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Herpes not a serious thing!

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Who else agrees herpes is blown out of proportion? And is not a life threatning virus. I've accepted H as I've educated myself and just like everyone says it's nothing but a skin condition. Somewhat similar to psoriasis except of course can be transmitted.


When I found out I had H I was depressed and had so many mixed emotions and so much anxiety running through my body because I knew nothing about this virus, I only knew the bad things people said about H. I then started to educate myself on it. I came across an article that a doctor wrote and he called H as a joke std because it's not life threatening and simply an annoying skin condition.


For whoever is struggling to accept H, just know that it WILL get better and know this doesn't change who you are. You ARE WORTHY.


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@ roxoo8820


I have to agree that it isn't serious... ***for me***. But the thing is, everyone processes things differently and we have to accept each person where they are at. For some, religious beliefs will add to their struggles accepting the diagnosis. For some, there's the emotional reaction to it. For some, their experience with outbreaks causes anxiety while others NOT having an OB can cause stress that you and I might see as "silly", yet it's real and understandable in it's own way.


So yes, H isn't serious (for most - a small percentage DO have difficult/ongoing/painful OB's)... for ***US***. But please be careful to not negate the struggles of those who can't see that POV or who just are not there yet. We all bring different things to the diagnosis and we all process it differently, and none of it is wrong. It's just what makes us all individuals!



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Not serious for me either. Been married 21 yrs ( he does not have it) disclosed once before him and he never got it. I've had it since age 23 and I'm 58 now. Keep myself in tip top shape (weight training), eat clean and rest. Had 5 or 6 ob's per year. Went on anti viral in March of this yr and have not had one ob......my goal!!!


I've had a great life thus far and expect it will continue. Retirement just around the corner and then look out world!!!!

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I would love to agree with this but I have to say my experience has been very different. I have had hsv2 for one year and I get an outbreak every month sometimes twice a month and it is really hard to deal with. I have take Valtrex and as far as I can tell it makes no difference. I'm hoping this will get better but as of now it does not feel like having H is "not serious".

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