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Wish me luck....

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Going on a date .... Going on a date .... Going on a date .... Going on a date .... Going on a date .... Going on a date ....


Sqeeeeee! Haven't been this nervous about a date in awhile. I've gotten to the point of not getting my hopes up for the most part and sorta jaded by all the online dating crap ... but this one has me feeling nervous and optimistic at the same time.


Met him on a H+ site .... how ironic is that? Me, the "I've got my status on all my accounts" lady ... and it's not that I'm not getting plenty of attention on the other sites, because I am. But to find someone who also doesn't have little kids, doesn't smoke, etc, and who (in this case) is willing to have 2 hrs between us and not freak out, just plain makes it hard in your 50's to find ANYONE who you feel you might manage to meld with ... we old farts have too many habits and we can't just drop our job necessarily and move and start over. H+ sites only have something like 4% of the online dating population as it is too ... and I live in the sticks so the numbers of potential men are even thinner... in fact, I hardly pay attention to that site any more.... but he contacted me and so far, we are hitting it off. So I'm hopping on the train to go to the city, and we already have a tentative 2nd date tomorrow if we hit it off.


Of course, we won't have to have "the talk", but that isn't a problem for me either way ... but we already DID discuss the STD thing and agreed to swap paperwork if/when the time comes ... it was all done in a very mature way ... we are all adults after all, and we *should* have these discussions for every potential partnership after all. It's really refreshing to just have that behind us so we can focus on US and not have anything sitting at the back of our minds that we are afraid to broach....


Anyhow, cross your fingers for me.... send whatever great vibes you can to the universe.... 'cause I'M GOING ON A DATE! Whooohooo!!!

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Good luck! You are so an incredible and inspiring person and have made such a big difference in my life and countless others by always replying on the forums and sharing your wisdom and tough love. You deserve to meet an amazing man! Love and positive vibes from california <3

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Well, that one flat lined but I met a guy since who has great potential - H- but doens't care about my status (met on OKC - I have my status on all my dating profiles so it's out there from day 1) ..we talked a bit about it already - I asked him if he had questions and answered what he wanted to know at the time. If the time comes to be intimate we already agreed to go for testing. We've so had a few hiccups in the early weeks thanks to some stuff in his life and now I'm out of town much of this month, but we are planning to get together when I get home to talk about both our expectations and see where it goes from there.


So - cross fingers for this one!

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