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Weird way for transmission?

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Yesterday night, I go commando in PJs for vagina health. And I forgot to put it dirty close basket. It was in my chair, in my room. I had my outbreaks healed 2 weeks ago. Today in the morning my sister wearing my PJs, I immidealty get her off. She said she was wearing underpants in it. I still freaked out. I know I have not have outbreak but the small risk of transmission w/o obs. God, help me pls? I am scarred :(

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It's skin to skin contact trust me your sister is fine I've done the same thing but with my roomie and she's totally chill and if your OB healed two weeks ago you should be chillin too cuz I wait two weeks after my OB have healed before to do anything or worry and haven't transmitted it to anyone like that so your solid take a deep breath

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Hi guys, I want to tell my story because when I see people say that it's impossible to get infected through towels or toilet seats , this is not true!! While the risk is very small,it is not impossible. Ihere is my story: I was 12 when I got herpes, I had never been sexually active, I didn't even know what it was. My mom took me to the doctor who then confirmed I had not been active. The doctor sad that I must of gotten this from a public toilet seat ... Even he said the chance were 1 in 4 Billion :( ... I guess I've never had a sexual relationship without having h ... Curious if anyone out there shares my story or similar?

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Sorry to tell you this but as @2legittoquit said, there's no way you got it from the toilet seat. I don't know what you have going on but it CAN'T migrate from the seat to your vagina ... that would require that:


1) The person RIGHT before you put their vagina/groin on the seat (which is not the area that most people get H on ) with an OPEN and likely OOZING lesion


2) You would have to basically go in right behind them and put your genitals RIGHT ON that EXACT spot .... and again. we don't tend to put our genitals on the seat when we pee..


3) Even with all that, people are often exposed during sex to the virus and don't get it. Even with direct skin to skin contact and vigorous rubbing.


So *IF* you have genital herpes from age 12, then someone likely touched you inappropriately .... but I would guess that your Dr misdiagnosed you. Have you been blood tested and do you have outbreaks? If so, do you know (from a SWAB) which one you have (HSV1 or 2)?


If you don't want to believe me, you can contact the world experts at Westover Heights Clinic


http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678 ... they can order the test for you through Quest Labs. It costs $5/minute for a consult … cheap IMO for clarity and/or peace of mind.



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That's why it was a 1 in a 4 billion chance and for you to suggest that I was touch inapprorietly is wrong... This is my story and that sounds like a lot of judgment I joined this forum something I never do cause I'm tiered of being judged in real life .... I don't want to lie and say I was "touched inapproprietly" I thought I could come on here and I wouldn't be judged...thx for making me afraid to tell my story... Guess there is no hope for me, I hope karma gets you back for fm suggesting that I was "touched Inaproprietly" I come from a small town mostly hung out with my friends always supervised mostly by my parents. Anyways I'll be leaving this forum because of you. I was looking for support. Ps I know all that you wrote the doctor all explained this to me I think I've been cheered all my life. I had people that are better understanding than you, why did you even comment, I took a lot of courage got me to post ... I'm 39 yrs old I'm 200% sure that's what it is every time I get an outbreak I have trouble doing many daily functions, this is why I wanted to talk to someone...I get fevers of 103, I can barely walk or sit, I take valtrex and lysine and Epsom salt baths... It's just hard to go to work cause look at what your reaction was... Doubt I'll tell any stranger my story again ... Almost would be easier if I would of been touched, maybe changing my story will stop ppl from judging . I feel so hopeless , goodbye

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@Bea123 nobody is judging you here, we're trying to help you to understand that, it's actually IMPOSSIBLE, despite what the doc said. Your genitals do not touch toilet seats. If this was a way if transmission, then everyone would have it. The virus dies quickly when exposed to air and not on mucosal skin. There have been cases of young virgin females getting lesions like that on their genitals and all the symptoms of H, but after a swab test, it was later discovered that it was herpes zoster and yes, this can happen on your genitals. We're trying to help you get the proper diagnosis as an adult. Which is why we're asking if you've had a blood test done. Relax, I know it can be hard not to project your feelings on to what soneone said and take it out if context, but I believe that is what's happening here.


Your second post looks like it was cut off. You can ask us any questions.

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@bea123 Some people do have outbreaks on their ass cheeks, not just on the mucous membrane areas of the vagina.. where are yours? Most of us have some reason to doubt the official stats and 'laws' of herpes. How accurate was your hsv2 diagnosis? Blood or swab? 1 in 4 billion is almost too unlucky to believe.

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@Sil88 obs on the buttock take place after contracting the virus through mucous membrane. The obs on the buttocks are never oozing, because the skin is so dry and thick, theyy are just red bumps on the buttock. Here is a link discussing the myths around herpes and the fact is, lets just say that someone did have a oozing sore on their buttock that touches the seat (which they don't get like that on your buttock, but for the sake of the argument, let's just say it does) , as soon as the virus sits on that toilet seat and air hits it, it dries up immediately. The virsu itself is extremely fragile. The only way it could enter through thick dry skin like that,is if there was an open wound where it came in ccontact w the virus. Contracting the virus enters through mucosal skin, where it travels down from the sacral ganglia down to the sensory peripheral nerves which supply the anogenital region and chooses to breakout, is an entirely different story. The only reason wrestlers get Herpes gladitorium, is because of long periods of friction from an open sore, being rubbed against the skin, causing microabrasions for entry. In my 20s, my drunk ass in heals couldn't be steady enough to hover over toilet's in bars and I've ended up sitting on plenty of toilet seats and never got it. There's not a single proven case that it has been contracted this way and is why the statistics the doc said, is completely made up. This was ignorance from the 80s and into the early 90s on how herpes was passed.


Btw, I studied herpes virology and no, it cannot be contracted this way. Any virologist will tell you so.




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Sorry for getting upset, I just really don't like that someone suggested that I was touched... So the lesions are on my vigina, I get these aprox 1-2 a year the doc took a swab and it must of been too new cause it came back negative... I did not have an outbreak for about 10 yrs after that until I got surgery on my wisdom the with ( the second one was the worst I have huge scaring from that one.) After that it was 1-2 per year. I got swabbed again, and I'm soo much in pain that I'm always scared to let the doc swab so maybe they didn't swab properly but it came back negative. .... Frustrated and so was this doctor ( a different one) she said she was still convinced that's what it was when she looked at it... But I could try again next time. After that I never bothered to try again cause of the pain. I've never heard of herpes zoster ??? It's hard for me to come to termed with it although I did more recently. I always felt as I was cheated, I just got this from now I don't know how. I'm not looking for pitty I'm just frustrated. I see post about people going about their daily activities while most of the time I can't walk when I pee tears come down cause my pain tolorence is not that high and I hVe fevers of 103 for days. I use lysine , valtrex, Epsom salt baths and Tylenol for the fever. Could I had coughs this for example if someone had a cold sore and drinking a beverage, I touch the glass and went to the barroom immidiatly? I was also told that now I get canker sores in my mouth ( something that came after) that a blood test might not be accurate??? Thank you for listening

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@bea123 sores being swabbed w in 48hrs of onset, is the best time to have them swabbed, it's when they're older you risk getting a false negative. I have to question if that's what it is and if it's not something else, unless you get a positive swab and/or blood test.


In regards to her asking if you got touched, it's actually a legitimate question and things like this have happened to very young children through molestation. So young, they don't remember it or blocked it out. She wasn't trying to dismiss you or judge you. She's trying to nail down what's going on w you.


No doctor can diagnose visually and I cannot believe they have not put you in for a type specific Elissa blood test. Are you seeing a GP for this?


We actually have someone on here as of recent who is getting ulcers on her genitals and is in pain and has symptoms like it's herpes, but her swabs and blood tests keep coming back negative. A disease called betchets can cause her symptoms.


Herpes zoster, aka chicken pox. Have you ever had chicken pox as a child? Once someone's "chicken pox" reactivates, it's then referred to as herpes zoster. Usually older people get reactivation of it, but it can happen at any age. Betchets or herpes zoster being the culprit could be why your swabs are coming back negative. You should seek a type specific blood test immediately, so you can find out what is going on.


The blood test would be accurate and no, you can't take a drink of someone who had a cold sore and then go to the bathroom and get it. Are you located in another country, I'm wondering if that's part of the reason that it's hard for you to get a diagnosis? It's unusual to see someone get recurrent obs of hsv 2 after this many yrs w it, that are as extreme, as painful and w flu like symptoms every time. That's what makes this even more interesting. Herpes zoster on the other hand, despite how many recurrents they have, it's always very painful. Do you have any other health issues, like autoimmune diseases? Do you take antivirals just to treat it episodically or are you taking them daily? Do you find that the antivirals help clear it up? Do you have nerve pain?

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@bea123 It can never be too early for a swab test, so long as there is a lesion to swab. I'd have to trust the double negative test swabs, and look for an alternative explanation. Did you also take the standard panel of tests for other stds?


@2Legit2Quit We should at least stop describing it as mucous then. My OB site isn't in those thinner skin areas either - strange that it should tackle a random patch of regular thickness skin when it could take this easy route which was supposedly the point of entry.

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I assure you I haven't been touched when I was 12 or had sex I get pain all the time bad!!! I did get severe chicken pox when I was a kid. I don't take my antiviral a daily but if I feel stressed I use to but now it's more the lysine unless I have an outbreak

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So you've had two negative swabs? Why not ask for a blood test? If you had no sexual contact before your first "outbreak", and have had two negative swabs, I'd be really surprised if you have herpes. I suppose it could be autoinnoculation of HSV1 from oral herpes, but that should still show up on a swab.


ETA - The issue here is that if you do not actually have herpes, but are saying that you got it from a toilet seat, you are spreading misinformation, even if it's not on purpose and you were misdiagnosed by a doctor. Get a blood test.

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@sil88 means of transmission are mucosal skin, unless there was open skin outside of the genitals, where an active lesion came into contact w. As I mentioned, the sacral ganglia where the herpes virus lives, feeds ALL SENSORY PERIPHERAL NERVES that web out to your entire anogenital region. I've never had anal, nor did I do it from behind from my giver, yet I broke out on my anus. About 9 months after infection, I stopped breaking out on my vagina and suddenly started getting bumps on my buttocks. Means of how and where the virus is transmitted (genital tract w different skin than which is on the buttock), is not mutually exclusive to where the virus after infection, decides to breakout. So I still stand by what I said and I explained in detail why that is. Once infected through the genital tract, it can breakout WHERE EVER it wants in the boxer region. I have new OB sites every several months. The newest after a yr n half w this virus, is in my pubic region area. My theory on this and based on virology studies is, once infected through the genital tract, you build up CDR 4 & 8 Immune T cells. (These are the cells that HIV infects and is why our risk of HIV goes up 3 fold, having herpes). Normally we would not have these T cells on our genital tract, but due to infection of H, we now have them present, because that's what fights and suppresses H from surfacing. H being opportunistic, is now going to find a location where those T cells have not built up.... Aka... My buttock... I broke out a lot and constantly on my buttock for a few months, now I rarely do and only one or two, vs many before. So after 5 months of breaking out on my buttock, I suddenly breakout on my pubic bone, which has never happened before and why? Because I don't have a build up of those T cells in that location, so H is looking for the path of least resistance. I feel if you Google herpes virology and start reading the medical literature, not WebMD type stuff, but straight up medical literature from virology, you will better understand. I've had like 16 tabs open studying it, because I would have to look up terms and read about xyz, to understand the topic I was reading. it's just not that cut and dry.


@bea123 please go get the blood work done and if you happen to have a sore, have them swab to test for herpes zoster. Right now, the only way you can get an answer quickly to what's going on, is a type specific IgG blood test. Are you in the states? If so you can go to Planned Parenthood to have this test done, so you can stop dealing w incompetent GPs. You said you got a STD blood work panel done. Did it ever come up positive for HSV 2 in your blood?

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