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  1. what were the results - this is a western blot? do you get lesions?
  2. antibodies are in your blood - virus only skin/nerves but then again they can measure virus load somehow? Unlike HIV you cant do a PCR viral load test with Herpes - yet somehow studies are able to measure high viral loads - how was that measured?
  3. @Gorgeous I think that is good but I do know people with Herpes who don't have these issues and do not follow a great diet. Yes do the thingsyou suggest but the difficult fact as well is that some people's genetic composition pre-disposes them to fight herpes very well while others do not. How many people do you know who get one cold sore in there life and then never get another?
  4. unluckyman/blurneworder have you called the University of Washington and asked to speak with one of the virologists Sent them a detailed email I would like to get their response. I just took the WB at 4 months and it was negative for hsv2 confirming the igg negative hsv2. Only thing I can think other then I dont make antibodies well for HSV is that I got reinfected with hsv1 genitally. Have had it orally but it is have never caused anything other then 1 outbreak a year and other then the outbreak ZERO symptoms. Not the case since I had the unprotected sex high risk encounter last December.
  5. Are you on valtrex BTW do others with herpes have these symptoms the 80% is that people don’t even know they have it there seems to be an unlucky subset that gets these issues I have read nerve Lainey al dies get better
  6. What is the likelihood that you contract hav1 genitally from a different source if I already have it orally and the antibodies control it very well ie the cold sores ? Wouldn’t the antibodies prevent new HSV1 from getting to nerves? Could I take longer then 17 weeks to produce hsv2 antibodies ? I am thinking after Easter go off valtrex and see if bumps return and get them swabbed again ? As far as past swab did not take antiviral but did put hydrogen peroxide on them all 3 times just before PCR swab but they were all less then 24 hours and I thought PCR was super sensitive Not sure what to do especially with Constant prodrome burning even though bumps don’t emerge note this happens with daily valtrex I started one day after WB blood draw so after Easter stop valtrex when they emerge do swab and then see ?
  7. Yes today was a good day and maybe the mild symptoms are something else like HPV ?
  8. Sad guy they actually say now 12 weeks post exposure for most I just got a negative WB at 17 weeks but I have hsv mild symptoms albeit 3 negative OCR swabs hsv is very prevalent in the gay community so be careful and use condoms and as difficukt as hsv is it is not HIV so truvada is a good call as well You actually emerged completely unscathed from this so breathe deep and have a buddy when you go out to make sure you don’t have unprotected sex even with truvada
  9. It was developed by Ana Wald and Rhoda Morrow. The virologist at the University of Washington dedicate their lives to studying herpes. In one study they had 835 people long time herpes positive confirmed by recurring lesions and positive culture or swabs They took the Igg herpes select blood test and 8 % actually tested negative but on the western blot all were positive the igg test looks at 1 protein which is the first to develop but the Western blot looks at 9! It is done by 3 lab techs who look at each hsv protein by size and laboriuosly map out HSV2 and HSV1 on special blotted paper As always there is a little wiggle room currently they say 12 week post exposure is definitive unless you have taken valtrex continuously since an unconfirmed outbreak On the internet some claim to wait 6 months but they may be ufvyou are immune compromised BTW you can call them and talk to them about anything at all! They want to help
  10. You should get a Western Blot Test from Washington
  11. BTW the official line is that it is very rare to be orally HSV1 and then contract HSV1 genitally from some else as the virus meets antibodies before it can get to nerve cells
  12. Did he get the University of Washington Western Blot? This will really confirm he is HSV2 negative
  13. So started valtrex AFTER UW WB blood draw got results back today and same as igg positive HSV1 cold sores orally for 40 years but negative at 17 weeks for HSV2 stl have burning down legs and on hands should I stop valtrex now 3 PCr swabs all negative as well but twice had pain in penis and bumps on top of shaft as well as redness on top of shaft ?
  14. I have had 2 ID doctors say you have to have fluid. However read the NUH studies on drug testing and placebo groups they involve swabbing daily and sending in results for viral shedding the nurse at the clinic acknowledged this and conducted the swab Ask u of wash virologist and they will tell you while it is a lot easier to get send of fluid if your pain is the greatest with a bump then this is when you have the most virus even though a bump is not a lesion It can be swabbed andbif done when bump first forms then tends to indicate it is not hetors again placebo studies where people swab daily is a key to that fact
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