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New spiritual and safe way to bond with your partner

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I have posted on here several times before - my name is Alexa for those who don't remember. Just a side note I have had herpes type 1 on my genitals for a little over 3 years now with no outbreaks since my initial! I have just met my boyfriend a few months ago who knows and has accepted it. He is into different things and asked me about tying orgasmic meditation. This sounded cool to me since I already love orgasms ... Who doesn't ! Is recommended going to one taste website and learning about it because it's hard to explain. But I will say this- your partner and you are meditating for 15 minutes where he strokes your clitoris in a certain spot. During this he wears gloves- and it isn't supposed to be sexual the only goal for both is to feel. The pressure is off and the connection can then really be established. This is magical I wanted to mention it because I am grateful for it myself already! Just wondering if anyone on here has heard about it. Also felt it was appropriate because it's very safe and protected where herpes isn't an issue and we can learn to feel and put aside any stress and or shame we feel about heroes or just our lives.

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Well my whole confusion is this: I'm all for expanding sexuality but this just sounds like regular forplay to me...but with gloves. So I did a little googling and HOLY CRAP ITS EXPENSIVE. I like the idea of separating an orgasm from climax though. Have you ever thought about exploring sexuality and climax through other parts of the body? It's quite amazing how much of our bodies we take for granted. :) just a little food for thought!

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Yes I know it's skeptical that's why I had you look it up because I honestly don't know how to explain it. It is expensive but my boyfriend was able to get a friend to get us a discount and we each only paid 97 for the day intro workshop class it's 10am-5pm. But it's only in Santa Monica, San Fran, London and New York right now if you're in those places. I still only feel comfortable seeing it as a couples thing although singles do it and pair up with people I am only interested in using it to enhance my boyfriend and mines connection

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I just saw a program about a woman who can think herself to orgasm ... and they did a MRI (I think that was the test...it watched the brain as she did it) and proved it was AND it went on for quite awhile.


As @OPM said, there are many areas of the body that can be very sensual. One of the "gifts" of Herpes is that it gives us the excuse to learn other ways to be intimate.


Have you looked into tantric sex? It's another way to connect on a very deep level without worrying about the orgasm and it can even be done with clothes on ;)

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@dancer if you could let me know the name of that program...I feel this is something I need to see...for science ;) and then to figure out how I can do that hahahaha


@inspired I do really like the idea of becoming close with someone on another level and @dancer is right tantric sex is pretty intense...trust and open communication is very much an important factor in a healthy relationship and if you two have found a way to strengthen that bond that's amazing :)

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Hey... whatever floats yer boat. I used to have dreams where I really would orgasm back in my 30's and early 40's. I miss them. I think they went with menopause. May be time to get on some hormones...would make a nice alternative to the Rabbit...LOL


(did I just really type that??... HA!)

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Just wanted to say... Dancer.. This is amazing because you said tantric sex and then last night my boyfriend came over and he said babe I know the next weird thing we are gonna try.. Tantric sex. And I told him about how I posted on the forum and you said tantric .. Wow meant to be haha anyways he said there is an 8 week course on it starting in September. Guess he seems me in his life for the next 5 months :)

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