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Kristin (breatheandletgo)


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I haven't been here in while, and I miss it...life has just been so challenging and exhausting so I've been taking everything a day at a time. I started a new job last week that will hopefully offer more balance for me. I am hopeful...


Anyway, watched this video this morning and thought my friends here would appreciate it and understand how it applies to us. For those of you I don't know yet, Hey there!!!...and to my old friends...I've missed you and will try to pop in here more and let you know you've never left my thoughts or my heart.





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Ah, I saw this YESTERDAY! This is perfect. I've been using the closet analogy for quite a while. We all have closets; doesn't matter if you're hiding in your closet because you're gay, have herpes, or anything! And no one deserves to live in closets. We aren't made for that kind of existence. :) Beautifully said.


I miss you Kristin. Let's catch up soon!

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A pitch black closet is not a place of a person to live...you so right girl. I love that show

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Just watched this video....wow. I was really moved. Moved enough to step out of my closet just a little more today by posting a picture. Scary but feels right at the same time. Thanks

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