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whats this leg pain from herpes i hear about?

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ok, im about 99% sure I just worked a leg muscle on Friday that hadn't had to put too much effort into life recently. my thigh was a bit sore today. like I worked out sore. that's not the leg pain people talk about correct? im guessing more achy than sore. I had to hold myself on scaffold Friday in an awkward way ( don't tell OSHA) and im guessing its from that. it did increase as the day went and living upstairs didn't help much. im hoping its a sign to workout not a sign of an OB. of course its kinda nice to not auto blame herpes for everything for a change and actually think something out.

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Stop over-thinking everything friend! You pulled/strained a muscle ... the pain they talk about is nerve pain ... it's very different from a muscle pain and you'd know it when it happened.


I have to smile every time I read all these questions about every little itch, pain, or whatever ... when I got H (back in the dark ages!) we didn't have the list of what *might* be a symptom of H. And I'm glad because 99% of anything I had then wasn't Herpes.... and I didn't spend all my time worrying about it all ...


Or as they say "A little learning is a dangerous thing".... ;)

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yea yea yea. I know. its the early part of all this. still haven't sleuthed it out. and due to my job, age and geographical location skin issues, muscle issues and allergies are very common. like my lower back has been tight since yesterday. too much sitting? sleep in a funky position? OB on the way? I keep waving my bottle of antivirals at my privates saying to the herpes "come say hello to my little friend" id prefer it if the pills went bad before I ever need them. plus im just a curious person, I like to know about stuff.

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I just had to go my whole day of class and work with my upper left thigh feelings as if it was shocked, or a shock of pain going through it... at first I tried not blaming it on H since I skimmed past this post a few days ago and didnt wanna freak myself out so I blocked the idea from my head.

I started looking into it and how it could be a symptom for prodome and also dismissed that thought since Im still clearing up from my initial OB (thank god).


But since this is the place for questions and the only dumb question is one not asked here goes nothing,


Is it possible that this pain is prodome for me? And I should be expecting another OB coming soon? (Hopefully not for a good while)

More clearly, is it possible for someone to have prodome/ a new outbreak even as one seemingly is clearing up? assuming there's no minimum time difference between any OB.


And back to the pain. It didnt feel like a muscle pain, but since im highly tolerant to pain I just dealt with it... I wanted to say it was a heat rash gone bad since it was hot today and I was doing alot of moving around... no rubbing the area, the area had space to breathe so it wasnt tight clothing.

I know the difference between muscle pains from suddenly being active from not being active before.

Its only my left leg, or thigh to be more accurate. And I did my research before asking but nothing really explained it, all I got is that its a symptom of genital herpes and majority of people who get this experience it post or pre initial OB and sequential OBs until their body's immune systems improve to combat and resist OBs

And I took pain killers for it earlier today and it didnt help at all... sincr the meds I took was for muscle pains.

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Yes - it's *possible* that it's a prodrome. It's also possible your Femoral nerve is getting pinched (aka Meralgia Paresthetica). I deal with this in my office... I'm a massage therapist so that is what I would be treating if you came in to me with pain in that area. So you may also want to get to a chiropractor or LMT to see if you have something totally unrelated happening. Pay attention to whether that pain happens when you wear a particular pair of shoes, or sit all day (esp in a particular chair/car/etc), tight pants (esp if they are tight in the groin area) or perhaps standing all day. It's a nerve realated pain so muscle relaxants/pain killers may not help.


is it possible for someone to have prodome/ a new outbreak even as one seemingly is clearing up?


Yes - especially when your body is still adapting and creating the antibodies.


Hate to say it but you may just have to go through a few OB's to find YOUR particular prodromes. In the meantime, maybe get to a chiro/LMT to see if that helps. Given that you just started the new school year there's a chance that it's something to do with your activities there ;)



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im thinking my back pain is part of my prodomes. the one in my left side almost feels like the numerous kidney stones ive had only different, doesn't increase, doesn't come on with caffeine, sort of builds throughout the day. and I must say, in this case id be happy if it is prodome cause id prefer an OB to another kidney stone. ive had those go 2 weeks before giving birth to a bouncing baby rock ( and im a guy, we aren't designed to give birth) { and before I get flamed, ive had women who have had babies tell me kidney stones were worse}

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in this case id be happy if it is prodome cause id prefer an OB to another kidney stone. ive had those go 2 weeks before giving birth to a bouncing baby rock ( and im a guy, we aren't designed to give birth) { and before I get flamed, ive had women who have had babies tell me kidney stones were worse}


Great reality check there ...LOL ...

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My first and only OB my left thigh felt sunburnt and tingly...also I work out a lot and my rear felt like I did 100 squats but I did not. That is the only time I have had those symptoms. so for me that was about a year ago. I read up on it and it said it was a reaction from the HSV2 it was the nerves. Also random for anyone with HSV 1 before I realized I had it for no reason Id wake up at night and I felt like something was stuck in my throat. But there was nothing. Random thought.

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@ peggy, that's odd because ive had this sensation like a bug flew in my mouth and was in my throat during the day. im wondering if that was part of an OB. oh damn and I have H2 orally. ive determined the back pain is related and may be a good indicator. some bumps started but went away quickly, I had started antivirals and nuked em with peroxide. all the itchiness I had stopped with the antivirals also.

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im having second thought about the side pain. if this is prodome then id rather it be a kidney stone as those are at worst 1x a year for me. whereas if its prodome and ive got to deal with this side pain several time a year............. I feel like someone punched me in the testicles, and it was constant for several days. gone now but im flinching waiting for it to come back.

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Just FYI... My pain started as a dull ache... Like riders soreness. Some days I can hardly feel it, unless I out a lot of pressure on the area where your butt bone is, but other days, it feels like a dull ache in the back of my thighs or buttock... Yes.. Dull ache/muscle soreness feeling does happen and does happen w my friend as well.

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Well, that brings it back to the question in my first post, fake or real prodrome? Part of me feels it could be fake prodrome, but I noticed when I have an ob, it is more intense. Having fissures I feel it more, but as they are almost gone, I don't feel it as much. I feel it's a possibility that it's active closer to the root ganglia, resulting in inflammation of the nerves there, but our immune system is preventing it from traveling down to the sensory neurons in the epithelial layer in our genitals... Just my hypothesis on that, due to no longer having external genital sores like I used to every month. The ache increases to point of being tender during the 3rd day on my cycle when I have an internal ob. So I would more or less view this has prodrome, based on my experiences.

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It came and went within 3 days.


Going to go to dr soon to get acyclovir. Maybe it will be better.


I guess the fact that I don't get painful lesions at all is a blessing. I hope I never do. I have been through the ringer with this damn thing and I hope one day everything just stops.


Good luck

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Yeah, as you know from a previous post, I had severe neuropathy on my primary ob for over a month that was debilitating and not bearable w out nerve pain meds.. Always could be worse.. I didn't realize you weren't taking daily suppression. I really think my supplementation routine was the game changer for me.

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