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  1. I should say that i am hsv2 negative. HSV1 "very high" but have had cold sores orally twice-3 times a year for 30 years. Was I reinfected with another hsv1 ? They say that is almost impossible because of the antibodies immediately figting the virus when it tried to enter genitally and the 3 PCR swabs were negative for hsv2 hsv1 and chickenpox. But still the redness bumps and nerve pain until I took daily valtrex and vitamins.
  2. Highrisk sex last December. I have not still been formally diagnosed. Have redness and bump on top of shaft of penis that doctors says is not herpes. But have had really bad nerve that started 2 months after incident and is just now ending at 5 months. I take valtrex daily and vitamin regimen. I have tested negative at 17 weeks via "gold standard" western blot from U Wash. I have had 3 PCR swabs during an outbreak and they were all negative. I will go off valtrex in June and get retested via blood test. However I have to say after vitamins/valtrex/twice monthly acupuncture it is much better.
  3. Valtrex now priteliver maybe in 2 years
  4. This is a great question. I am trying to get U Washington to give a definitive statement I assume you were dismissed by swab An igg test type specific should show by now I think most doctors agree that your first outbreak produced antibodies if you took valtrex that really just engages cells outside the viralninactive nerve center which means it activated she’d virus and valtrex combined with your immune system cleared it Not sure if your antibodies are detectable though in a blood test
  5. So to step back since you have what you think is an OB can you get it type swab tested so you know exactly what you are dealing with HSV1HSV2 or none. Prior to having sex your status was still not confirmed. You need to get swab confirmation Your boyfriend has said nothing yet about genitals just strep and btw my son just had step yesterday so it is going around Good luck if the swab is positive and it is confirmed then I will let the veterans chime in that this is not the end of the world
  6. ok 1.13 has a good chance of begin a false positive
  7. @Tone12 " I read people taking long time to seroconvert while having hsv1 for a long time " According to terri warren it is 1-2 weeks more so instead of 12 weeks more like 14 Can you show where people took longer ?
  8. what were the results - this is a western blot? do you get lesions?
  9. antibodies are in your blood - virus only skin/nerves but then again they can measure virus load somehow? Unlike HIV you cant do a PCR viral load test with Herpes - yet somehow studies are able to measure high viral loads - how was that measured?
  10. @Gorgeous I think that is good but I do know people with Herpes who don't have these issues and do not follow a great diet. Yes do the thingsyou suggest but the difficult fact as well is that some people's genetic composition pre-disposes them to fight herpes very well while others do not. How many people do you know who get one cold sore in there life and then never get another?
  11. unluckyman/blurneworder have you called the University of Washington and asked to speak with one of the virologists Sent them a detailed email I would like to get their response. I just took the WB at 4 months and it was negative for hsv2 confirming the igg negative hsv2. Only thing I can think other then I dont make antibodies well for HSV is that I got reinfected with hsv1 genitally. Have had it orally but it is have never caused anything other then 1 outbreak a year and other then the outbreak ZERO symptoms. Not the case since I had the unprotected sex high risk encounter last December.
  12. Are you on valtrex BTW do others with herpes have these symptoms the 80% is that people don’t even know they have it there seems to be an unlucky subset that gets these issues I have read nerve Lainey al dies get better
  13. What is the likelihood that you contract hav1 genitally from a different source if I already have it orally and the antibodies control it very well ie the cold sores ? Wouldn’t the antibodies prevent new HSV1 from getting to nerves? Could I take longer then 17 weeks to produce hsv2 antibodies ? I am thinking after Easter go off valtrex and see if bumps return and get them swabbed again ? As far as past swab did not take antiviral but did put hydrogen peroxide on them all 3 times just before PCR swab but they were all less then 24 hours and I thought PCR was super sensitive Not sure what to do especially with Constant prodrome burning even though bumps don’t emerge note this happens with daily valtrex I started one day after WB blood draw so after Easter stop valtrex when they emerge do swab and then see ?
  14. Yes today was a good day and maybe the mild symptoms are something else like HPV ?
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