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I have symptoms of multiple strains, has anyone else experienced this?

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No insurance--seeking answers!

I was given a positive test result for Hsv2 a couple of years ago. Ever since then I've had an immense amount of mystery ailments, leading my drs to believe that I may suffer from an immune disorder. So far, however , I have only had normal test results in regards to immune disorders, leaving me without answers.

In the last several months I have also had monthly recurring symptoms of hsv1 (prior to this time I've never experienced cold sores) along with other mystery symptoms at the same time in my menstrual cycle, which I have found a way to control. But now that I have gotten rid of all those symptoms, I suddenly have herpes zoster (shingles of the eye). I'm at my wit's end and looking for some relief!

 I'm uninsured for the moment and am trying to get answers without the ability to see specialists. Has anyone experienced multiple strains like this? It seems like when I get one type of the HSV under control it rears its ugly head elsewhere. 

Any insight is appreciated! Thank you

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  Im ohsv1+, have been for about 8 years(and suspect ghsv1+ as well, but haven't been able to catch the symptoms in time to swab at dr.'s office)....but about two years ago I had shingles presenting up and down my left arm. Very mild on the rash part, it was the weird nerve reaction that I really noticed.  My doc knew of my hsv1 diagnosis, and ran a few other tests to make sure other things were running fine as shingles in a 30-something is rare-ish.  Everything came back clear.  Me getting shingles had nothing to do with my hsv1 status, nor any other underlying issue.  Just a random issue that thankfully cleared quickly.  I share because I totally understand the urge to connect all these random issues, and yes sometimes they do connect...but in my case they did not.  Just bad luck/timing as it seems.  So as difficult as it is, my advice, especially without insurance, is to talk to your primary care physician about your symptoms like they are separate issues.  I know the negative results can be frustrating beyond belief, as one searches for an answer to why our bodies are revolting; but try to take it one symptom at a time.  In the meantime of course do take the best care of yourself that you can, and remember there is a huge support group here for you!





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I have the same problem but am newly infected 6 month ago first OB 3 month ago my body reacting different I devoted eczema and body rash on belly arms inner thighs hands and feet but it’s drying now and leaving dark marks that looks annoying but I believe because I never stopped scratching I have a very sensitive skin my whole life 

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On 10/22/2018 at 12:04 AM, Guy00 said:

It is very much possible to pass hsv 2 to different areas like face and eyes which has happened to me. Do you mean just having hsv 2 but at several locations?  Hsv 2 isn't just a genital disease. It's just most common there. 

I thought only happened during your primary outbreak, after that it’s my understanding that the outbreaks only come back to the primary location and don’t spread to different locations. Is that when yours spread? 

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