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I just did something UNIMAGINABLE!

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Hello, my H Forum peeps! I have been away, but no matter how long I stay away, this forum and its creator are always with me. You have a place in my heart.


I guess I just want to check-in. A lot has happened in the past month. For starters, I got a Big-boy Job!!! That's right, fellas. I landed a Communications Specialist gig at the giant network Univision. My little sister is to thank for the hook-up; she is senior HR partner there and referred me to the Corporate and Digital Communications department. At this juncture, I'm 'entry-level' but I'm learning a ton of stuff. And with my extensive knowledge of all things Entertainment and Media, I feel like I'm home. Couldn't be happier.


I have to mention that my involvement with AA, my new-found connection to a Higher Power, and a much needed Attitude Adjustment were all instrumental in the process. Two years ago, my heavy drinking and my moodiness would've never permitted me to gain the type of employment that I am now ecstatic to have. I am sharing this because, what we get in life is based on what we give: it is about how we react to challenges, how we rise to the occasion, and how we treat ourselves and each other.


But to revert back to the title I chose for this entry--I just did something UNIMAGINABLE.


I, who wallows in the shadows, overvaluing privacy and isolation (to my detriment), have created a profile at Match.com and closed the "In Your Own Words" section with this:


"On a deeply personal note: I am hsv2 positive. If you don't know what that is, do a search. Got it from a boyfriend many years ago--such is life."


I have been, little by little, coming out of the hsv closet online and to friends from the AA fellowship. I guess I've moved closer to total freedom, because frankly I am sick and tired of being sick-and-tired of living inside a vacuum. Life is too f*cking short. And closets are for hangers.


Much love to you all, and have a fun, safe Labor Day weekend.



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YAY for you Carlos!!! So glad to hear how you are moving forward ... in all areas of life.


One suggestion ... I'd explain a little about your H status ...rather than say "google it" ...because google is the worst place to get information. Offer to send them ACCURATE links like this place (esp the handouts!), the CDC, Westover heights, etc so they get properly educated....


I have all my info on my profiles... with a lot of information, and I'm getting BETTER prospects than ever who honor my honesty ;)


Glad to hear from you! Keep us posted on the dating front!





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good idea. hopefully Match.com won't delete my profile for directing love prospects to another site for education. They asked me to reword my statement; they were not cool with the abbreviation HSV2. so i had to spell the whole thing out: herpes simplex virus type 2.



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  • 2 weeks later...

OK. I'm annoyed. Match dot com deleted my inclusion of ASHA and (h)opportunity in my profile. It took 'em a while to catch on but they omitted my recommendations.


My STI bit reads like this now: "Like the next dude, I do not come without baggage; with that said, you must also know that I pack light. I am positive for herpes simplex 2. I got it from a boyfriend—such is life."


What do you all think? Should I make a stink about it or let it be?


I also can report that I connected with a dude who's (h) positive. He wrote: "I really like your honesty. Like you, I also got HSV-2 although I got it when I was 18. It's been a bit tough dating with that baggage but you can't change the past."


Aside from our commonality, it seems like he and I got a lot in common. I'm gonna proceed, but cautiously.


I hope you're all having a beautiful w/e.

I wish you well and I wish you peace.



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good luck, I hope he is the love of your life. it stinks what match did but its probably somewhere in all the end user agreement. I think a game I play gets my son upon maturity. I have match.coms freeby account, need to delete cause its not worth it. wouldn't join cause ive heard they will keep billing after you quit. I admire your honesty and openness. ive only opened up to one friend about this, im sure most wouldn't care as they have bigger fish to fry as it were, its my family. ive thought of talking to my cousin, she came out as a lesbian a few years ago and if she can do that at 21 she has courage, though with my side of her family we are the "who cares we love you no matter what type" ( some on her other parents {only some} side tho I want to punch in the mouth for what they said to her, how do you love someone all their life and then disown them over who they love??????). sorry her baby pics look like my sons ( plus I love the girl) so I take it a bit personal that someone treated her badly over this and its not the point of your post. :) good luck and much happiness.

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Those sites don't like you to post any links to ANY other sites ... most state they will remove them. So just put the actual FACTS out there and say something like "I would be happy to send you links to several informative sites that will explain the facts if you PM me" or something like that.... You may want to see if you can mention something like "There are great sites out there including my favorite which is known as the Herpes Opportunity ... you can easily find it through a simple search."


Sometimes you have to figure out how to me just vague enough to get your message through their filters..


And good luck with your friend ... crossing fingers that you continue to find more and deeper connections there and that it works out for you :)



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