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Scared I might have HSV2

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About 5 days ago, I was intimate with someone I knew had HSV2. We didn't have sex, but his parts touched mine. He said it was fine and that I won't get it since there wasn't too much friction and he didn't go in, but I'm scared. I feel stupid for trusting him because now I'm psyching myself out and thinking I have symptoms. The only symptom I'm having is pinching/tingling randomly all over my body. No flu/sores/itching/nothing. Just this random pin like sensations on my entire body. Again, we rubbed and touched each other down there but he didn't go in. He hasn't had a breakout in over a year he said and he was clean when I looked. But I've never felt like this in my life. Could I have HSV2? I'm going to get tested anyways in 3 days, but I'd love for someone to reassure me.

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I'm paranoid again. I go from one extreme to the next. I just found some weird spots that look like red pimples down there but almost ingrown. Is that hsv? I also just got my first wax job ever and wonder if that's why these are there. It looks like a mosquito bite but a lump inside my skin...nothing more yet.

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I find it interesting that people are so freaking scared of herpes, which hasn't killed anyone by the way. Yet, in 2016 40,000 people died from car crashes and no one hesitates to get in a vehicle and drive. Keep things in perspective people, herpes isn't a big deal!

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I know, you're right. I just am scared of the stigma that comes along with it and what my future will look like. I get it, I'm accepting of it and it's no big deal, but will someone else be? Someone who doesn't want to have to deal with it or take medication the rest of his life. I'm scared no one will want to be with me....

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For most people, genital herpes is like a couple blisters that go away after a week. Not much different from having a pimple. And people get completely emotionally wrecked over that. If herpes were actually a scary thing, then it wouldn't be as prevalent as it is today. Hell, I get excema on my hands sometimes when it's cold and it's more annoying then herpes has been. There's a relatively small group of people that have a bad reaction to herpes. Probably a bunch of people here have had that, otherwise they wouldn't seek a place like this out. That said, herpes pretty much just wants to hide out all dormant in your nervous system.


I'd venture to conjecture that asymptomatic shedding varies greatly from person to person. It would make sense that someone who never gets outbreaks isn't going to be shedding as much as someone who gets them constantly.


To be blunt, our ancestors had to endure many hardships physically that the majority of people in well to do countries like the USA today don't. They would probably laugh at how much of a big deal people make about herpes today in our current coddled culture.

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@hippyherpy I definitly needed someone to help put it into perspective for me. It's crazy to think that I'm in the healthcare field yet know so little about it, except the huge stigma around it. I am now much more calm and understanding of it and know that it will all be alright. I have been through a few traumas in my life and just need to remind myself to not sweat the small stuff and that it could always be worse. I just feel like hearing it from people living with it or know more about it helps me drastically. Thank you.

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I'm in so much discomfort. I literally am going crazy. I have pinching everywhere still and I've taken acyclovir for 5 days as prescribed. The healthcare professionals says the pinching ALL over my body is psychological but could that even be possible? It's been three weeks. If I do have HSV 2, wouldn't it have treated this weird symptoms that all the docs are saying isn't a symptom they've heard of. I'm still freaking out

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@lulu_123 It's definitely possible that what you're experiencing is psychological. From your posts, I get the feeling you're prone to anxiety. I am as well, so it's easy to spot in someone else. There is a very strong connection between the mind and body, and the more energy we give certain thoughts, the more likely they are to manifest themselves physically. Intense emotions that are ongoing can cause other health problems as well.




Edit to add: Research "the mind-body connection" to learn more.

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@Lollyann76 I guess I do have anxiety, I kind of always have. I seek reassurance from others and confirmation that I'm not going crazy all the time. I wish I could just know for sure that I do or don't have it so I can move on with life. I feel like this anticipation is worse than any news Id get about HSV2.

I do realize that it could be a mind-body connection and read the article. I found it to be very helpful and hope that it is what is happening to me. Thank you for that

When I explained it to the doctor, I said it feels like little HSV2 viruses are in my nerves pinching every part of my body. She told me that is not real and it doesnt work like that, that it stays in one part of your body and affects only that part (Oral or genitals). I wonder if anyone agrees with her? Or is it possible that what I feel/believe to be feelings is a real thing?

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I know it's hard to wait and to not know for sure either way. And I don't doubt you're really experiencing the physical sensations you describe. In all likelihood, it's from stress. As @Lollyann76 referred to, stress and emotion can absolutely create physiological responses. Perhaps focusing on ways to manage anxiety in general would bring you some relief. I owe 90% of my sanity to running, yoga, hiking, and meditation :-)

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It is hard. Thank you @HikingGirl though, I need to incorporate those things into my life. I just know it's more than psychological. He told me when he was first diagnosed he has spots all on his body and today I was Itching everywhere and got a spot on my arm that was random and itched. I wish I could get rid of this pain....wouldn't the acyclovir have treated it if it were hsv? I need to start doing those things again, I miss the days when I was calm and happy and not stressed like I am right now. Life was so simple and I was so happy.

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That's true, either way I need to life a more stress reducing life style. I haven't slept in days and I'm a wreck. I want to be in a better place, I really do.


So I guess I'm freaking out again. My daughter had a few of the red spots on her and was complaining about itching yesterday and I panicked. I asked the guy if he was sure he only had HSV 2 genital and he said yes. But what if he's not sure and had it oral, and I have it then gave it to my daughter?? Someone please help me understand why we are having the same symptoms. I'm so scared.

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I understand your anxiety....I am infected with both 1 and type 2....posts like this make me sad, reminds me of the stigma attached to this disease...but I don't blame you, if I didn't have it, I wouldn't want it either.

Like stated above, sounds emotional, just ease your mind and get tested. I know, easier said than done

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