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how to be happy after this.

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I've had a pretty bad couple of weeks, haven't really been to school, im lost. its like i have no self worth, esteem, nothing. its all gone now. and idk how to build it up. it was always low, i was bullied alot for how i looked in HS, didnt get anything from HS but bad memories and a diploma. then during prom season i go and give myself herpes, i just dont know how to bring myself back up, i don't see anyone beautiful at all, it feels like no one will accept me.... i just have no one to talk to or to hug me and comfort me and tell me its ok cause its not

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Well, first of all you have come to the right place. Educate yourself. Do you know which H you have? It's ok to throw a pity party we've all done it. Maybe you can get some counseling. Look around and know you are not alone in this. You are still the same person you were a few weeks ago. The beauty of leaving high school is now you are in the real world and all the bullying should disappear. Take your awesome self to get some much needed pampering ie massage, pedicure, manicure and maybe a new hairstyle. Maybe join a gym. Try to make some positive changes to give yourself a boost. Get out and make some new friends! Go shopping!! You owe it to yourself. Know you will be fine. Read all the success stories on here....there are many. We are all here to help. Herpies is a skin condition. Yes it's a bit inconvenient, but not the end of the world. I've had it since age 23 and am 58 now. Happily married 20 years to a man who is H free. There are plenty of people who know H is no big deal and will accept you for who you are.

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First i need to tell you, everything WILL be ok!!!!

Diagnoses sets one off in a craze of emotions at first. But once you read up and get as much info on it as you can, your emotional state starts to calm down.

I was diagnosed feb 2014 with hsv2. Good ol one night stand had me shocked 3 days later.

And it might baffle you to know that i disclosed to a man in the end of may 2014, after only knowing him for 2 weeks.... and geuss what, it wasnt horrible! He accepted me as me.

He accepted me with herpes, being celiac, allergic to latex, and anxiety issues. We just celebreated our 2 year anniversary.

Once i found this site, and had help from everyone here, i became more in tune with myself. I get flareups maybe 4 or 5 times a year, my main trigger is my time of the month so i take birth control for about 3 months straight, and double up on antivirals when im on time of the month. I take daily dose of antivirals as a suppressant and to help protect my man. He doesnt have it, and i havent passed it to him.

As previously posted, have some YOU TIME!!! You are worth it! You ARE beautiful. You ARE amazing!

There is so much more to life than to be worried or upset about it. (Or anything else for that matter!)

I was bullied alot in HS too. All my "friends" turned out not so nice, or moved away. As i said i have anxiety issues, and when i have a melt down, herpes is the LAST thing on my mind.

If i could i would hug you right now, on this site you can vent or question as much as you like, and it helps so much to get it off your chest!

Hang in there friend, this is going to be dust under a rug very soon!

I promise you that.

One more hug

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I see you've been here awhile ... so here's my take.


I'm going to guess you have an ongoing depression issue going on. From everything you have said it seems that you were not happy with life before you got Herpes. Herpes has just ended up being "proof" that you are unlovable and "not beautiful" ...and honey, there isn't any truth in that belief. But you need help to find your self love so you can see your beautiful self and to get your confidence up.


I would suggest that if you don't have a counselor already that you contact @Adrial (who is the owner of H Opp) who is an AMAZING coach. He can help you with your self worth issues AND your issues around herpes (HINT: you will likely spend a lot more time on the former than the latter. I've been to the H Opp weekends and we quickly discover that our issues with Herpes go back wayyy before you ever got it.... :) ). I'd suggest you do some one on one work with him (you can do it via Skype) and/or you can buy the Lifestyle Guides (I'll give you a code below for discounts to help you out) . Either way it's a LOT cheaper than therapy and IMO FAR more effective :)






Guide #1 Self Care and Self Image: shows you how to not only feel better about yourself and your future, but shift into a empowered and realistic mindset.


Guide #2 Dating and Relationships: is all about discovering how to make dating fun and free again (actually, even better than it was before H!).


Guide #3 Having “The Talk”: covers disclosing in a way that makes “the talk” something that brings you closer together instead of being a dealbreaker.


Guide #4 Sex and Intimacy: fulfills your desire to still have true, deep and profound connections (and shows you how).


Coupon codes: P25 is for 25% off and P50 is for 50% off their entire order. Just put it in on the "coupon code" box in the shopping cart.

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