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A herpes cure only a few years away?

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Good news, I think a cure is not too far away in the future. Ian Frazer, the inventor of Gardasil is working on not only a vaccination, but also a cure. So far, his animal trials have proven 100% effective at immunizing AND curing in animal models. Even better news, the drug has also completed a Phase I clinical trial in humans proving safety. Only two more trial phases to go before commercialization can begin. Keeping fingers crossed!

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Yes, this does seem quite promising! And holding out hope for too long tends to put our lives on hold, too. So some hope feels good, but putting all our eggs in this basket a few years away might just be stifling.


Here are some more links to this forum and a blog article on this:





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Probably 5 years at a minimum. Phase 2 and 3 trials won't start till late this year and then bringing the drug to market can take time. However, the FDA may decide to streamline the process to help get it out earlier since the H is in epidemic proportions. Perhaps it will move quicker in other countries, such as Australia, and a quick trip there may allow for a quicker administration of the drug.

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Honey - I've seen more promises of a "cure" than I can remember ... and while this does look promising, the reality is we are living with it NOW. So keep an eye on the news, but don't hold your breath.... The FDA is a fickle organization and you never know what little detail they will find to give them an excuse to shut the process down.

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I read something on this too. I can't remember where to share the link. It does sound promising and it's good to know that researchers/companies are involved in trying to find some type of vaccine for this, whether it's just to cut down on transmission/OB or an actual cure. I'll take either! Yes, we have to continue to live with it daily but it doesn't hurt to have a little hope and pray for a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing!!

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Fear not, if Type II is successfully treated/immunized, the same type of process will likely be used for go after Type I. Other viruses will then likely follow, perhaps even HIV.


Type I is not being ignored, but because Type II is so much more stigmatized, there's most likely a better demand for it so it makes financial sense.

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Once they know how to make the vaccine for one they can use it for the other - to do both at once would cost more in research and development costs - it will actually be faster for them to do it this way - get one out, use technology already proven for the other which should make all the stages 10x faster :)

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Well they need to seriously make progress. I know there have been plenty who've tried, but I don't know what to believe when it comes to hearing how the trials failed or were shut down.... being in this forum helped me to realize how common this is and how much more it's becoming... The number of new diagnosis a year is pretty significant and can't be ignored. It's not the physical symptoms that's so much of the problem than it is the emotional distress caused by the stigma. Can't wait to see the outcomes... I'm keeping a positive attitude.


*writing from an android ugh so annoying lol

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