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Transmitting herpes: Oral Sex vs Vaginal Sex

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From what I've read on this forum, it's because the upper lip area is dryer than the genital region. HSV2 likes darker, moister areas to hang out in. I guess that's why cold sores don't happen inside the lining of the mouth. It's usually on the outside where it's relatively dryer. There may be other reasons, but I think this is the main one.

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I will try to take this one, its not "knowing" its where they evolved to live. herpes doesn't live in the bloodstream. it lives in the ganglion and part of its survival strategy is to make our bodies think it belongs there. changing the area makes it harder on the virus, hence why if its where it doesn't "belong" it tends to present less. if it come out of hiding it doesn't match the nerve cells around it, it gets nuked by our immune system. from what I understand, if it weren't for this behavior herpes is pretty wimpy where viruses are concerned. viral shedding is another adaptation, if the virus want to spread it territory and it does so thru sex, yet its presence makes sex less likely then it need to have another option. very rational even if it sucks. remember this is a life form struggling for survival. I posted a discussion with a link to chimp herpes, this has been around for longer than we have been human, its evolved to behave a certain way. think about it, almost every virus in the herpes family, mono chicken pox, shingles hsv1/2 and myriad others are life long yet don't always show symptoms and yet can be spread. pretty good survival strategy, better than HIV which (used to) kill its hosts. you ould almost look at herpes as a parasite more than a disease.

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you still need to be careful. watch the Obs and take antivirals, I think. yours is somewhat unique. I believe your would still be able to transmit it back to your partner during oral sex if you weren't careful. and as someone who really enjoys pleasuring my partner that way im trying to figure out where the chin comes into play. :) may need to ask about some of your moves. ( you can tell this is a male discussion, derp)

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@NotPerfect714 got it pretty well...


Simple answer:


H2 rally needs warm, moist areas with thinner skin ...


H1 likes cooler, drier climates... but it does seem to adapt better to the nether regions for some reason (and don't ask me why ).


I'm sure a molecular biologist might have a better explanation about it but that's the short version :)


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@wcsdancer2010 @seeker @notperfect714

I'm a little confused. Ok so if I have hsv2 and my partner gives me oral sex, is he not likely to contract the virus because it "doesn't live" in the mouth?? Tell me that's too good to be true....lol sorry if I sound dumb but I'm still trying to learn!

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So I've got a question hopefully someone can give me an answer to. First off, let me say this, it was about 16 months ago I found out I am a carrier of ghsv-2. I never got a diagnoses from my doctor if I had anything in my mouth because when I asked her how we check, she simply waved her arm and said "oh everyone has it in their mouth, don't worry about it.", then she walked out of the room. I was a bit annoyed at this response. What I am curious about is, if I do in fact have hsv-2 in the mouth and decide to give someone oral sex, will I most likely transmit hsv-2 to them (obviously only when I am certain I do not have an outbreak)? I have never had a definite outbreak on my mouth so I've never been sure if I even got it there. But there have been times where I'm unsure if its a pimple or not, but it never hurts or tingles or the typical signs I read about. Also, is there a way to check if its in my mouth without an outbreak?


In closing, this is my first post on here after finding this site a few days ago and I cannot be happier knowing I have it to lean on. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this and to everyone who offers their support all over this website. Its a great feeling not be alone. :)

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@Faith512 yes that is correct. Hsv2 is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to attatch itself orally. Its vaginal sex that u need to be a lil worried about.


I have ghsv2, and my bf and i fool around and have sex no problem. Im also taking suppresives (valtrex). And we dont use condoms because ! Im allergic to latex, and 2 he hates them and 3 those damn femal condoms did not work for us.



I.m.o sounds like the doctor u saw doesnt know too much about what shes saying to u.

i would personally get a type specific blood test. And if u ever have a sore or blister orally or gennitally get it swabbed asap as thats more efficient way to tell. As for if u do have hsv2 orally, as rare as it is, it does happen, im not too sure what the stats are if u give orally. Im sure @WSCDancer2010 can help us out with that answer!!! ....

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@Faith512 and @Rumi12


Only 1% of all Oral herpes is HSV2 ...so yes, you are pretty safe having oral sex with HSV2... AND, there is the very very very minor chance that someone could get it there ... but if you are looking at statistics, the odds are about the same as hitting the lottery ;) Also, Herpes is not blood borne - it lives in the nerves so it won't go from one area of your body to another once it is established.




I would strongly suggest that you have "the talk" with them, not just about Herpes but about getting STD tests which INCLUDE being type tested for H1 and 2 ... so you know if you have H1 (which odds are you would have orally if you have no recollection of an OB) .. just be clear that doing so both shows a willingness to start with open, honest, clear understanding of each of your status and to put any fears to rest of each other's status. As @willow said, a swab is better but for now you will want to just get blood tested.

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