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Taking the time out to say..

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I truly love you all. Everyone's stories that I've read have deeply touched me. Some of them have given tears of joy and some have made me break down because it hurts at how some are taking their diagnosis and treating themselves like they are no longer worthy of being wanted and appreciated. I just want you all to know you are loved. Please don't give up on yourself and feel that all hope is lost because yes you may have hit rock bottom right now, but you can only go up from this moment. Even if we have not talked before a day in our lives. I care for you all and I wish you all nothing but the best in the days, months, years to come. <3<3

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I read your post, and although I didn't reply, I thought it was very sweet and ..motivational? I can not think of the term I want. Encouraging? Well, as you can see, I don't know how to reply to posts like these, although they are very appreciated and I wish the same for you!

(If I felt awkward replying, I'm assuming some of the others might also. I don't know you well but I love your posts. Keep them up. They might not get a lot of replies, but they are read and they help. :)

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Thanks for encouraging a reply @MMissouri! @JessikaRoabbit89, I read it and smiled!! So, there are probably plenty others who did the same. Thank you, and love ya right back! And love that you did this, cause I try to do this type of thing with friends and family as often as I can. So many of us feel great things, think great thoughts, smile and cherish those feelings but then keep them to ourselves. It's so nice to take a moment out of our day to say I love you, thank you, I was thinking about you, you're incredible, whatever... cause you never know if you will get another chance to write them or say them. And by sharing them, you brighten someone else's day too! :) I've said it before, and will say it again, this community is full of incredible, loving, supportive people, and it constantly amazes me to see such love, kindness and compassion shared between strangers from all parts of the world. Loads of love to you all!!

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Thank you sweetie


Ur our h cheerleader!!!! Lol


Feeling a sense of belonging with many compassionate people on this site really helps with all of our struggles.


Some of my closest friends are people I have met on this site. And even though I don't get to see them often and some at all, this is where I feel most at home.


Keep coming on here and posting, people are reading them even if they choose not to respond and you could be making a shift in someone's life without even knowing.


When I was a regular on this site it was so wonderful to encourage and watch transition before my very eyes. My favourite was encouraging people to disclose and they did and they had an amazing experience. Either way we are here for each other.


Now I prefer to come on here and read and mostly don't reply. Your posts have an impact on me so keep going!!!!!!!


I am focusing on my journey now!!!



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You sure have come a loooong way Chica!!!!! Glad you are navigating your new path with so much more confidence and strength... <3 you my friend!




(Anyone who reads this and believe they will never get here needs to go see @WhiteDaisy's journey ... you can click onher name and follow her discussions... because believe me, she has gone through it ALL and come out the other side sooo much stronger!!!)

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Aww, thank you! @whitedaisies I feel the exact same way when I come here. This site makes me feel most welcomed and I can be most comfortable. That's why I don't mind telling everyone here I care for them. I feel we shouldn't be limited to only telling close friends and family we love them. Nobody is promised a day on this Earth so to at least let someone know they are loved can really speak in volumes. I have made so many wonderful friends here and I'm looking forward to meeting new people. If it weren't for this website and receiving that first message from @WCSdancer after being diagnosed, I really don't know where my state of mind would be. Thank you all for being my support system and I'd love to share my positive energies with you all as well <3<3

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