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Ongoing UTI

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Has anyone had trouble clearing up a uti when having OB.my wife went to walk in few days back and still has not got much better.We are trying to get her to obgyn but with work and no one calling back?They wouldn't even look at her blisters saying it will just go away only bumps and were more worried with Uti? She said she feels some better but still burning and swollen they have not told her what Bactria caused this.i have seen you guys say uti on top of H is very painful.Really just want to know if H ever makes them hard to clear up.she will not take bath to sooth her pain because she read you can't take bath with uti?dancer you told someone else that the bumps don't hang around that long?hers have been there for six weeks and not changed? She has went to Heath dep last two days and not able to get appointment.

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Well, a UTI can be more dangerous than H, as it can move up into the urinary tract and cause kidney infections, which can be very serious. That may be why the clinic was more concerned about that.


Is she on antivirals? When I was diagnosed, I had a UTI and a few other infections. Since everything was so inflamed, the antibiotics didn't help as much as they should. I had to take a second course, and once the antivirals started working, I started to feel much better. The first OB can last weeks without antivirals, so she should look into that if she's not on them.


I'm pretty sure you can take a bath with a UTI ha. She just needs to make sure everything gets dried off properly to prevent further irritation.


If she feels that bad, I think she should go to the hospital, to be honest...

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Thanks she just told me it's a $500 co pay if go to ER.come to find out walk in didn't send It to lab to find what bacteria was the cause.she has been taking my leftover antivirals for some time taking half pill few a day and now she is taking hole one worried about breast milk.the blisters have not changed one bit.she waited to be seen at first with no pain and didn't want to take pills now she wants to been seen and is not able to get in anywhere. Guess I will have her go and insisted they diagnose her so she can get more antivirals- antibiotics for the issues.

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Call Planned Parenthood for an appointment. They always have openings. It does cost for a visit, but its much cheaper than going to the ER. My appointment was $90 total and that was for testing and examination; however, each state prices vary. I'd advise you not to compare her symptoms to others because people here have confirmed herpes diagnosis, as she does not yet. Also, we are not doctors and everyone experiences herpes differently. Though its extremely likely she is infected with H, the only way to know whats causing her problems is to be seen by a medical professional because as I mentioned yesterday, her symptoms may be the result of other issues.

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Guess I will have her go and insisted they diagnose her so she can get more antivirals- antibiotics for the issues.




It's not surprising noone has appointments open ... we've just had 2 4-day weekends in the last few weeks so the are all backed up ... and AGAIN, as @Jessika said, try Planned Parenthood ... they often do walk-ins ... and you can ask for a payment plan and see if they do sliding scale.


(BTW, some Dr's and even ER's will do a very reduced price if you pay cash at the time of the appointment ... little known secret ... because they love not having to chase up insurance and it helps the clients)


And yes she can have a bath ... especially if she's dropping the epsom salts in the area (they help kill bacteria) between her legs ...

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We'll she got back in to the walk in they changed up her antibiotics and the doc that seen her said it was not H it was Hemangioma.they must have no clue it does not look like that at all? The doc was saying you have no itching,tingling the sores are not painful there not busting or oozing it's not herpes that's what he said?they test for BV and a few other things did not even try and culture the spots looked in cervix no spots in there or anything just discharge they swab that and sent it off with urine so I guess it was not a failure visit. Just can't rap my head around him telling her it's not H. She told him what happened with me and my sores with my blood test being pos for H1.He at least new you could get it down there he was in 50s and seemed to not think it was H def going to get another opinion.

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Maybe.... she doesn't have H. I personally would wait and see if the meds improve her condition. I'm not trying to be rude, but it seems as if you are convinced she HAS to have H. It isn't so. She just might not have it. I just find it hard to believe with all the doctors appointments, not one doctor has even been worried about it. YOU seem to be the one obsessed with it. I understand that you feel you've given it to her, but maybe you should step back and relax a little. You might be beating yourself up over nothing....


Maybe, until she is actually diagnosed by a DR, you can invest some time in researching the ways to have safe sex and prevent her from getting H. Because at this point, no one seems to think she has it but you.

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That was the first time she was ever examined and they don't deal with std on daily basis.we have no planned parenthood in are area and you have to make appointment for std same day your seen at Heath dep? They also have a doc out with someone sick in family so there backed up and you can't be seen without one "no walk ins".I hope if she is there at 7:45 Friday she can just be seen then.she is waiting on call back for appointment with obgyn.

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I just seen some info that said if need take sterile needle and deroof the blister.One girl at Heath department said she would open if need be but she didn't go then.Most say for best result from swab needs to be ASAP so they would probably be false negative just being old blood in them. I have look at them up close and look nothing like what that doc said. Must of said first thing that he could think of nonsexual?

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I worked for a dermatologist for over a year and saw a lot of herpes and a lot of hemangioma in real life (although never saw hemangioma on the lady parts). They don't look alike. While I understand that doctors don't see STDs on a regular basis, they have seen them in real life, and it sounds like you have been putting all of your faith in Dr. Google.


Also, these doctors should know the difference between hemangioma and herpes if they're going to throw out a diagnosis of hemangioma. Do the bumps hurt her? Have they opened/crusted over?


Like others have said, she needs to see an OBGYN (or a Dermatologist). This sounds more like BV (or possibly yeast) to me, which is one of the the most common gynecological infections. But no one can diagnose you on the internet, and you don't seem to trust the doctors you've visited. I hope you are able to get her into see someone you can trust soon.

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No they have not broke open or changed in any way. I have read up on it some pretty sure that's what it is?from the discharge to the location of the bumps.inner labia that's what is helping them not to change. I have seen where other people had same thing going on for month or two and it end up being H. We are waiting on call back from obgyn they are very busy office.hope she can get a appointment they don't take walk ins and you have to have app to be seen at Heath dept. crazy

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I REALLY hope you guys get to be seen by a doctor you trust ASAP, but I have one more question. You wrote:


Most say for best result from swab needs to be ASAP so they would probably be false negative just being old blood in them.


Does this mean that the lesions/blisters/bumps are filled with blood? Or was that a typo? Because hemangioma are made up of blood vessels, but I have not heard of herpes blisters being filled with blood. Just something to consider. Good luck getting in to see the OBGYN!


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