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can i get a brazillian wax with genital herpes (HSV-2)?

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You can do anything you want. You can coat that sucker in honey and lemon and dress it up in pretty li'l bows if it makes you happy.


The question is "Should you get a Brazilian wax?" That's a different question altogether. Some women say that waxing can trigger an OB, others don't have that problem. The only way to find out is to try it and see.


As a sidenote, as a guy, I've never had a Brazilian. I had my back waxed once. Hurt like hell. In fact, the only way for me to describe the pain is to say that it felt like I was being attacked by an angry mob of skeeters. So, my hat is off to all you ladies. The things you do to your bodies in the name of beauty, well, there's some fat bald guy wearing leather in a French dungeon in hell holding a cat of nine tails right now saying "Why didn't we think of that?" In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if at least one member of the Lancome or L'Oreal families was at one time a torture specialist.

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LOL - Yeah Herry - you guys have NOOOOO idea of all the stuff we live with.. hell, a Brazilian is nothing when you have to deal with periods every month, yeast infections, having your ovaries checked out (one finger up each orafice while the Dr pushes down on your abdomen... good times!), pregnancy, labor, menopause, high heeled shoes, spanx, bras, etc etc etc. You guys wouldn't last 5 minutes in our stilettos :)


Regarding the Brazilian - I would still tell the technician so if they see anything they will avoid waxing that section for your sake :)


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Hahahaha dancer too true!!!! I can't last five minutes in stilletos either though :P


I have never waxed before just because the idea terrifies me...my eyebrows are bad enough I can't even begin to think about how that would feel on my delicates! But as herry says you'll never know if you don't try. Don't set yourself up for an ob though by worrying about it once you've gone just relax and stay watchful

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i just got a brazillian wax (something i do once a month) and this time a few hours after having it done i have been feeling really sensitive and im really red down there and looks kinda swollen. not sure if this is an outbreak or just cause the girl wasnt so gentle doing it. anyone know?

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@Iw1ll_survi that sounds perfectly normal. Im usually glowing for the rest of the day down there... lol. I dont think theyre is a gentle way of doing it..

I have gone for a few and it has become a regular thing for me now. Im always careful the week after until everything heals up. But I dont think I have had an outbreak after getting waxed. Its sometimes hard to tell because I get red irritation bumps.. but so far they havnt been herpes

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