape was ok because it didn't kill anyone. the USA is a great place, but it's NOT Nirvana!!


And over time you will learn to deal with disclosure. You will find a man who deserves to know, and who has proven to you in other ways that he is WORTHY of knowing such an intimate thing about you. Promise :)

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Hi Rene,


Dancer's right and I've been traveling. Two solid days to get home from overseas...


Anyway, yes, I got it even though we used condoms. It was one wild night and I made sure the Cap'n was wearing rubber armor all night long. Didn't matter. That said, there is a very slim possibility I got it from an unprotected BJ and that I'm dealing with 1 and not 2. I'm going to get tested this week to confirm.


Condoms and HSV are not very effective. Do they help? Sure. Combined with suppressive therapy and other precautions they're a key tool.


When it comes to disclosure, I have a simple rule: I'd rather you respect me and reject me than have you hate me.

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I wish we could all meet up in person and weren't so far apart! The UK is very much a stiff upper lip place ; keep calm and carry on, even though you are quaking inside! I do hope to find a soulmate one day. I am still a hopeless romantic!

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Honey - I lived in the UK for 8 years with my British hubby. I totally hear you. AND, you have to understand that there IS someone out there who will accept you. If anything, the Brits are more pragmatic about these things than we are over here. There's nothing the US population likes more than a good health scare :p



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