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VERY painful first herpes outbreak - suggestions??

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I am 22 and I was diagnosed yesterday. Aside from the fear and shock, I am having a very painful first OB! I just started valacyclovir yesterday, but aside from that I am not sure what else to do or take! It is beyond painful to go to the bathroom, or sit, but walking is honestly the worst! I already switched to cotton underwear, but is there anything else I can do to stop the sores from sticking to my underwear? I want them to dry out so that they'll heal as quickly as possible- so I am hesitant to use creams to stop the sticking.


I am not able to call in sick so to top it off I am dealing with this at work! I am trying to act business as usual, but I am on writhing pain :( Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

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Hey darlin',


Well, that first one is never fun. It really isn't and most of us have been right where you are now. So, you can take some comfort in knowing that we completely understand and empathize.


Aloe vera or diaper rash cream work wonders. They'll keep things lubed up and from sticking. They'll also help it heal faster. How long they'll last is anyone's guess, but first OB's can go on for anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks.


Painkillers will help. The stronger the better. Also, try not to think about the pain. Your mind is a powerful weapon, and the less you think about it, the less painful it will be.

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Hey there!


Quick answer here - one thing to help the peeing is to pee in the bathtub/in the shower.... the water diffuses things and reduces the sting. And Epsom Salts baths... one person on here sits in the bath and dumps 2-4 handfuls of the salts between her legs so it's concentrated there.


Otherwise there ore some great ideas in these discussions :)










http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/1624/herpes-medication-genital-hsv-1-how-to-keep-herpes-outbreaks-clean-dry#Item_22 My discussion amonium Alum)



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((: My friend told me about Coconut oil. I have heard that it doesn't work for a lot of people, but for me it helps. What it does is the coconut oil has a cooling agent, and dries out the outbreak. Within a few hours I can feel some real relief. Within a few days they are gone.


Then I eat 3 table spoons of it a day with my food because it has natural anti viral properties inside of it. (:

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Dear Silverlinings, I feel you babes. The pain is the worst! Lots of love to you. Also, all the above suggestions are solid. Try them out and you will find something that works for you. For diaper rash cream - see if you can get either Desitin rapid relief (it's creamier so, easier to spread) or Balmex (this is usually harder to spread).


It's good that you have work to distract you. Neem oil is a big thing where I am (in India) and it worked for me. I believe neem cream is available online. you could also try it out. We are all here for you. X ~ me

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Thank you all so much for your input and suggestions!! I picked up some Epsom salts, tea tree oil, l-lysine, and baby powder!


The baby powder has done wonders for stopping the pain of sticking... Thank god! I am hoping that the tea tree oil and the Epsom salt baths will dry up the sores as soon as possible. It's overwhelming thinking of dealing with this for the rest of my life :(


I am so grateful that I found this site! It has made me feel much less alone.

Thank you all :)

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Ask your doctor to prescribe lidocaine hydrochloride jelly! Mine is 2%


It numbs the area so it doesnt hurt but you will need to reapply throughout the day. I suggest putting the jelly on at night or in the morning.. but waiting a few minutes so it can work on the affected area before putting your cotton underwear on. It has helped me a lot!! And you only need to put less than a dime size amount on.

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I didn't work the week of my initial, I think I could have, but I was a complete and total emotional wreck. I will say, I had the "sticking" problem my last couple days. I didn't wear undies at all. I wore just my yoga pants and would position the pants the best I could to be loose around the area. It sucks and totally disgusted me. I did stick, but only a couple times until i figured out what worked for me. The good ole bandaid, just rip and pull fast was my method of that dreadful "first morning i realized my pants are stuck, what the hell is this crap, my pants are like stuck to me, what the heck do I do to make this as least painful as possible." Good luck. And I'm a huge epsom salt fan. Dried everything up fast for me.


I've heard mixed answers on what to do, keep the sores dry or moist. I went with, keep it as dry as I can so it will heal quicker. That was my plan.

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Hey folks -


Just want to put the pain of an OB into perspective. Yes - I agree, it IS very painful and it can hurt like a Mofo when you pee and such, but there IS a lot worse pain out there. Believe me. Take it from someone who nearly died from an Ectopic Pregnancy. And who has had severe intestinal spasms (some kind of Irritable Bowel kind of thing) on a regular basis since she had her first child by Cesarean. I've also blown a disc in my back and could barely walk for a week and took 6 months to get back to "normal". If you think Herpes hurts, there truly IS much much worse out there.


Not trying to belittle everyone's experiences (I remember that pain all too well - I had to sit on an overseas flight with a HUGE lesion once... lets just say when I stood up to get of the plane and the scab had stuck to my underwear, I saw stars :( ). And I know it sucks in the moment.


I'm only writing this because I want you to realize that while it does suck at the time and it may be the worst pain you have experienced ( Lucky YOU to get that far in life without severe pain!) it IS a temporary thing even though it may not feel like it at the time. And one thing I have learned over the years is that what you focus on, magnifies. How you describe it, will determine how you experience it. And in the moment, it's easy to sit in the pain rather than be pro-active about it (I've found myself doing that a lot with back pain... knowing that if I stretch and do certain things it will get better but instead I lie/sit there feeling sorry for myself :p ).


There are TONS of suggestions on this forum (I hope to organize the Top 20 soon!) for getting relief - I would say the lidocain ointment, Epsom Salts baths (put the crystals right between your legs for maximum drying effect), tea tree oil and coconut oil seem to get the most response/results.... as well as peeing in the bath/shower (Man I wish I had known that one when I was in my early years with H :/ ). Wear loose pants and if possible, go without underwear... air helps to dry things up a LOT! AND, if at all possible, go for a walk (if need be, grease that area up so it doesn't rub with coconut oil) or do something to take your mind off it.... that is 50% of the secret to pain reduction. ;)


Peace friends :)

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Try hydrogen Proxide spray on the area an let dry. today i had a itchy outbrake so i took a hydrogen peroxide food grade 35 bath then got out an sprayed regular 3 % hydrogen proxide on the area i'm not as itchy most the bumps went away it help for me hope it helps for you i got (h) in nov2013 i have had a none stop outbrake i bear with it i dont take the meds my hair stared fallin out that was a side effect. ALSO LOOK UP HYDROGEN PROXIDE FOOD GRADE 35

Let me kno if you try an it work

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When I had my primary outbreak my OBGYN prescribed lidocaine silver sulfadiazin. The lidocaine helps with the pain. Mine were in an area where I couldn't keep them dry anyway so I slathered it on the area with a q-tip several times a day. It's also great to use for burns so it's nice to have in the house anyway :)


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