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Can cutting yourself shaving turn into a herpes outbreak?

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shouldn't. you would have to touch a sore then the cut to autoinnoculate there AND it still might not take because you have there antibodies running around in your blood. antibodies, NOT the virus, herpes is not a blood born virus. so im assuming since your female your talking bikini area not your chiny chin chin. some of the women have discussed this before on here. I think shaving may be a trigger for some. they had tips on how to help prevent them.


I will say, as a male I used to shave down there but now I use a beard trimmer with the lowest setting so as to not nick myself and also, a landing strip is sexy, so is a well quaffed pubic area. doesn't have to be totally nude.

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Shaving/waxing irritates me. I then think I'm having an OB because I'm paranoid like that. I guess you could wait and see if it seems to be causing an issue, then up the meds.


I have a question and maybe someone can answer this. If herpes is a skin to skin transmitted virus, wouldn't keeping your pubic hair provide a layer of protection? A buffer so to speak? I remember going to planned parenthood preherpes and the woman actually commenting that I shouldn't shave, that I was increasing my risks of contacting an STD. It's there for a purpose she said...

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lol @ MMissouri, that topic had been brought up before. I have my H on my testicles and yeppers I used to shave down there, maybe if a had a nice 70s jungle I wouldn't have H, dunno. shedding wasn't really "discovered" until people started deforesting the area ( on a side note, pubic lice are in decline in America due to loss of habitat).


and yes hair is there for a reason, don't know if helping with STIs is one of them but it does trap our scent for when we were a much more primitive and nose based people. ie we have non head hair in 2 major spots, pubic and underarm, also 2 spots that secrete the most pheromones.

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Shaving triggers some, especially in the first few months or year or so... while the body develops it defenses. I shave now and it doesnt bother me at all ...


And yes, there is a theory that shaving pre-disposes you to STD's ... ESPECIALLY if you knick yourself right before sex...because you have opened a way for the virus to get in :(



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Thanks guys! And I was actually trimming with a scissor well I was actually using a smallnscissor to trim and knicked myself but figured it was the same as knicking when shaving. I was just scared the small cut would turn into a lesion. Im just a little paranoid. Been so cautious.

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regarding waxing... this has been discussed a number of times on here (you can' always use the search option on the upper right side of the page to find past discussions)


I actually work across from a Aesthetician who does waxing and they said it "can" cause an OB ... and as I recall you don't have to tell them simply because they always wear gloves and take plenty of precautions down there ... given 80% of people don't know they have it, odds are they work on lots of people with H every day ;)


Check this link out for some other answers ...:



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Update: didnt cause an ob and I didnt double up on meds. Thank God. Just kept the area dry and it went away on its own. Also didnt get an ob associated with my period this month its been almost 4 months since ive been diagnosed. Im now on suppresive meds so perhaps that has been helping. Thanks for the replies and advice guys and gals :)

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My boyfriend just told me today that he might've gotten herpes, went to the doctor and the dr said that it was most likely it. I don't have H down below but my boyfriend did tell me that he got a little cut when he was shaving his area a couple days before we had sex. So, is it possible he could've gotten it because of the lil cut?

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