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I'm having a herpes outbreak and on my period.

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I am 24 years old and I was diagnosed on November 1,2013. This is all new to me. I'm having my second ob. The first time was way more painful than this one but all of the blisters were on my labia minoria. The second time around I got about a nickel sized cluster of them on my majora to the right of my opening and then I started getting a few on the right outer minora (sorry if this is TMI, but I'm trying to be as informative as possible). When I was first diagnosed I did a bulk of research, pretty much everything said I should not use tampons, so I have not, but this pad is rubbing against the cluster on the outside and it hurts like hell. I don't know what to do Please Help.

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OUCH! I feel your pain... really!


First, are you on any Antivirals? They help cut the OB time a lot.


Get some Ammonium Alum if you can find it (its actually the same thing they use for the crystal deodorants ... kills bacteria/fungus/and I'm pretty sure viruses ... you can dissolve some on water and dab it on/wash with it and it will help to dry it out. I used to put it on neat but it WILL sting like a mofo if you do that..but it really dries it out if you can stand dancing around the room saying expletives for a few minutes :P


You can also so Epsom Bath soaks too....


Hope that helps....

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I am so sorry you are hurting. I had only one bump really on my female parts and it was on my inner lip, the right one, every where else was my butt. That one hurt pretty bad on the lady part, so I can only imagine how bad it must have hurt and is hurting. As WCS said, try her advice. I HIGHLY recommend epsom salt baths! I did epsom salt baths. It felt sooooo good, and it dried me up.


Here is something I thought about, what about just using toilet paper?? Like as a pad. I don't know how heavy your flow is, but just centering toilet paper near your lady hole. Idk. I have done that before when my flow wasnt heavy to keep from having to use anything. But I have never had an outbreak with a period. I am knew to this to and only had my initial outbreak yet. Just thought I would throw an idea out there.

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Welcome to our community, ICHBW! I'm glad you're reaching out and getting the support you need on many levels.


I don't have female parts, so I don't have much firsthand experience here, :) but here's another forum post that has a lot of good stuff in it to pull from.



This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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WCS is right. I started my meds the day I got diagnosed visually. My culture nor bloodwork had come back yet and I swear the medicine is what helped me clear up so fast. My initial outbreak was only a week. Literally, 7 days. I wish I could make them go away for you. I didn't have clusters, mine were just single bumps on my butt on the left side. But my yoga pants which I lived in the entire week would stick to the sores, felt like ripping a bandaid off every morning. Hurt like a mofo. I can't believe they can't get you in for that long. I mean that is just crazy. Breaks my heart for you! I hope you try the epsom salt and get to feeling better fast!

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i dont think tampons is the problem , the most woman get outbreaks before or in they period.I got constanly outbreaks(less now) but i dont think thats from tampons its more that your hormons get crazy before you get your period and this cause an OB.

I know its very disturbing and painful we all know how you feeling darling.Antivirales is an option but i would suggest you only take it if you are in an realtionship or if you get constantly outbreaks and symtoms (like i did every month).Daily antivirales will low down the spreading of h but it will not stopp H from breaking out but sure if you have always symtoms you should take it.A lot of people swear on L Lysine so maybe it something which can help Tto calm down the blisters i tried coconut oil and tree tea oil , its both natural antiviral and its helping with the healing process.

For sure you should try to get an doctor appointment asap to getantivirales if its needed

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Judith mentioned L-Lysine, which I started taking also, though can't tell yet if it's helped. What did help was that a nurse friend gave me one of those little squirt/spriter bottles women use after having a baby to clean themselves when they pee. Normally women post-childbirth will fill them w warm water and squirt the water Over their labia while sitting on the toilet.

I pit Dr. Bonners Tea Tre Oil castille soap ( just a drop or two because its highly concentrated) and warm water in the bottle, shook it up gently and squirted it across me after I peed (sp? Ha). I was also having my period, so I bought...don't laugh gals, k?...the larger, longer, overnight pads (great value brand worked great) and wore them all day because they didn't seem to rub as bad. I think because they were longer, they didn't press so hard on my labia when I walked around. I felt kind of frumpy, but didn't hurt as bad. Sure hope you can get some meds soon friend!

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I dont have an outbreak every month, but when i do have one, i put tea tree oil on my sores which helps. I started to take L lysine 1000mg everyday for about a month now. I disclosed to my boyfriend about a month ago and he took the news very well! I feel very lucky! We are waiting to have sex, but i only take antivirals when i feel an outbreak or have one.

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So good to hear that your BF took it well when you disclosed! And the fact that it slowed things down may well work in your favor in the long run! You will get to know HIm first.... and that is not a bad thing :)


And every one of those "success" stories around disclosure gives me hope that one day I will be on here telling my own success story ... thank you!

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Thanks everyone! I tried the Epsom salt bath and changed to "Aveeno natural colloidal oatmeal" body wash. The break out nearly vanished after 2 baths (one day). I have also been taking 6000mg of L-Lysine but I'm more than sure the combination of Epsom salt and body wash did the trick. I haven't had an itch since either. Again thank you all so very much. All if your advice is greatly appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving

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@WCSDancer I absolutely had to share that one with everyone!! While all of our bodies are different, it's a "must try" for everyone with herpes lol. There's also a bath soak but I didn't try that one yet.


Family is important to me. And I feel like I have a whole new family in each of you. I just hope I can help someone in this temporarily emotionally/physically distressing life changing experience. The pain does not last forever. So whether or not you read this I LOVE YOU and welcome to my family

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