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Condom recommendations?

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Hi there all,

After FINALLY healing from my first outbreak and having the talk with my boyfriend (who was more than amazing about it), we decided to try the whole sex thing again. We took it reeeeeeal easy and found that it wasn't so bad. Two days later, same thing. But I found that I started getting the tingling sensation and my lymphnodes swelled. Cue the Valtrex and home remedies! After what I believed to be preventing the second outbreak, we tried things again. Again, slow and easy. Lots of lube and a lubed condom. This time, two nights back to back. While I didn't have the tingling, I feel as though I have a scab and my nodes are swollen. No tingling, no pain.


Anybody got anything? Any sort of condom or lube recommendations? Not going to lie... I miss my sex life.

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Early in your new partnership with Herpes, he gets a little out of sorts when you have sex.... he's already got anger issues and we need to create a safe environment for him to live in so he just gets quiet and leaves us alone. So don't fear, your sex life WILL get back to normal soon. :)


So you can try a few things.


1) Go on the valtrex full time for a few months until things settle down a bit


2) Practice other forms of sex that don't rub as much - get creative with your sex play. Look into Tantric Sex (which is very gentle and very erotic!). Try toys, role play, whatever where you can get all the juices flowing and not need much/any extended or rough sex to get to the Big O. Herpes can get you to do things you might not have tried... one of the (h)opportunities that our H friend brings to the table ;)


3) I'm hearing a lot about the F2C Female condom. I wonder if that might change things up a bit and it supposedly also covers more area so it should be better protection anyway. Look them up online...and shop around - I saw a BIG difference in price from one place to another.



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Im going to have to look up tantric sex. After delivering the news to my boyfriend about H he avoided even cuddling, but we've officially gotten over that bridge and oddly enough sex has only become more intimate and passionate. I am going to give all those ideas a try! thank you @WCSDancer2010!

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I've talked to some who say sex can trigger it for them. Those that aren't on suppressive pop a pill right before, and one the day after and it seems to help them. I even know one guy who is on suppressives who takes an extra one. Not sure about that, check with your doctor.


As far as condoms go, well, the FC2 is supposedly pretty good. It'll give you a little more protection from transmission because it covers the labia, and it feels better for him because well, he doesn't have a rubber band strangling his tallywhacker. From what I've heard it feels like wearing nothing at all for both partners.

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Girl, no worries we dont have sex like we did once upon a time. It used to be all the time. We've only had sex twice maaaaybe three times, but I think not being able to just jump into the act makes us appreciate it way more when we finally get to do it. One thing i can say is he is way more intimate not just bang bang. lol if that makes any sense. I definitely feel extremely blessed.

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I leave the forum for a few weeks and this is what I miss?!?!?! Jeez guys you're having all the fun talks without me! :P and you can have a normal sex life...actually I wouldn't use the word normal...I have a BETTER sex life now. When I disclosed to my boyfriend things were cool but it took what felt like FOREVER to actually do the deed...but waiting longer meant more time to talk and be intimate in different ways. When it finally happened it was special

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