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Keeping up with the landscaping?

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Prior to being diagnosed, I used to use Nair weekly pretty religiously. Obviously i'm terrified to use that now. Is it safe to use a razor that you use on your legs and arms too? Or would you guys suggest having different razors for the OB area? What about waxing? Just because I have H it doesn't mean I want to neglect the upkeep xD


Also, as a side question...is it typical for the enlarged lymph nodes to be as big as a silver dollar and remain even after the OB is pretty much gone? It hurts :(

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I just had in interesting experience about an hour ago in the shower. Brand new razor in left hand (right hand is in OB) I realized I'm right-handed. How the heck was I gonna navigate this?


Might be time to brave a Brazilian.

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I basically asked the same question on here. After lots of reading and probably too much googling, I decided to go with waxing. Overall, the amount of trauma to the area is less than with shaving bc there are no nicks and cuts, and bc it lasts much longer you do it FAR less frequently (3-4 wks), as opposed to every couple days with shaving. Plus anything that makes me feel a little more normal and way more sexy is a bonus right now Lol. I took about 2000 mg of lysine and antivirals a day or two before and after. It seems to be ok so far and I've done it twice. I know it's different for everyone but that's been my experience. If you decide to wax, do your research and find someone reputable and highly recommended.

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Also VERY new to this...have valtrex for "just in case." Dr. didnt want to do daily meds for for a while bc she wanted to wait and see what would happen. My tests were negative so not 100% sure what's going on but waiting for blood tests. So it was more like a "things like this" deal. It was a precaution basically. The lysine I got from Vitamin Shop and it's 1000 mg . I also take monolaurin. Ppl on here and other sites say those are good supplements bc they are said to attack the virus & make it easier for your immune system to fight. They're also cheap. And lysine is supposed to be good for your skin , too. There are lots of good discussions on here that cover most questions you could ask , it' been sooooo helpful to me.

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Ehhh I would be skeptical of Nail, waxing, etc. Anything with chemicals or intense ways of hair removal (the act of ripping out hair is traumatic for skin) can trigger an outbreak. Shaving is less invasive, but beware of tiny cuts. What has worked for me is shaving the less delicate and then just trimming the more delicate area. I'm still less than a year after diagnosis so I'm still pretty cautious of causing outbreaks. The best thing is to figure out what are triggers for you. If waxing causes nothing then great, if Nair doesn't cause outbreaks then great. Everyone is different.

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Judging by what I have read here and elsewhere for years, it all depends on YOUR body - whether you use Nair, shave, or wax... some people find one thing makes them break out and another won't bother them at all ...


You can use the search option on the upper right to find more conversations and there are some links in the FAQ section too ;)

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@LookingForAlaska I just use the wax strips you can get at walmart or anywhere... warm them up with my hands. You can get small ones or cut them into smaller pieces. Some of my friends have bfs/partners to help (we live in bikini land) which is nice, but it's definitely possible to do by yourself. Just keep the skin as taut as possible, to avoid ripping.... and don't let it scare you :)

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