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Scarring on foreskin from herpes outbreaks

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Hi Guys/Girls


Just like to say what a fantastic website this is and looking at some peoples story my condition seems so much less but i am so glad to have finally found a place were i can vent with other understanding people.


So anyway i have had herpes 2 now for about 5-6 years god knows where i got it was an absolute idiot at the time,young dumb and full of cum. Been through ups and downs because of the virus and like many peoples story's on here i felt disgusting,dirty and not part of society, I avoided having relationships and never said a word to anyone....... Light at the end of tunnel- im now with a fantastic person for past year who understands my situation and has changed my whole perspective and to think what i thought when i was on my own to where you i am with my partner, i never believed it would ever happen.

I would say on average Mr H (what me and my partner call it when discussing in public) comes to visit roughly 2-4 times a year am not sure if that a lot but hey ho, and i do believe i can control my outbreaks 90% of the time, for me He occurs when i'm stressed or emotionally drained so when i feel him coming on i take some lysine and then just relax take everything easy for a few days try not to let things bother me and no sex and he usually sorts himself out. Recently tho my outbreaks are occurring more often due to my emotional levels at work, and my herpes has only recently gone from just blistering to finally leaving scarring on the inside of my foreskin after he has gone.


As i said my girlfriend knows everything and is very understanding and is amazing about it all,as we have had to stop partaking in sex every so often so that i an recover,and she can be quiet inpatient to say he least,but i would rather that then her to suffer....anyway back to the point, Since a recent outbreak 2 weeks ago now my foreskin is now getting so tight its cracking and splitting again and again even when i just roll my foreskin back when i'm not erect, and its always leaving me in a lot of pain, it has done it the last few times but its now becoming a hindrance. I WANT MY OLD PENIS BACK!!!!!!!!!!


When i have a reaction i only ever get blisters around the inside of the foreskin and excuse my terminology around the underside of my bell on the foreskin and nowhere else luckily so it has always been out of site when Mr H is in town,I'm guessing this is because its already damaged soft skin and is easily triggered after previous reactions.


My girlfriend is the only person who knows about my condition and i want to keep it that way,i would say we are very sexually active couple at least 10-12 times a week but when I'm in a cycle obviously the strain of him being around causes some disruption, but my predicament is i play rugby so after training/game day obviously i go into showers rooms naked full of men and wash and i really don't want anybody else knowing (especially the lads as the whole town would here about it),friends are friends and everything but there are some things that personally don't want leaving my closet..


As of recent events I'm thinking about having my foreskin removed it may sound drastic but that is all i can think off doing, i have heard about creams but i don think they would work, on one hand i have my sex life with my Mrs which has suffered for the past fortnight and on the other hand i have my reputation( sorry if that sounds egotistic) i want my relationship to increase in current activity but i don't want my friends to constant take the piss if they ever get a visual,

It may sound like a stupid question- if i was to remove my foreskin would i ever get blisters etc again as this is the only place they outbreak. Do you get scars on the same areas on a circumcised penis underneath the bell? i know everybody gets it in different places and suffers different but i just don't want to to realize after i get it done that its not going to work. i don't think u can put in back on once you have taken it off like a crown lol:):)


Any form of feed back would be great and if anybody has had foreskin removed/survived and as a result and it worked i would love to know.


Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to ask such a dumb question :) :)

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Hello and welcome! no question is dumb, and no subject is off limits... the only rule is we are a Judgement Free Zone. ;)


I don't know if anyone has had the foreskin removed due to H ... nor how it might affect OB's ... generally H only comes out wherever you originally got it so odds are it would at least slow down OB's... BUT I have heard that having it removed reduces sensitivity.... so you may want to consider that.


Have you tried using your "visits" time a a time to try other ways to please each other? Toys, oral play, fetishes, Tantric Sex, etc may be ways to help keep the frustration at bay ... learning other ways to be intimate can be FUN! Also, if you are quite sure that your OB's are only under the foreskin, then you might get away with condoms at least when you are towards the end of the time that you normally are avoiding sex when you are pretty sure you are not shedding anyway (ie, if you have a few "caution" days built in).


@seeker likes using Hydrogen Peroxide to slow OB's. Are you in the UK or USA? If it's the UK you may have to fib a bit and say you are having numerous OB's to get the anti-viral to use for episodic treatment ... if you take the meds in the first 72 hrs they *can* help a lot. If you then attack it from the outside as well, you can knock it back a lot faster. You may want to try the methods below ... the Epsom Salts baths may help you a lot too.







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum



Hope that helps :)

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Have you ever thought of going to see a dermatologist instead of a normal doctor? Your foreskin getting tight and cracking sounds like a condition that herpes may be making worse, but also may be separate from herpes itself. I have very thin skin on my perineum, and it tears quite easily even though I have never had an OB vaginally. I saw a Dr. about it before I knew I had herpes, and he told me there are a lot of skin issues in that area that aren't STDs, generally just because that skin is sensitive. I started using hydrocortisone cream, stopped using any type of soap at all down there, and started using lube and polyisoprene condoms (non-latex condoms that are about as effective at preventing STDs) with my partner, as recommended by my doctor. The amount of tears I get has drastically reduced since then!

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this is a toughy, here in the US being circumcised is pretty standard so the chances of someone having experience with this is pretty low.. Logically speaking, if it only presents where it was contracted then removing that part should stop it. however those nerves may run further down and it could present in the "new" skin area.



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Getting your foreskin cut off seems really drastic, and although I can't speak from experience, I've read many men have been really disappointed by the loss of sensation after a circumcision. It's insane to me that our culture (US) even practices this, so consider yourself lucky you have your whole penis.

Go see a doctor, or dermatologist in your area and explain your problem. It will be confidential and you can get some help without altering your body. I never considered cutting off parts of my body that were effected by herpes, please don't rush to such a permanent procedure.

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actually it is healthier to not have the foreskin, stuff collects there. there is some evidence of higher std rate because of it. as to sensitivity, doesn't a slight lack of it make for longer encounters?


I as are most American males am circumcised, my son is also. didn't want him to think something was wrong with him when he saw daddy walking around. ours is done at birth so whatever may be altered, it happens well before any activity.


besides it makes it look bigger. :)


its probably a cultural thing but most of the women ive known think uncircumcised look odd. they grew up with circumcised though. in my experience, women who come from a culture where its not done have no issue with ones that are but women who come from cultures where it is practiced have some ascetic issue with ones that aren't.


but im not a woman and I think they are all rather odd looking (except mine :) ).

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I guess this is a herpes forum, not a circumcision forum, but I really think you are misinformed Seeker. It's not healthier to cut off part of the body. It'a a violation, and if it was a girl, a federal offense.

My first boyfriend was intact, never had one infection. My son is intact, never had one infection. I got Herpes from a circumcised American man. The US has one of the highest cutting rates worldwide, and also had one of the highest HIV rates.

I get really upset when people think that circumcision makes people "cleaner". It's the same rhetoric that cultures that cut their girls say..."it looks better, it's cleaner, it's what people do." Take it or leave it, but I don't think strapping a day old baby to a board and cutting off the most erogenous tissue on their entire body is ethical. Also, it started as a Victorian age practice to punish boys for masturbating.

If you have the time and inclination watch the following video, it's very interesting.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ceht-3xu84I

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Ps-Victorian Age practice in the US. Obviously I know Jewish and Muslim cultures have practiced it for centuries.

It's a cultural practice, one that I think people should take a hard look at. Most European countries have very low rates, yet LOWER STI rates, and men aren't walking around grabbing their crotches in agony from infection.


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im cut, never had one infection. the OP was about circumcision so its ok. no I don't equate it with so called female circumcision as that is removal of the clit, not some extra skin. I can have an eye tuck and not lose the use of my eyes???


and its way older than Victorian. its biblical. a covenant with god according to the jews so its oh almost 5k years old. it has served us without any bad issues so im guessing its not that big a deal. its the politically correctness of our times to find offense when someone does something different. I really don't care if someone is or isn't "cut". I have know a couple of guys who did it as teens and it wasn't pleasant for them.


and yes there have been studies that suggested it was less likely to have issues, no foreskin means no place to hold "stuff" longer. just like you ladies have a higher chance of catching stuff than us men, all those folds and crevices are hiding places for things to grow in.


as to Europe, whats the per capita base not total pop? 9 the US has as many people as almost all of Europe combined) also, Europe doesn't have the puritanical streak that the US has. we have wayyy too many window lickers here who think sex ed makes kids have sex ( yet drug ed makes em not do drugs, go figure). so there are tons of dumb arses who don't use protection cause, well whatever hair brained logic their cousin humpin pastor told em.

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