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How I contracted HSV 2

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Hello everyone, I would like to share my story about how I contracted Herpes (HSV 2). Well, I stared dating this girl who seemed to be the perfect match for me. We had been dating for about 1 month and had been having protected sex during this time period. One evening we decided to have unprotected sex because she told me she was clean and had just been checked by the doctor, I took her word for it and we had unprotected sex. Two days later we have unprotected sex again and the next morning I wake up with this horrible break out on my genitals. I showed it to her and she said she had no idea what it was so I sent to the doctor, had some tests ran. They told me to come back in 3 to 5 days to get the results. I came back to the doctors office and it was confirmed I had contracted HSV 2. So I went straight home and had a sit down talk with her. I asked her if she was sure she was clean and she stated yes, I told her I thought I contracted it from her and she needs to go to the doctor and get checked out. She agreed and said she would go over the next couple of days.


So a couple of weeks later we are out for drinks having a good time, she breaks down, starts crying and says I just had the worst break out ever it was horrible, she goes on with I am so sorry I didn't know I had it and if I gave it to you I am so sorry for doing that can you ever forgive me? I bought her story and said yes. Any how fast forward the relationship to about the 4 to 5 month mark we go out to a nice place to eat and have some drinks, everything is going great we are having a great time. A couple of hours later I suggest that we should go to my place and take care of buisness if you know what I mean. Anyhow we both walk out of the bar and grill, get into my car and I start driving home to my place. The herpes discussion is brought up again at some point, she is pretty drunk at this point but still not drunk enough to not know what she is saying. She looks at me with disdain while I am driving and says the following "Do you remember when I told you I didn't know I had herpes when you contracted it? I said yes, she said "Well I gave them to you on purpose and I knew I had herpes the whole time and I am going to give them to all of your friends to!" I am pregnant with your child and I will miscarry this mother fucker on purpose I will kill this baby and you will never see it as long as you live. We had a huge argument, I dropped her off at her house and ended our relationship right there in her drive way. Once I left we never spoke again. I later find out she is not pregnant and she lied about being pregnant, she did not however lie about giving me herpes, she did it on purpose and it has destroyed my confidence, my self worth and my ability to ever trust another women again. I can't believe she did this to me and I wake up every day with thoughts of killing myself but never making a plan or doing it. I was so in love with her and would have done anything for her. It was the ultimate back stab on her part. It's been 2 years I am a good looking guy who used to have everything going for me and now it's all over. I know resent all women in general because of the things she done to me. I will never give any women a chance with me know. I get approached and talked to by women all of the time and I simply end the conversation and shut them down right off the bat. I see the way they look at me after I pretty much completely ignore their advances and the look they give me is what the hell is wrong with you type of look. They will never know our truly care what I have been through so I don't even waste my time. I didn't bring any of this on myself and she refuses to take responsibility from anything, she even goes around telling my close friends and people we both know that I am the one who gave her HSV2 which is a complete lie. I hate my life and everything in it know because of her and will never do anything for another woman for as long as I live. It's not worth it to me anymore.



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I'm so sorry you had to go through that. The guy that gave me heroes knew he had it but didn't tell me and then proceeded to block me after I told him my diagnosis. I don't even know what to say, but I hope we can get through this together.

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I am so sorry to read this, it is heartbreaking...in my situation I am positive with hsv1 and 2, but I don't think my givers knew.

With that being said, I can sympathize with the person not wanting to disclose right away, but I cannot condone purposely and being evil with transmission.....there obviously was another side to her, one you did not know....this sort of thing happened to me, I was once involved with a bible preaching man who warmed my heart with being able to quote bible versus and attend church faithfully, only to find out he had another evil side, and was answering want ads for sex.

It's sooooo scary, and I am soooo sorry you went thru this

They say time heals, differently for everyone....but I'm sure you will heal from this, and take a lesson with you to future relationships, or at least I did.

You sound like a kind person, you will find happiness.

I hope you find your smiles today

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Thanks for the encouragement but it's been almost 2 years and I am still not over it or recovering. I have been to several different counselors, I have applied all of the things they have taught me to my daily life but it hasn't helped at all. I eat healthy, workout, have a good body, a great job, I am well educated but I am still a shell of what I used to be emotionally I can't connect at all to a lot of women who are interested in me. I hate my life and wish I could just gain the courage to end my life. I have a lot of friends and family but I could care less I am miserable every day I wake up.

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What a shitty way to aquire herpies. I mean, no one wants it, but she sounds like an evil bitch. I just wonder how many more she has done this to. For a bit of encouragement, I got this at around age 23 and I'm 58 this year. I've successfully told two people one of whom I've been married to for 20 years and neither have it. It is very possible to not pass this on especially since you know you have it. Listen to your body. Go out and enjoy your life! There are plenty of people who accept this. My husband and I never even discuss it any more. He doesn't ever worry about it therefore,


You need to read all of Hippyherpy's posts. He has successful disclosures every month or sometimes more often lol......you just need to get in touch with him to get another single man's perspective and read all you can right here. Adrial and loads of others here can really help you if you let them.

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Don't let that one girl ruin it for everyone else. Who knows what she's going through, it sounds like there's more going on than just h. A normal sane person doesn't go around lying about pregnancy and aborting a child to get back at someone. She sounds like she's got some psychological issues going on that need to be consulted with a professional. I know it's tough now but you said you're a good looking guy and seem to be a pretty good person you'll find someone. Maybe herpes will help you chose a better significant other than you've been choosing in the past... Comsidering your giver wasn't a very honest upfront person. Evaluate why you liked someone of that nature and how you will learn from that in the future. You're going to be ok and there are great people out there.. Just read all the posts here because most of us are honest and I know I would never not tell someone. When you allow someone to make a decision about H instead of just getting it randomly it's a lot less devastating because you knew. Keep your head up and do things that make you happy! Xoxo

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Drs all think I've had it for decades, approx 18 years old, I am now in my 40s. My official diagnosis confirming hsv2 came back in August, HSV1 confirmed recently....trust me, I am so not over this, nor have I accepted having to disclose.

But like I said above, I've tried to learn from life's lessons, it's a time issue...time heals all wounds, and eventually I know, we will be ok....just know you are not alone.


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I am sorry this happened to you. I agree with hippie herpe, You should contact a lawyer and see if there's anything you can do. also men like too. I asked my boyfriend several times before we even started dating if he'd ever had a cold sore and he always said no. But after I broke out on my genitals I asked him again if he Ever had a cold sore. his answer this time was Not when I went down on you. He was the greatest love of my life and now he is the worst. I feel like this is my punishment for not wanting to date guys with cold sores. I made it all this time without contracting either virus and now because of a lie I have oral herpes on my generals. But anyways, not just women are crazy, and not everyone is honest. I am a very attractive, successful, great shape, funny, smart, honest person and I feel like he ruined my life. I'm gonna take some time and sit in anger, then I'm going to get back at it and be happy again. In every moment we chose what we are going to feel, anger, peace, love, hate, misery, happiness...it's all up to us and what we wish to chose. Hope you start choosing happiness soon cuz that would be the best revenge to give her.

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I'm sorry to hear this. I agree with @Damnhim, great name btw lol. The best revenge is finding happiness. My ex knew he had hpv but denies the herpes to this day! His response to me was and I quote, "so your not perfect for once"....nice right? My revenge then was to be happy in spite of him, get married in spite of him, have a family in spite of him. And it's not that I'm vengeful, it just helps keep me going cuz I deserve those things. There are so many shitty people out there that have attitudes like this and take no pride in doing what's right by others. But then you look at how many people are on this siteand you have to wonder, how many good responsible people do exist with this virus and want to keep their partners safe. It totally sucks and it totally makes dating more challenging but it has to be worth it or the lifetime movie on legs you dated gets the best of you. And you owe the best of you to somebody, we all do :)

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I am so sorry this has happened to you. That person has some issues that is for sure. I advise you to get a legal opinion immediately. Like hippyherpy said this person knowingly caused you harm. Also, I think you are not helping anybody by isolating yourself. I have been sort of on the other side of this story (emotionally abusive bf for 4 year and, a psycho that stalked me) and I know how hard it is to trust someone after a trauma. What I realized is that crazies are everywhere! :) psychos like her feeds from negative emotions for some reason. So don't give her that satisfaction. You deserve to be happy. You have to screen people more carefully now but there are a lot of good and nice people out there. Big hugs to you...

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Mmmm... Bad relationship.


Firstly you should start loving yourself. I understand it can take time for these things, but isolating yourself isn't an improvement for you or your situation. Second, stop giving these other women the problems of this... Girl you encountered. Don't project your anger on to them. They don't deserve that. What she did to you isn't their issue, but you're making it theirs by not giving them a chance.


Fear can kill our opportunities.


But she's winning in her wickedness. Clear out that negative energy and funk. I'm not saying it's going to be easy. What hurts is opening yourself up and having someone betray you like that. Herpes doesn't seem to be the issue. The relationship you had with her is the problem. A fine looking egg that got cracked to see that it was rotten on the inside.


You also have to learn to let things go. I think you're holding on to something that no longer serves you, which could be your identity of yourself (what you thought of yourself and how you think of yourself now.)


And if having hsv2 is the problem. Don't allow the opinions of others to become your reality.

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