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This why all tha 20 somethings or yung bucks wanna take a Looooonnnnggg walk off short pier..

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when they catch herpes lol

i guess i have no life haha cuz I proceeded to comment like a mufucka on tha video not attackin nobody but this how I thought before i caught and still kinda do....ive learned not to post on here when im goin thru bouts of depression and rage cuz its not coo and I know erybody on this bitch supportive but my venting is like stephen king having a nightmare level lol but yea so much wrong shit up in here (tha video)....i told them bout this site im sure ill get a buncha mufuckas talkin crazy but I KNOW its someone up in there that wanna kill theyself or abuse drugs and alcohol to cope..... id never kill myself as for tha second one........anyways hopefully I caught some people on there that need help cuz i feel hopeless but just a couple ppl that have contacted me on here sayin i make em laugh and feel just a tiny bit better made me feel good cuz otherwise im like mannnn i aint shit lol but yea if i can help just one person out his half a million views im koo with that!!

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I do know that if you freak out while disclosing, the other person is definitely likely to freak out too. You just have to be confident in yourself, like yourself and if the person you disclose to decides to walk on...you walk on too with your head up. It's their loss!!!

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9/10 ppl do not have genital herpes bruh

if your referring to oral no one cares about it so its not tha same

id literally slap a nun if i could trade my genital hsv2 for oral lol cuz again no one cares about it

ya one of them prolly does have oral herpes which as ive mentioned is irrelevant

as ive told you hippy i salute you and your an inspiration but...saying 90 percent has it..is bein slick with statistics...cuz only like 22-25 percent have genital so that means that were a minority within a majority


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and the video might be fake but id bet my life that this happens alllll the time...if I woulda have know tha gurl I caught it from had it I would have made Usain Bolt look like Franklin tha turtle....I was like 1500 miles from Chicago I woulda ran home haha...i never met a girl I cared about that had it so idk i mighta been ok with it i really can't tell u...i cut off that whole caring about females thing along time ago its just the most logical choice (wayyyyy before herpes) but yea that choice was stripped from me...obviously im kiddin about usain bolt but if shorty woulda told me what tha script read I prolly woulda been really nice and made out with her or w/e but im not sure about sex....I lash out and sound crazy sometimes as my few times bein banned on here have shown lol but imma good hearted nigga...n i feel like herpes has crippled me in more ways than one...ive actually gotten to tha point where I forget I have it...idk it might be tha alcohol and pain killers lol but I feel normal sometimes until it comes down to male and female interatction then tha bars of my prison re appear and it like oh yea

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Hahahaha Franklin the Turtle, man..


Two things struck me. Firstly, people are scared of the unknown and these two combined know nothing about herpes. A little info would go a long way.


Second, the reaction was looking pretty bland, so much that the guy (who wants this to get millions of views for $$$) has to keep repeating 'you did it, you gave it to me, I should be mad not you, you gave me herpes etc etc' That's not the way to deal with anything, and would piss anyone off. So he kinda recreated the worst case scenario.

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@chargeit2thagame you said "i cut off that whole caring about females thing along time ago", if that's the way you feel I don't know why you feel like "tha bars of my prison reappear". You have to really put it out of your mind and just use a condom and go on and live your life. It takes two people to pass herpes. The person who gave it to me confessed but he said out of 20 or so women, only me and the one he's living with got it.

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@Bluebetty You've mentioned the guy will not use condoms, does not disclose, and has had unprotected sex with 20 women. Statistically speaking, some of those women likely had genital herpes already. It is also possible more than two of those women contracted it from him but did not develop symptoms as is quite common.

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@Bluebetty My point is that I would not put much weight in his account of how many of his partners have contracted HSV2 from him. He is not transparent with his partners about his own status, so it's unlikely he is aware of the status of his partners, before or after engaging with them, unless they develop noticeable symptoms while involved with him and bring it to his attention. It might be more accurate for him to say that of 20 partners, he has transmitted it to at least two of them.

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I agree with Hippyherpy here. You have to change that attitude!!! Had my giver told me he had it straight out, I'd have completely accepted it as I was soooo crazy about him.....just as my husband was crazy about me (still is) when I disclosed to him. It's not life threatening!!! He chose to wear condoms and does to this day, but it's his choice and he's H free.

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