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Herpes outbreaks and medication question

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I'm just curious...is medication necessary for all outbreaks, including the mild ones? As of right now, all I'm experiencing is very, and I mean VERY mild itching, about 3 small bumps near the infected area but it is nowhere near as bad as my first outbreak. I didn't even realize it was there until I wiped, it itched abit and then I felt the raised skin. The nurse I saw at the clinic told me antivirals don't always work for everyone so they don't like to prescribe people with them unless their obs are severe. She said half the time after your initial one they are so minor you just need to handle it like an ingrown hair; keep the area clean, avoid sex, and leave it alone. Well, last night before I noticed the bumps, I did have sex for the first time since my exposure. Surprisingly it didn't irritate me at all but I'm thinking that's what triggered the bumps I have now. Anyway, if my ob isn't causing me any real discomfort, and the man I'm dating also has herpes so no risk of transmission, do I really need to take Valtrex? What other ways can I combat it besides taking medication? I know eating right and stressing less helps, but what vitamins or herbal remedies do any of you recommend??


Oh and happy new year to you all <3<3

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I'm still trying to figure this all out, but I'm typically a fan of less is more when it comes to prescription drugs. That being said, I am still on antivirals as a suppressive because I was in a constant state of prodrome after my first outbreak. However, I am planning on discontinuing. I did get two more OBs, both triggered by sex and my period. They weren't too bad, but the itching is killer!!! So, now I avoid sex during my period and this seems to be key for me. But I have to say, thank god for baking soda - you can do anything with that stuff. I dilute some in a glass and rinse a few times a day. I also use coconut oil with a tiny bit of tee tree. The combo of these two gives so much relief, and it seems to help clear things up. Last, I will use my hair dryer on low, no heat, to dry after the cleaning and rinsing. I also keep unscented baby wipes in my bag for times when I cannot use the above. This helps clean the area. I do take Lysine, which is tough on my stomach. I was also taking a multi-vitamin, but it made me constipated. I've got enough issues, don' need that as well :) Best of luck!

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Thanks chicka! I think I spoke too soon on my symptoms being mild, the bumps were actually blisters and they're starting to rupture and hurt :( baking soda I do have some of that. I'm currently out of epsom salt so I'll give that a try. I take multivitamins too and was doing really well until I came down with a virus thats going around here. So I guess it compromised my immune system and now I'm dealing with the aftermath. It sucks :/ I've heard mixed reviews about L-lysine that's why I haven't tried it yet...I just REALLY hope I don't have anymore lesions interally. Having herpes in the cervix is a b*tch.

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I did. My lymph nodes down below were swollen and tender to the touch along with a yellow runny discharge from the lesions inside. It was a nightmare to say the least. I had lesions on my inner labia too and right next to my vaginal opening. That's where I'm experiencing discomfort now. I'm on my way to get Tea Tree and Coconut oil as we speak!! My boyfriend makes an ointment with advil, aloe vera, and desitin he says it helps. I'm sticking with the tried and true though. Haha.

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Hey there! Thought I'd drop through like the herpes info fairy that I am and throw a few links your way. ;) Have you read these on our blog?





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My OB GYN, who specializes in STDs, said that even if I THINK I have an outbreak, I should start upping my medication immediately. He said there has been no evidence of long-term damage to this approach.


I'm pretty anti-medication myself, but my personal goal for taking the medication is to protect my incredible boyfriend from contracting it, so I put my personal anti-medication opinions aside and take it to protect him (and obviously no "sex" if I think I'm having a flare-up).

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See my situation is slightly different. My boyfriend takes Valtrex daily because he suffers from multiple outbreaks if he doesn't. We are in a monogamous relationship, and this is my second outbreak since being exposed about 2 months ago (he is not my giver). I feel if I didn't have the combination of triggers that could've had an effect on this ob, I wouldn't be sitting here talking about one so soon. I slipped up, started old harsh eating habits, stressing out, and caught a throat virus on top of it all. Then had sex days after. I should've continued playing it safe. I know I will in the meantime until I get this under control. Throughout this entire time, I wasn't taking any kind of antiviral, and I was doing just fine. So I will stay on top of eating the right things and trying not to let every little thing irritate me like before.

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You take the medication when if/when you want to. If you both have the same kind of HSV then you can't give him "more" of it. I'm a "non-medication" type of person ... what I find works best for me is to take it at the first sign of an OB ... hit it hard with a double dose... and (because I've had it so long) usually only need 1-2 doses to get rid of it. You may have to take it for a few extra days but the secret is to attack it at first sign.


And yes, having sex likely triggered it and that will get better with time too. I've had 2 three year relationships with lots og great yummy sex ... I took the meds daily in one, (because he was concerned about getting it) but not the other (he didn't care) and I don't remember it triggering any OB's then ... but when I was with my ex-hubby, I had a lot of OB's for awhile .... but that was in the early 80's, we didn't have the meds or decent advice about controlling it so I think that was a big factor.

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So me doubling up on meds before sex you think may help with the obs? Because I have to admit that was some pretty amazing sexy time and I want more but I'm scared. It's pure torture /facepalm. I noticed since using the Tea Tree and Coconut oil it doesn't even hurt down there at all anymore, which is a huge bonus, and this is without taking Valtrex. I wanted to see if the natural stuff would work before I used meds as a last resort and so far, so good.

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@Hbased, I used a Qtip and dipped it into a mixture I poured into a 30ml cup and just applied it to the area. I don't think it really matters how much you use, I've been going to town with this stuff I use it after I use the restroom and after a shower to keep the blisters from crusting up and ulcerating.


@WCSDancer, ahhh that's my mistake. We were rather rough this time around, emotions ran high lol. We did initiate foreplay though that definitely helped prevent friction, unlike the night of my exposure. Well, next time we will take it slow and "savor the moment" lol. Thanks for telling me that!

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I didn't have any kind of odor but there was a color to it and that's what caught me off guard. BV usually has a colorless discharge and a fishy odor, and Trich has a frothy foamy kind of discharge with a strong odor. I went to the Health Department with my initial diagnosis and that's how I found out. They just confirmed it with my GYN.

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Yea she has had small blisters for weeks that did not bother her so she didn't go get checked was to ashamed and figure if only H1 will go away and never come back.Then a week or two ago during Christmas started having discomfort and some greenish thin discharge with some Oder and now a uti! on top of it.did you have a ongoing burning she thinks the uti is not clearing up.to me it's just crazy that the blister have not changed or healed even after taking some Epsom salt bath and antivirals.thanks for the feedback!

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No problem. Honestly she needs to be seen soon as possible. Green discharge is not a normal symptom of herpes she could possibly have some other infection going on. Also herpes isn't the only culprit for vaginal blisters although it is the most common reason for them. Sometimes yeast infections and friction or allergic reactions can cause them. My advice to your wife is to better be safe and get checked out than to be sorry in the longrun. Good luck!

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Thanks she just called her ob gyn because no available spot for today at Heath department.Dont think she will get in her ob gyn today.she really did not want to call there because she knows people in that office but I told her they would know the most and take best care of her not just sending her on way with no answers. Even with me having first OB and her getting spots week later you think could be anything else? I hope she can find out soon did they do anything for you when you had them in your cervix?

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